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Masks of War
Chapter 5
Parting Ways

Adrian growled and took one step toward the stairs which the old ninja in the black, long-nosed masked was standing atop on. "You can't take us on, old man!" he shouted. "We'll beat you just like we beat your underlings!"

Shadow Tengu laughed from behind his mask. "To compare me to those low lives is to compare an ant to a lion. And since allied yourself with Kim Possible, instead of disposing of her like I ordered, is only proof enough that you were afraid to face me alone," he gloated.

Kim stepped in front of her temporary partner to make sure he doesn't go off the handle and do something foolish. "Give it up Shadow Tengu, your days of crime in the tri-city area are over," she declared with authority.

"This isn't about petty crimes, all what I've done so far is only for recruitment!" he reviled with a diabolic tone. "I reformed the Warriors of the Mask to commit terrorist acts on government buildings and whole cities in the name of Japan. This modest area was just a spring board for my plans with you, Miss Possible, were to be the first true victim of Japanese aggression that would take notice not only here in the states, but worldwide!"

Kim crossed her arm and smirked. "All because you want revenge after they fired you as a spy, right?"

Tengu clenched his fist and growled in anger. "You're so smug aren't you Miss Possible? Yes, this is because those fools in the Ministry of Intelligence felt that the new Japan no longer needed the services of international spies. We were the best of the best and they brushed us away like garbage! Now they'll see the mistake they made years ago as they'll be blamed for war crimes they never committed!" He then raised his hands up high and laughed a villainous laugh. "You might've taken care of this bunch but I have men all over ready to turn all three cities into a giant riot zone with just one call!"

Just then the phone hooked to his belt began ringing. "You should answer it Tengu, might be important," Adrian said in a mocking voice.

Tengu ignored his former subordinate and answered the call. "Yes? What do you mean the police? What do you mean jail?!" Kim smiled at Ron knowing what was happening. "Fine, just tell me who hasn't been arrested. What do you mean all but 30 members got hauled in? Those are." he slowly hung up and looked at the three. "You traitor, you told the cops so you could get off the hook!" In a fit of rage he threw his phone at Adrian.

Adrian caught it with a grin. "Yeah I did, but I would've done it for nothing."

"Nothing indeed, you just threw out your only chance to see your sister!"

"You truly are an idiot. Or maybe I am; Kim is willing to give me for this one act what you held over me for months. But now it's time to stop your mad plot for revenge."

"You have to catch me first!" Shadow Tengu then leaped up to the second floor followed by Kim, Adrian, and Ron running up the stairs back to back to back. As they all got up to the second floor, all the lights were switched off making it impossible to see anything but black. Adrian tried to illuminate the room with his glowing hands but a single light switched on over Shadow Tengu looking away from them. "Afraid of the dark are we?"

Adrian growled and ran toward the light. "You should be afraid of me because I'm going to knock the stuffing out of you!"

Adrian tackled the black clad figure and clumps of straw exploded out of its joints. Ron blinked in surprise. "Wow, he knocked the stuffing out of him," he said.

Adrian screamed in anger and threw a clump of straw forward. "It's a damned dummy double!" he bellowed.

Just then all the lights switched on one by one until the last one shined over a digital clock attached to a clump of metal. Ron freaked out when it started to count down from 60. "Ticking bomb, ticking bomb, someone stop it!" he cried out.

As Kim took a step toward the bomb, something ricocheted off the floor in front of her foot, forcing her to take a step back. "You think you won don't you?" asked Tengu, his voice echoing from above. Kim looked up to see that the lights were hanging off the ceiling rafters overhead. Tengu must be using them as cover since the lights were not strong enough to illuminate the ceiling above the rafters. "But I won't let a cheerleader, her goofy sidekick, and a country bumpkin with glowing hands stop me from getting even with those who took me out of power! So I'll take all three of you out with this bomb meant for the governor's mansion. I guess you will become a martyr to my cause after all Miss Possible."

