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No Life Waltz: Session 1_Bittersweet

John Joseph Manning sifted the weight of his briefcase under his right arm as he reached up to turn on the alarm system for the night. Punching in the code with practiced ease, he quickly pulled the office door shut behind him and checked to make sure it was locked.

His cold blue eyes quickly adjusted to the dark shadows of the building. Dim light filtered in from the evenly spaced windows of the otherwise barren walls. The pale moonbeams that streaked across the highly polished floor left a sense of melancholy in their wake, giving the building an eerie touch.

John smiled without humor as he began to head towards the floor's elevator, a rickety contraption the end of the hall. The only sound was the tap of his over-priced Italian shoes with every step he took. The sound echoed off the white-washed walls, dissipating into the unseen corners and shadows that darkened his path.

A lawyer for over fifteen years, his steps were pronounced and his demeanor haughty. Ever as he left work for the day, he looked forward to the case he had the next afternoon against the new defense attorney of a rival firm. He found no greater joy then crushing the dreams of lawyers fresh from college that still retained a sense of innocence and moral.

He had finally reached the elevator and pushed the button, waiting for the familiar 'ding' of the car as it reached the floor. As the doors slid open, though, he nearly stumbled back in fear and shock. Had he been any other man, he probably would have called out in surprise, but such things were bellow jaded men such as himself. The doors had opened to reveal a person already waiting inside, stock still like a statue set there to scare him.

It was a woman, not far out of adolescence and still her prime of life. A short black skirt revealed long shapely legs and knee-high black leather boots. A black high-necked shirt hugged every curve of her blessed torso. All was jokingly hidden beneath a long black coat that proved stark contrast to her pale skin and strawberry-blonde hair. In retrospect to the entire ensemble, a plain silver cross hung from her neck. Her eyes were hidden beneath dark purple lenses, but he could somehow tell that she was glaring by both her expression and demeanor.

"How did you get up here? The building is closed," he asked as he took a step towards her. She tilted her head to one side, as if noticing him for the first time.

"Building are never closed if I so choose," she muttered as if stating it as much to herself as to him.

"Well, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," he stated reached forward to grasp her forearm.

"Are you John Manning?" she asked as she stepped gracefully out of his clumsy grasp.

"Yes," he stopped trying to catch her as it was proving useless and settled on glaring at her, "and you are?" There was faint click and he found himself staring down the barrel of a long silver gun. Had he been any other man, at this point he probably would have wet himself to be faced with this grim woman holding him at gunpoint, but he was not any other man. He smirked. "Let me guess," he started, "you're the pregnant girlfriend of some poor innocent young man I sent to prison so unjustly and you're here for revenge?"

She grinned manically. "If my kind could conceive, then perhaps you would be correct. As things are, however, you'll have to guess again." She cocked the gun and stared down at him cruelly over the edge of her glasses, still grinning like a madwoman.

His eyes widened in fear, knowing now that he was dealing with a crazy woman bent set on killing him . He tried to keep calm and swallowed his fear, acting as he did in court with a cool reserve and dictated voice. "Do you really plan on shooting me?" he asked, his voice curt and calm.

Her grin seemed to widen, revealing long canines that glinted in the dim light admitted from the elevator that still stood open behind her. "No I don't really plan on shooting you. I plan on judging you."

"Judging me?"

She stood up straight, her smile disappearing as a stoic mask slid over her features. "John Joseph Manning, you stand accused of crimes beyond the jurisdiction of human law. Unnecessary cruelty towards your fellow man, greed, corruption, fraudulence, adultery, lying, cheating, perversion, and moral corruption. How do you plead?"

"Who are you?!" he screamed, his fear and survival instincts taking over his body as he shook. He blinked and she seemingly disappeared, leaving him staring at an empty elevator. He squinted into the sudden light from the open doors.

Then, her voice was at his ear, her breath caressing his cheek. "I am Loneliness and Despair personified. Raised by the Angel of Death and of the bloodline of Dracula himself. I am my namesake, the vampire Ceras. Know my name before I kill you, human. I am Seras Victoria."

"Seras-" he whispered in fear before his windpipe was crushed by her strong fangs. At first, all he could feel was immense pain worse than anything he had felt in his entire life as blood began to flow from his torn flesh and into her waiting mouth. Suddenly, however, a sense of euphoria washed over him, overriding all other senses, causing him to moan in pleasure as he willingly allowed his life-force to be drained from him. Still she held him as she fed from his essence, not even halting even after she passed the point in which the loss of blood was too much for him to live through.

Then, all was black as his heart gave out and he slipped into death.


Seras stepped over the dead body of the lawyer, her eyes slitted in disgust. He had been a corrupt soul, one she had picked out carefully for feeding. When she had to take a human life in order to fight off her vampiric Madness, she picked victims meticulously, finding the humans whose souls were the darkest and who gave no value to those around them. She had taken particular joy in this kill because in a sea in which corrupted souls were like lights, his had shown like a beacon.

