Kagome sat at lunch with her friend Sango at the park on a Friday afternoon.

"This is so unfair I'm gonna miss you Sango."

"I'm gonna miss you to but it's only 2 weeks and it's not really unfair Kagome. You get a choice then you also get time to get to know them, most girls don't get that."

"You've had years to get to know Miroku."

"Yeah but I'll never get to choose between him and his brother." As if sensing them talking about him, Shippo appeared out of know where.

"Hi Kagome, Sister." Said Shippo.

"Hi Shippo." Answered Kagome.

"Shippo how many times must I tell you me and Miroku are not married yet there fore I am not your sister yet." Sango sighed knowing she would never win this fight for she hadn't in the last 9 months.

"In three months you will be so what does it matter, sis" Kagome giggled, Sango just rolled her eyes.

"Anyway like I was saying at least you'll get to know if marrying a pervert or not."

"I guess your right. Thanks Sango for your help but I better head home now it's almost 1pm and we're leaving at 2pm."

"OK bye Kagome see you in 2 weeks, call me if ya can."

"OK I will bye Shippo see you in 2 weeks." She hugged them both good-bye and left for her house.