Following is a list of the abbreviations used in the story. Angel characters are in bold; all others, of course, are Buffy.

?BryceMagnus Bryce – (the corporate wizard who attempted to sacrifice his daughter in the second-season Angel episode "Guise Will Be Guise")

A – Angel

A? – Anya

AIAngel Investigations

AR – Not known – somebody we've never seen

BS – Buffy Summers

BS-RF – Buffy-Riley

FtS – Faith the Slayer

HMHolland Manners

JS – Joyce Summers

LMcLindsey McDonald

LMeLee Mercer

RF – Riley Finn

RG – Rupert Giles

RG-BS – Giles-Buffy

RG-BS – Giles-Joyce

RP – might or might not be Robert Price, mentioned as having been forced to eat his own liver after disappointing the senior partners of Wolfram & Hart.

SunD – Sunnydale

TM – Tara Maclay

VBVanessa Brewer – (the blind female assassin in the first-season Angel episode "Blind Date")

Virginia Bryce – daughter of Magnus Bryce, and briefly Wesley's girlfriend

WR – Willow Rosenberg

WR-A? – Willow-Anya

WRHWolfram & Hart

WR-JS – Willow-Joyce

WR-TM – Willow-Tara

WR-XH – Willow-Xander

XH – Xander Harris

[If it's not already apparent, the "notes" were made by Lilah Morgan, of Wolfram & Hart, evaluating her current situation and possibilities for action.]