Epilogue: The Aftermath of Love Potion Number Nine

Well, they say that all's well that ends well, but in this case, all were not well with some. That's okay, though, because the not well stuff happened to the people no one likes.

Eloise Midgen finally got a handle on plastic surgery magic and became so gorgeous that Goyle was blinded upon seeing her brilliance. She dumped him and went to the Sweetheart's Dance with Ron.

Ginny and Draco went to the Sweetheart's Dance together, of course, and everyone was quite shocked to see Draco acting so friendly to the Gryffindors. By the end of the night the Sorting Hat (who made a surprise appearance as the DJ) declared him an honorary Gryffindor, since Draco had changed quite dramatically since his first year.

Harry and Hermione lived happily every after, fighting only about once a day. Harry became the commander-in-chief of the DA, which defeated Voldemort and ruled the magic world for about three thousand years, until rabid Lord of the Rings fans took hold. But no one was complaining because Orlando Bloom was the new leader, and he is just ever so much more good looking than Harry or any of his offspring.

Lucius and Crabbe moved in to Crabbe's bedroom together. It was rather cramped, but Mrs. Crabbe provided free milk and cookies, so they didn't complain. One day Lucius caught Crabbe cheating on him with the pool boy and promptly killed himself.

Narcissa Malfoy and the other pool boy lived happily for about a week, at which point she dumped him for the milkman. He eventually moved in with Pansy Parkinson, but. . . that's another story.

Daphne and Rex broke up 507 times before he finally proposed. They lived happily ever after, only fighting about 507 times per week.

All in all, most of the characters chronicled in this story ended up quite happy, in case you were wondering.


A/N: Okay, I wrote this in about 20 minutes, so my apologies if all of it doesn't make sense. A lot of it is random, but hopefully it provided you with a sense of closure. Well anyway, thank you so much for reading my story!!!! This was a great experience for my first fan fic. All my reviewers –I love you to death. It really makes my day when I check my e-mail and see that I got a new review or two. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

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