Darkness and light Chapter One

He watched Hermione move through the hordes of students on the dance floor of the great hall. Severus was not adverse to a very attractive student and obviously an intelligent one. She had flowered into this beautiful Creature he did not recognise as a Gryffindor know-it-all anymore but a graduating student with a thirst for knowledge. Severus snape never told her but he was pleased with the way she embraced potions as her favourite subject. Hermione had passed her newts with flying colours. His only words to her were, 'A job well done, miss granger'. Hermione was shocked at even the smallest compliment from the trios hated potions master.

After Hermione' parents were killed. Severus snape had been assigned to keep her safe from voldemort's band of very loyal death eaters, including Lucius Malfoy.

They had developed a cautious but closeness since then. And Severus soon realised he had met his match in Hermione, boy she had a fiery personality and a same level of bitterness to match his own.

"Hello, professor snape, not dancing with anyone then?" Hermione asked her far-away professor.

"Five points to Gryffindor for her astute attentiveness" replied snape with a sneer. "Oh Professor, come on just relax, come and dance with me for merlins sake." retorted Hermione

"I regret to inform you miss granger, that student/teacher relationships are not allowed, it would be entirely inappropriate." The potions master replied and with that he swept out of the room.

"Damn him, double damn him!" cursed Hermione "It wasn't like I was proposing to him or anything." She complained to Draco, she and Draco malfoy had become fast friends after he abandoned his father's ways. And they now got along comfortably; Draco knew of Severus' Crush on Hermione but had been sworn to secrecy by his godfather.

"You know snape's a lot of hard work, he hasn't got involved with anyone since lily Potter. Just give him a chance and he will come round to your way of thinking. Trust me!" Draco said with a silly grin on his face.

"I hope you are right Draco, this is so frustrating. Where on earth does he get these so sarcastic comments from anyway." Replied Hermione watching the direction Severus was headed.

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