"That's it," Adrian interjected. "I'm dragging your wrinkled, ancient body all the way to the state prison!" He jumped up; his arms stretched up to grab the rafter before something hit him hard on the head. He fell hard on his back, grasping his head where he felt the pang of pain. "He hit me with something!" He tried to stand up only to be pelted with even more mysterious objects. Adrian grabbed something he spotted on the corner of his eye that was still rolling. "That immature senior citizen, he's throwing pebbles at us!"

When Adrian finally got to his feet, he couldn't stay in one place for more than an instant to dodge Shadow Tengu's onslaught of pebbles. He could hear the soft landings of the old man's feet as he jumped from rafter to rafter, probably trying to keep a good vantage point to see all three at once at all times. Kim and Ron stood at the wall; apparently the old ninja was paying too much attention at his former general to pay any attention to them as long as they didn't move. "Well," Kim sighed, "now we have the distraction but how are we going to disarm the bomb?"

"It's impossible KP," Ron said. "As long as that crazy guy in the black pajamas is throwing rocks at us, we can't get near it without getting really badly hurt."

Kim growled and banged her fist on the wall. "I can't believe I'm letting myself get beaten by a guy who can throw pebbles like they were bullets! If there was only a way to get him down from there."

A sudden laugh boomed from the darkness above. "Forget it Miss Possible, that clock is already down to 30 seconds and I have enough of these tiny rocks to keep you in your place just long enough for all of you to be blown to bits! You might be able to save the world from evil geniuses and demented criminals but you never faced off with the likes of me and you never will again!"

Kim smirked at a sudden idea and secretly pulled out a small orb from her pocket. "Ron," she whispered to her best friend. "I need Rufus for a sec, I have an idea." Ron nodded and unbuttoned the pocket Rufus likes to stay in. Now free, Rufus slowly climbed out and saw the green ball in Kim's hand, her index finger beckoning him to come closer. Rufus jumped onto Kim's hand, gently grabbed the green sphere in his mouth and climbed up to her shoulder. "Hey Rufus, if you think you can get up there, I'll treat you to a hero's meal at Bueno Nacho, I'll even grande-size it."

Rufus gave a quick salute and scampered up an electrical wiring conduit incased in metal which led up to the ceiling. Meanwhile, Adrian was still trying to get free of his monotonous situation. He tried blasting the pebbles with his energy hands but only succeeded in exposing his back in the process. In desperation, began to run half-way up the wall before a direct hit to his knee made him fall on his back hard enough to make even Ron and Kim wince in pain. Tengu laughed his villainous laugh. "In another 15 seconds, you'll be nothing more than DNA evidence on a pile of rubble Then it won't be long till the United States starts bombing Tokyo in retaliation for this terrible crime I committed in their name!" Once Rufus finally made it up to the rafters, he quickly found where Shadow Tengu was standing and dashed up one of his pant legs. In complete surprise, the old man began jumping wildly, shaking his leg trying to free himself of the hairless rodent. He suddenly began to lose balance, one foot teetering on the edge of the study beam of wood.

As he tried to keep his balance, Rufus came tumbling out of his pant leg without Kim's sphere in his mouth. Adrian saw the small one's plight and dove forward, catching him in his hand before hitting the ground. Adrian smiled despite his tiny, annoying wounds. "You owe me baldy."

Shadow Tengu finally was able to plant both his feet on solid surface before laughing again. "You think you could beat me with a mutant rat?" he asked arrogantly.

Kim smirked smugly and waited for a second. "No, but that stink bomb might do a number on you," she said calmly. Before Tengu could question what she meant, something exploded from within his clothing and a green smoke started pouring out from every hole of his uniform. The terrible smell started to make him choke, his eyes watering. Soon he fell to the floor in a clump more concerned on the smell then the bodily pain. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bomb to disarm." Kim rushed toward the bomb and tore the access panel, exposing a mess of colorful wiring. "Amateur hour; it's always blue wire off, green wire off, and switch red with black." Kim started doing just that and surly enough, the clock stopped at 3 seconds. Ron gave a heavy sigh of relief and fell back on the wall.