She surveyed the mess she had made during her feeding. Not too bad considering that she had completely drained him of blood. All that remained of the man John was an empty corpse with a bit of blood about his torn neck and torso. He stared up at her lifelessly, icy blue eyes accusing her of her crimes.

"You're dead," she told his corpse, as if reassuring herself, "whereas I will live forever, aided by your blood. You would have died sooner or later, but I would still have lived on." She sighed, knowing that her empty words served as a consolation to neither herself nor the dead lawyer at her feet.

The body twisted once, the effects of the blood drain beginning to take effect of the corpse. Seras pulled her gun out again to use it for the actual purpose she had brought it for rather than scaring the lawyer. There was a harsh cracking blast as she shot the ghoul on the floor once in the head as it tried to raise itself from the ground. The sound resound down the empty hallway as the creature crumbled into nothing.

Seras slid the gun back into its holster and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair. The lawyer's last question floated through her mind as she began to dissipate. "Who are you?" she whispered as she disappeared into shadow.


The club was dark except for the bright flashing neon and strobe lights cutting through the heavy smoke filled air. Pulsating music poured out from speakers at the front of the room and onto a crowded dance-floor full of young adults swaying and rocking their bodies. It was like watching a mass of animals all trying to crawl on top of one another, trying to escape from the sweat streaked floor and get across the angry throngs of humans bodies. The music filled Seras's body, pulsing inside of her and calling her to join the collective below in their primal dance of lust and ecstacy.

Instead of listening to the call of the music, however, she found herself sitting alone and staring into a quickly disappearing glass of vodka. She forced it down her throat in an attempt to wash the irony, foul tang of blood from her mouth. Though she had been forced to succumb to her vampiric nature long ago, she still fought it bitterly. It was times like these, after the thrill of a kill and the bloodlust dies down, that she most regretted her immortal body and heart. So, she tried to drown herself in the bitter relief of alcohol, only to be rudely reminded that its effects were less than short-lived upon her senses.

Her mind began to pick up the familiar prickle of recognition as another vampire approached her from somewhere near the dance-floor. When she was younger, her instincts would had never had been good enough to be able to distinguish the subtle hints of a vampire's aura from those of the humans' around her, but the lonely years had changed her in more than one way.

"Hello," said a rather melodic male voice to her right.

Years alone had taught her to distrust male vampires, especially young FREAKS, that picked her out as their next fuck. Without looking up to acknowledge the man next to her, she took a sip of her vodka. "Yes?"

She could almost feel him shrug in an attempt to look as if he didn't care about her disinterest. "I figured another creature of the night might appreciate a companion, especially one as beautiful as yourself."

She nearly scoffed at him. Instead, Seras turned to face him, red eyes blazing. "'Creature of the night', how cliche." Her voice changed to one of barely contained anger as she glared at him through the lenses of her glasses, "And do not dare to presume that you can even come close to the same category of vampire as I am. You are nothing but a FREAK, created by human technology whereas I am a true nosferatu of vampiric lineage."

The other vampire seemed rather perturbed by her outburst as his red eyes slitted dangerously. "Do not think that you are better than me simply because you got yourself bitten by another vampire. We both chose eternal life, what do the means matter when the end is the same?" He sat back and smiled rakishly, "Besides, I do not fall to the beck and call of some worthless 'Master' unlike those sired by another."

Sadness boiled beneath her barely controlled anger as she fought back the emotions his words had kindled inside of her as well as the instinct to wipe him from the face of the earth for daring to say such things. "Do not speak of things that you have never known. I bow to no master, you foolish human creation." Seras slammed her money for her drink down on the bar-top and stormed away, her heart a hundred times heavier than when she had sat down.


"Why did you leave me, Master?" Seras mused as she kicked a soda can down the dark sidewalk. It clattered off into some unseen corner and rolled away, leaving the street eerily silent.

She had left the club minutes before, angry that the FREAK vampire's words had held so much effect on her heavy heart. What hurt the most, though, was knowing that she still cared about what had happened and harbored feelings for the No Life King that betrayed her.

After being attacked by Incognito, she had awoken to find her master's head and body gone. A heavy burden was lifted from her, knowing he still lived somehow. "He's not human," she had whispered and smiled at the truth in her words. As long as her master still lived, then she had hope that things would turn out right. The beast Incognito would by destroyed.

Further more, before he had 'died', so to speak, he had called her by her true name. She wasn't sure exactly why that was so important to her, but it brought it some sense of joy to know that he saw her as more than some annoying fledgling. "Alucard," she breathed and let her mind drift back into the waiting darkness.

Seras's initial joy was short-lived, however, as weeks passed and her master failed to contact her in any way. Even as she screamed his name into the dark halls of the Hellsing manor, preying for any sign that he still existed, he didn't anser. She would cry herself to sleep at night in her lonely coffin in the cold dungeon, hoping that he would appear any moment and wake her to tell her how un-vampire like all of her crying and worrying was.

Sir Integral remained locked in her cell at the Bloody Tower for longer than Seras cared to remember and was released long after Seras had left the Hellsing compound. Walter was in the hospital and the organization in disarray. That's when the hunger struck.

