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Chapter One:
"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not..."


The day was hot, as it almost always was in Konoha, but the heat was aliviated by the unusually cool breeze that passed through the village. The village today was quieter than usual, at least, to Naruto. He glanced about, three familiar kids, now Jounin, stood at their usual meeting place of when they first started as Genins.

Only now, these three were no longer children, but young adults.

Naruto had changed, his body slightly broadened, his hair a little longer than it was, brushing just the tips of his collar. His features, however, were more or less the same, the fingertips of Mother Nature never really touching his face, but still very handsome.

Sasuke on the other hand, looked older; more refined, and still very good looking. His hair had stayed the same, his eyes showed his age for he seemed well beyond his years.

Sakura had probably gained the most change of all. Her small, slim, tomboyish body had fully blossomed into a well endowed young woman. Her hair was still cut short, but her face...her was something to be appreciated. It was beautiful and no mere words could possibly describe it.

Their childish clothes had been shunned away with their childhood, and since they had all been promoted to Jounin's, it was only right to do such a thing.

Naruto wore a black shirt with sleeves that reached his elbow, as well as the traditional jade green flak jacket, and a matching pair of slightly baggy black pants. His shoes, however, were not so traditional of a ninja, for he wore black combat boots. Upon his hands were the standard pair of gloves with protectors on their backs; his wrists and half his forearms were wrapped in bandages. Another new thing Naruto sported, was a peireced ear. A small silver hoop hung from his left lobe.

Sasuke donned a pair of kahki's and a navy blue short sleeve shirt, also wearing the flak jacket and the white sleeves he wore as a child. His shoes were traditional as well as the gloves he wore on his hands.

Sakura's outfit was simplest of all, for she wore a pair of dark red leggings and a matching longsleeved shirt with the flak jacket atop that. Her feet were clad in the dark blue sandals and her hands wore the matching gloves.

"Oi, dobe," Sasuke called to Naruto and the blond looked up to see him and Sakura side by side, the aforementioned girl clinging to his right arm. "Where's Kakashi?"

Naruto glanced away, the site of his former lover and former crush together too much for him, he clumsily stuffed his hands into his pocket, "I-I don't know honestly. He's late, but then again, he's always late."

Sakura groaned, "He's always so late! Him and Iruka."

"Come now," A voiced called from above them and all three glanced up to see Kakashi crouched upon a tree branch, reading his usual book (Come Come Paradise), only this time, it was Vol. 4. "Don't be so hard on us. Besides," He jumped down to stand beside them, "That's not your business."

"Kakashi-sensei..." Naruto began as he stood up straight.

"I'm no longer your sensei, Naruto."

"I forgot...Sorry."

"What did you want to see us for?" Sasuke asked, he obviously didn't want to be here. "I've no time for this."

Kakashi leaned to his side a bit, his eye trained on the raven haired boy, "I'm not here to see you. I'm here to see him."

To punctuate his point, everyone glanced over at Naruto, who, in turn, stood there wondering what the hell was going on.

"Ne! Ne! What? Tell me? Why's everyone staring at me?" Naruto asked enthusiastically.

"Naruto, baka!" Sakura glared at him, "Why'd you drag us out here?"

"Hey! He said he wanted us to meet!"

Kakashi sighed, "I meant 'us'. Me and you."

"Oh..." The blue-eyed boy sulked slightly, "I'm just so used meeting here. All of us. I kinda miss it."

"Ugh...Sasuke, let's go." Sakura demanded as she tugged at Sasuke's arm.

But Sasuke didn't move, "Why just him, Kakashi?" The boy asked, "Why not us too?"

"Because it does not concern you. I wanted to see him; not you."

Sasuke glowered and Naruto glanced up hopefully. Maybe he still felt something for him after all?

Kakashi stared at him, with his usual one-eyed, dead-pan stare until Sasuke glared at him, his brows narrowing and he turned, leaving a confused Sakura to stare at Naruto and the Shinobi. After a moment or to, she gave up trying to think about the situation and ran after Sasuke.

"Ne! Kakashi, why did you want to see me?" Naruto broke the silence.

"Ramen, Naruto?"

Naruto nodded quickly, "Hai!" He stopped for a moment, "Your treat?"

The Shinobi nodded, "Hai, my treat."

"Sasuke-chan, do you want to do something today? We could go to the lake and swim today. And I could see your sexy body!"

"No, Naruto. I don't want to do anything today."

"Well...we could snuggle all day..."

"No. We can't." Sasuke's gaze shifted to the floor, "In fact, we can't do this anymore."

"Ne? Do what?" Naruto asked, concerned, turning to face him from the kicthen table of where he sat. He noticed a large bag at his lovers feet.

"This, we can't be together anymore."

"Sasu...?" He quiered.

"I'll be leaving today, Naruto." Sasuke said as he picked up a overnight bag, moving towards the door.

"But why?" The blond shouted, making his way around the table to him, "Why?"

"You are male, I am male. My clan cannot be revived by two males." He glanced at his now ex, "I have decided to take Sakura into account."

"You're going to use her?"

"No dobe...I...Began to feel for her a while now..."

"How long is a while?"

"Six months now..."

