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Masks of War
Chapter 1

Kim and the other cheerleaders were just finishing up their Friday afternoon practice with Bonnie leading the crew as the Kimmunicator in her duffle bag began ringing. Kim smiled timidly to others and trotted off as the other girls just shrugged it off; usually this would happen right in the middle of practice but since they're already done there wasn't anything to be upset about. Kim plunged her hand into the baby blue bag, shuffling through the clothes she changed out of to get into her skimpy uniform. Finally her fingers brushed against the hard plastic and she grasped it tightly, freeing it and her hand from the darkness inside her duffle bag.

"What's the sitch Wade?" Kim asked after pressing her thumb on the receive button. Her voice rang with a gentle calm since this was the end of practice and none of the girls were giving her dirty looks.

Wade took a quick sip from a Beuno Nacho soft drink cup before looking straight into his Kimmunicator cam. "Hey KP, where's Ron?" he asked.

Kim shrugged lightly. "I told Ron I'd cover him today so he skipped practice to hang out with Zita at the mall. What's wrong anyway?"

"Well, it seems there's some strange string of robberies and vandalism all coming from the same city for the last few days."

Kim raised her eyebrow, feeling a little lost. "Robbery and vandalism; Wade are you feeling alright? This all sounds like something that should be handled by local law enforcement. Don't you have anything like Drakken stealing an earthquake machine or something like that?"

Wade looked at one of his monitor screens. "Usually I'd agree with you but I fell this is more important than the other small jobs that are usually filling up you site's mailbox. These crimes are all being committed in the Lower, Middle, and Upperton tri-city area."

"What?! Are you sure, I didn't hear anything about this."

"Well, I did some data crunching and I think you might not have heard anything yet because all these crimes are happening in the more. lower income areas but they all follow a certain pattern which leads me to believe their connected."

"So I take down whoever are doing this, this new wave of crimes will stop right?"

Wade gave a thumbs-up with his chubby digit. "You got it KP, here's a print out of some of the more major hits."

While KP went out, investigating this sudden crime wave, Tara looked back in surprise as she heard a whistle from behind, her blonde hair swung momentarily over her face. Behind her was a tall, strangely pale skinned man in black leather with short black hair and a grin on his face. "Now you are one beautiful piece of art," he said in a soothing voice.

Tara shot a cold look and turned her back to him. She snapped out a quick "Jerk!" and walked away.

The leather-clad lad dashed forward, walking backward once he got past Tara. "Please, my sweet, I simply want to display how much I appreciate your beauty."

She glared at his pasty-skinned face, into his eyes with the red pupils. "You're just some punk, the clothes are a dead give away."

He responded by forcing his face into an offended expression. "How could you judge me by my clothes? That's wrongful profiling; I mean, I don't think you're a tease by wearing that skimpy outfit."

"I'm a cheerleader; this is what all cheerleaders wear to practice."

"And this is I wear when I ride my speed bike, it protects my body incase I spill out and roll on the ground." This made Tara stop; her face gave sign that she was willing to hear him out. He smiled in appreciation for her gesture. "I'm Adrian, nice to meet you."

She sighed in defeat and smiled cheaply. "Tara."



"Are you busy right now? I want to take you out to lunch, anywhere you want."

Tara looked unsure. "I really shouldn't. I don't know that much about you. But why not, sure, I'll let you buy me lunch."

Meanwhile. at Diamond Dave's pawn shop on the grungy side of Middleton.

Kim, decked out in her mission uniform, used her Kimmunicator's spectral analyzer around the shattered glass of the busted display cases as a weasely-faced Diamond Dave waited impatiently at the locked entrance of the dingy, poorly-lit store. "Hmm." Kim mused to herself. "No hair, no skin flakes, not much to go on in the sense of any DNA evidence." She flipped off the analyzer and turned to the slim, greasy haired shop owner. "Are you sure you didn't see who did this Mr. Dave?"

The sickly looking store owner snarled and stormed behind his counter. "I already told you no! The real authorities already checked my store's security tapes and they couldn't identify any of the thieves but I suspect they were all high school students."

Kim almost lost composure but she kept her calm and approached the sleazy slime bag. "Let me see the tape, I'll find out who robbed your store." Dave was reluctant but even he couldn't deny the world renowned Kim Possible for free help. He unlocked the locks to his office door and played the security tape on a small, black and white closed circuit TV. The tape began at about 1 in the morning, right when half a dozen robbers in ski-masks broke in through the wood and glass door of the front entrance and began smashing display cases and shoveling valuables into sacks. They were smart, they all wore gloves on their hands and didn't expose tattoos or scars that could give them away. After they're late night shopping, all the thieves fled the shop just as a man in all black stepped into lobby and looked straight into the camera. Kim almost jumped back in surprise, it wasn't that she felt he was looking right at her; it was because he wasn't wearing a ski-mask like the others but a strange, demon looking mask instead. He took a blade from his side, pointed the tip right at the camera lens, reeled it back over his shoulder, and slice right through it. There was only static after that.

Kim was glad more the happy to leave the sleazy pawn shop with what little information she'd acquired until she noticed something odd about one of the display items that seem to still be in it's proper position. She didn't say anything but she found it strange that a knock-off brand Rolec watch would be priced over 50 bucks. She got the same round around with Big Paul's used cars; masked thugs, lots of property damage and the security tape being cut short by a demon-masked swordsman. "So. you can find the punks that did this right?" asked a sweaty, beady eyed Big Paul.

Kim sighed heavily and turned to the three-haired tubby car vendor. "I'm not getting much information to go on. Are you sure there's nothing else that could help?"

Big Paul rubbed his plump, moist fingers on his chins. "Well. they did tag the yellow sedan out front. It was a quality vehicle before they defiled it."