Adrian slowly pulled himself up and laughed down at the half unconscious Tengu as police sirens began to wail from outside. "Well Tengu, I know I was angry at you about something but now I just can't stop laughing!" he cried out. "A master ninja such as yourself were out done by a cheerleader and a naturally hairless rodent."

Shadow Tengu slowly lifted his face from the ground, as he did, his mask slid right off with his long, silver hair, showing a completely bald old Japanese man with wrinkles on his forehead and a hairy mole on his cheek. This only made Adrian fall to the floor laughing. "Oh just bite me," the old man groaned.

It wasn't long before every last member of the Warriors of the Mask gang was hauled away with Shadow Tengu as the last to be taken downtown. The police chief approached Kim Possible and tipped his hat. "We owe you one Kim Possible, the whole tri-city area can rest easy now that these bunch are going behind bars," he said. "But how did you disarm that bomb so easily?"

Kim tried to look humble and waved her hand lightly. "No big, it's just like rewiring the DVD player in my room," she then. "I hope you enjoy your stay in prison while you can, Shadow Tengu, because I'm sure the Japanese government would like to have a few words with you on why you were planning on framing them for terrorist acts."

Shadow Tengu growled and looked at Kim Possible from his chained position in the patty wagon. "I'll get you for this Kim Possible!" he vowed before they slammed the doors shut and drove him away.

Adrian groaned lightly in pain and he took his dinner jacket off from the nail from which it was hanging off from all this time. When he slipped it on, the high-pitched roar of his speed bike filled the now empty streets and a single headlight was rushing toward them. It screeched to a stop a few feet away from the three and the black helmed bicker calmly unsaddled from the black and red machine and gently threw a bag of belongings at Adrian's feet. When the biker took off its helmet, it looked exactly like Adrian. Kim gave a sour face knowing it was Luminous Kitsune the shape stealer. "I'm glad to see you're finally ready to abandon this career of crime buddy," the fake Adrian said, "This will be good for your soul."

Adrian half smiled and swung the bag over his shoulder. "How did you know I was here and that I turned my back on Tengu?" he asked.

Kitsune grinned and tossed Adrian his Alpha Wave necklace. Adrian caught it with his free hand. "You're emotions ran so high, I didn't just track you here but I could tell dead off that you were taking back your life from that old crow."

Adrian laughed lightly to himself and looked at the necklace. "Yup and now I'm ready to finally fulfill my destiny." He turned to Kim. "Head's up Kim, going away present for ya," he said, tossing the necklace to her. "It'll keep my little buddy here from reading your mind."

Kim caught it and slipped it on. "Good, that mind reading thing is so annoying. So I guess that means you're leaving Middleton, huh Adrian?"

Ron stepped forward. "Ah come on man, you can't go, we were just beginning to be good buds. Besides you don't really want to find Shego, she's a criminal!" Kim flinched at Ron's stupidity as he himself caught his mistake. "Oh. I just put my foot in my mouth didn't I?"

Adrian gave a strange smile and walked a few feet toward his bike. "I don't mind Ron; it's good that I know more about my sister. Besides, I don't have a clean moral slate myself. So just tell me where I can find her and I'll be on my way."

Kim was hesitant but she did make a deal. "Just find Dr. Drakken, you find him, Shego won't be very far."

Adrian nodded and mounted his bike. After tying his belonging safely behind him, Kitsune began feeling strange vibes from his mind. In Adrian's form, he firmly put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Are you ok, Adrian?" he asked.

Adrian simply took the helmet from Kitsune and slid it on; the expression on his face however, did not sit well at all with the shape shifter. "I'm just fine Kitsune," he said. But in Kitsune mind, a quick image of heavy rain appeared. "I'm just sorry this is where we part ways." Another image came, a girl's figure, a girl with long dark hair. "Goodbye everyone. it's finally time I reunited with my sister." As he drove off, Kitsune changed to its sexless, child-like form with the painted fox face as a final image creped into his mind from Adrian.

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