Since Walter was not around and the Hellsing soldiers were considered dangerous militant terrorists for long after the Bloody Tower incident, her supply of medical blood was soon depleted. She had to ration each and every pack until even those were empty, trying to starve off the hunger every day she could. She tried to revert back to the way she was in her first weeks as a vampire, refusing to feed at all, but her senses were too familiar to the sweet tang of blood and her body too weak. She began to become weaker every day almost to the point that she was infirm from lack of blood.

Part of her feared to waste away into nothing, but a secret part of her wanted to embrace the dark promise of death that she had been denied and put an end to her lonely unlife. She continued the struggle to hold onto her humanity with fervor, but in the end, even that proved too weak to keep her from becoming what she truly was.

"I had no other choice!" she barked harshly at the memories, trying to press them back down into the darkness of her mind. The priest, the church, blood everywhere. . .

"Stop!" she growled, grasping her head between her hands, forcing the images away.

Seras stopped dead in her tracks, still clutching her head in a futile effort to drive her past back to its place in the far reaches of her mind. She had felt some familiar tug at her mind, some irrational feeling that sang to her blood, calling her forth like some unseen Pied Piper. Her pupils dilated beneath the glass lenses, her eyes seemingly bleeding red. She shook with unbound power coursing through her, running through her veins. "Wha-what is it?" she whispered, trying to appease whatever the unseen force was screaming at her for.

Seras's head jerked up almost involuntarily, staring down a path she had taken nearly every day so many years before. She knew what was being asked of her, the place she was to go to. It was a place that she had avoided for over 50 years. . .



Seras stared up at the rusted gate, surrounded by dark overgrown trees and bushes, creating a sense of foreboding that almost dared her to break its melancholy hibernation. As she glanced down the long driveway, she felt as if she was once again in her first years of unlife, living in the tall abandoned building before her.

The windows were dark and the walls overgrown with crawling vines and unfinished construction after the Valentine Brothers' attack. She could feel that familiar call of the house, however, as a much darker power pulled her towards it. Her feet fell into the same pattern as when she stayed at the manor, crunching down the worn path. Trees loomed over her on either side, their shadows creating dappled patterns on the broken pavement. Even their daunting presence could not sway her from her path.

The front door creaked under her finger from years of disuse as she pushed it open. A damp, musky odor assaulted her sensitive nose as she stepped into her former home. It was evident the building had gone untouched since the death of its former master. Dust and decay wrapped themselves like a blanket around the mansion that was held so sacred, none dared to disturb its slumber over all these years.

Sera took one cautious step after another into the house, her eyes wide in anticipation. Whatever was happening, it had brought her back here, to this place that she had tried so desperately to leave in her past. The familiar stairs leading to the upper levels called to her to run them to Sir Integral's office like she had nearly every day so many years before. Old paintings that she once recognized stared down at her through dappled moonlight.

Her almost unwilling journey did not lead her upstairs to the offices and intelligence rooms, however, it brought her to a much more personal place in the manor. She stared down the dark, empty stairs that lead to the sub-levels that she once occupied.

With one step after another echoing off the cold stone walls, she descended into the lower floors, following whatever power had lead her thus far. The air grew considerably colder as she continued down to the bottom of the seemingly endless flight of stairs leading to the maze of rooms that was the underground caverns of the Hellsing institute. Seras quickly thanked her vampiric senses for allowing her to see through the dark, dank conditions.

Even when compared to the upper floors she had just left, the basement had always had a certain bittersweet feeling to it. An old must clung to the air like a spur, holding fast and stifling her. Even with her acute sight, it was almost impossible for her to see any farther than five feet in front of her face. It not for the unseen force that had led her down into the dank corridors, she probably would have been lost in a matter of minutes.

While upstairs, her footsteps had seemed muffled, but in the eerie stone passages of the catacombs, they went on forever, echoing off into shadows and unseen reaches. She breathed heavily in excitement, eager to find out what she had been following for so long.

Her breath hitched as a single door came into view at the end of the corridor. Arcane symbols painted in what appeared to be blood, hummed with an ancient power, calling to her blood and subduing her mind before she looked away to break its hold over her senses.

The pentagram was all too familiar to her. "It's Master's binding spell," she whispered. Part of her longed to reach out and touch the symbols, if only to have one last connection with him, but she restrained herself, reminding herself of the pain that he had inflicted upon her unwilling heart. Whatever had called her to this place was behind the door and she would not allow herself to be distracted by girlish whims.

Steeling herself, she pushed the door open. It creaked slowly on its old, unused hinges, a single sliver of light worming into the room to illuminate to source of her problems.

For a moment, her whole world stopped as she set eyes upon the same manic grin, same handsome features and dark hair that had haunted her for over 50 lonely years. He stood proudly before just as she remembered him, grinning up at her over the top of his yellow tinged glasses. As her mind begin to focus again, to try and take in what she was seeing, all she could do was whisper unbelieving, "Hello, my Master."


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