Naruto's stomach reeled as he sank slowly to the floor upon his knees. "Oh..." His hand moved to his stomach, trying to still the turning of his inards, "I see."

"Naruto...You meant-"

"Nothing." The blond smirked half-heartly, his face betraying nothing, though his eyes said different, "Never was to you. Never will be."

Sasuke's brows furrowed, "Don't pretend...Not anymore, don't hide behind that goofy grin of yours anymore."

"I've no choice, do I?" Naruto said softly, "After a year of us...I have no choice...I have to...Or I'll break...I won't let that happen."

He stared at Naruto a moment longer before turning and opening the door, his back to him, "I'll be picking up my stuff tomorrow, Naruto-kun."

"I won't be here."

"It's your house, you don't need to leave when I come."

"But I couldn't stand to watch you leave."

"I'm sorry."

"You're not."

"What?" He turned to face him, "How can you say that?"

"You're a very selfish person Sasuke. I knew that, but I hoped you would change. I was wrong."


"Leave already..."

"I didn't...I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I don't believe that." Naruto said coldly, glancing at him.

His teeth clenched as he stared at Naruto, saw the hate welling in his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but thought better of it for the expression upon the blonde's face willed him not to.

Hefting his bag upon his shoulder, Sasuke left and Naruto did not shed a tear until the soft click of the door closing behind him, was heard.

"Naruto-chan, what're thinking about?" Kakashi proded as he glanced over at a spaced-out Naruto, "Your ramen's gone cold."

"Eh?" He looked up at his compaion, and then down at his ramen, only to see that the paste had settled down at the bottom of the bowl. It was only then did he noticed that Kakashi had added 'Chan' to his name. "What'd you say?"

"Your ramen; it's cold." Kakashi said in a bored manner.

"B-Before that." He stammered.

"What are you thinking about?"

Naruto glanced at him, realizing Kakashi was playing games with him. "Gah. Kakashi-sensei-"

"Not your sensei."

"Hai...Hai. I forgot again." He glanced up at his former sensei once more, "So what did you want to see me for?"

Kakashi shifted slightly, leaning his elbow upon the counter, glancing at Naruto, "Well, that's rather hard to say, honestly."


"Because, there are many reasons why I shouldn't tell you." Naruto sat up straight, listening to his every word, "One of the main reasons is's wrong. In a way."

"What's wrong? Stop talking like a old man and tell me!"

"You don't consider me an old man?"

"No...You're like...twenty-eight right? You're only...Nine years older than me."

Kakashi laughed, "That's nice to know."

"Ne! Ne! So tell me already!"

"I like you..." They gray haired man sighed softly, his one-eyed gaze trained on the blond-haired boy beside him, "And that's all there is to it."

Naruto stilled for a moment, his gaze dropping quickly to his hand that rest upon the counter of which he ate his ramen.

He liked him. Kakashi liked him. More than a friend. More than...his student.
He quickly glanced back up at him, his voice small; unsure, "Even when I was your student, Kakashi?"

"Not...entirely in this way. More of a...'I'm caring for someone other than myself'."

He nodded slowly for a moment, taking it in. How many times had he stared at Kakashi thinking the same thing as a child. How he wished sometimes he would be able to be nice and safe in his arms? Naruto once did want to love this man like that, but age...
And Sasuke...
Oh, Sasuke...How could you?

"Naruto, I understand if-"

"No," He interupted Kakashi, "No...Don't. Because...if you don't mind...I think I'd like to...try..."


"Us. I want to try us."

"I see..." He nodded, "Very well..."

"I-It's...just a few hours ago...Sasuke and I..." Naruto hurried to say, not wanting Kakashi to feel as if he did not feel for him. "We-"

"I understand...I do." He glanced up at Naruto, "Iruka...found someone else. Didn't want to be with me anymore..."

"Is that why you came to me?"

"Oh no...No, no no. Of course not." He sighed, "It's also another reason we broke up...I was feeling for someone else; he was seeing someone else."

"Oh..." Naruto sat up quickly after a moment, "Kakashi, can I stay with you tonight and tomorrow?"

Kakashi rasied an eyebrow in question, "Eh? Why so soon, Naru?"

The kid shifted slightly, a blush creeping upon his cheeks from the pet name Kakashi called him, his gaze moving downward once more, "Sasuke is coming to gather his things tomorrow...I don't want to be there..."

"Ah...Alright. You can stay with me tonight, I suppose. But let's try to keep this a secrect until...things are more official, shall we say?"

Naruto grinned broadly, "Hai! Hai!" He cried, his demeanor changing quickly to that of his normal self, "I can keep it a secrect! Promise!"

Kakashi shook his head a bit, standing from the stood from which he sat; placed a few dollars upon the counter and looked at Naruto, "Let's go then, it's getting late."

He nodded, hopping off his stool and following Kakashi from behind as he started to walk. Kakashi shoved his hands into his pockets, resuming his usual gate as Naruto watched from behind and after a moment, he tentivlly slid his arm around Kakashi's, hooking his arm with his and holding on gently as they walked. The aforementioned man, glanced down out of the corner of his uncovered eye at the now blushing Naruto and smiled softly beneath his mask.

This trial,he thought idly as they made their way, arm and arm; together, to his apartment, will be interesting to say the least.

~To Be continued...~

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