Now there was a lead. When Kim went out to investigate, the only yellow sedan she found was missing 3 hubcaps, rusted on the roof and the bumper was slightly crooked. Regardless, Kim found the tag; a Japanese kanji she captured using the Kimmunicator's optical eye, sending it straight to Wade's computer. "Hey. is that price accurate?" Kim asked, pointing at the front windshield sporting the price of $9,300.

Big Paul looked insulted. "It's a fair price! This is a quality car!"

Kim gave an annoyed look and put her hand on her hip. "So not!"

The fat sleaze suddenly threw his hands in the air. "What do you know about cars? Get out of here! Beat it!" Kim just rolled her eyes and walked away.

Ron stared lazily at his Bueno Nacho Naco platter as Rufus had half- buried himself into a grande-sized chimerito. Ron had just spent his day away from school with Zita at the movie theater she worked in and completely missed a perfect opportunity to take the big step from friend to boyfriend; darting his hand awkwardly into the bag of popcorn just before he was able to place it over Zita's. He was beating himself up over a moment while Rufus was seizing his moment by devouring the inner content of the chimerito. "Rufus how can you be so content while your best bud sits here a broken man," he lamented to his hairless pet.

Rufus, coated from the neck up with cheese and beef, looked up at his owner and chattered a slightly audible apology.

Ron released a heavy sigh of despair and slumped back into his seat, staring down at his trademark red shirt over a black sweater. "I'm nothing, I am less then nothing, I am. nothing plus."

Rufus chattered and chirped with an unsure tone giving his human owner a questioning look.

"Nothing minus then; I don't know! I'm so worthless I can't even describe how worthless I am without screwing up." As Ron gave out another sigh, his hairless friend scurried across the table, jumped up to his shoulder and patted him on the back of his neck with his tiny paw. Ron smiled weakly, looking up at his shoulder. "Thanks Rufus, you really know how to cheer a guy up."

Just as Ron's sprits were beginning to rise, he heard a voice from behind. "Hey dufus!"

"Are you sure you want to eat here Tara?" Adrian asked as the blonde cheerleader, now wearing a more sensible style of a red baby-T with hip hugger jeans and black high heels. "I'm paying remember, you can have Italian or French or even Indian."

Tara giggled and pulled him through the door by the arm. "You said I could pick anywhere I want and I'm in the mood for a Naco. Besides, so far this is a great way of figuring out what kind of guy you since I already caught you off guard."

Adrian smiled in defeat and shrugged his shoulder, his leather jacket squeaking lightly from rubbing against itself. "When you're right, you're right. I was expecting you to pick somewhere more expensive so I'd impress you."

Tara grinned mischievously, baring her pearly white teeth. "I knew it, my last boyfriend did the same thing to impress me and I fell for it."

"I'm guessing he turned out to be a jerk."

"That's why I'm going to make duly sure you're not."

Adrian slowly titled his head to the side, staring at something that was happening behind Tara's line of sight. "But couldn't you pick somewhere less hostile?"

Tara's face contorted into a confused look and turned around. Ron was trying to intimidate two street punks by holding his fists in the air in front of him while Rufus dove for cover inside one of Ron's many pants pockets. "Oh no," she gasped lightly. "That's Ron, our mascot. He's going to get creamed by those two and he's such a nice guy."

"Well then," Adrian smiled confidently. "I better go help him and prove how much of a nice guy I am to you." His head filled with the notion that saving Tara's friend would get him closer to her; Adrian approached the thin punk with the green hair from behind first. An obvious difference in strengthen was painfully clear as the green haired delinquent feel like a sack of oranges after a quick chop to the neck. As his dark shades- wearing partner turn to see what happened, he was quickly greeted with a swift knee to the mid-section, sending him to dreamland with his friend. "Well, that was quick, don't you think Tara?"

When he turned to face Tara, he too was treated to an unseen attack, to be specific, an open-handed slap to the face given by a hand with soft skin. "You jerk!" Tara spurted in anger. "You're nothing but a violent punk, just like I thought you were. And to think I was going to give you a chance."

Adrian stammered in surprise; his plan to impress her as a hero backfired. "I was only trying to help your friend."

She turned around in a huff. "Whatever! I don't want to see you again." She then trotted off, her heels clicking on the linoleum floor as she took each angry step.

Adrian stood there, mouth ajar and his heart shattered in his chest. Ron, who just now pieced together what happened.or at least he thinks he just pieced together what just happened, slowly patted Adrian on the back. "Hey, hey, it's ok buddy. You did a good job kicking their butts. Even know. I would've done it myself, no problem."

Adrian slumped down into the chair where Ron and Rufus were eating before, his mind not really paying much attention to Ron's kind words. "She left me and we weren't even together yet."

Ron saw himself in Adrian's pale but heartbroken face and decided to share his wisdom to him (if you call anything Ron says wisdom). Ron took Adrian by the collar and lifted his face so he was looking at him dead in the eye. "Look friend, I know all to well the pain of lost love. I know how it feels to screw up when trying to impress a girl. I know how it feels to have your heart melted like nacho cheese."

Adrian had forgot his emotional pain for a moment and glared at Ron. "Does this pep-talk have a point?"

Ron pointed skyward in confidence. "Yes it does my friend! It's that I, Ron Stoppable, am telling you." his face squirmed in uncertainty.


"Adrian, that as long as you draw breathe in this world and you're willing to try, try again, you can find true love in this crazy world!"

Adrian jumped up to his feet and hooked his arm around Ron's neck. "You're right Ron! I won't let this one moment in life get me down; I'm going to prove to Tara that I'm not such a bad guy!"

"Right on!"

"I'm going to show her the sensitive, caring side of Adrian!"

"You the sensitive man!"

"I'm. really hungry right about now."

"We can split my Naco!

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