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Chris let his lips linger on Trish's for a moment longer. Her lips tasted like strawberry lip-gloss and he had a hard time pulling away. She was lightly rubbing his cheek with her hand as his arm snaked around her waist, pulling her closer to him so their bodies were pressed tightly against each other.

"I don't want to go out there," she whined against his lips.

"Then don't," he answered.

"I have to."

"No you don't."

"I'll get in trouble," she said.

"No you won't."

"I don't think it'll look too good if my music goes off, people start cheering my arrival and then I'm back here making out with my boyfriend."

"Yeah, but it's good to me," he responded.

"Yeah, and you alone," she answered, "I better get out there."

"No," he complained, "Stay with me!"

"I wish I could, trust me," she said, kissing him softly, sucking on his bottom lip a little, "Wish me luck."

"Break a leg."

"Great, now I'm really going to break my leg because you're a jinx!"

"I am not a jinx!"

She laughed as a production assistant walked up and tapped her watch, silently telling Trish that her cue was coming up soon. Trish nodded then turned to Chris, rolling her eyes. He laughed and hugged her to him, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. She pulled away and gave him a final kiss before disappearing up the steps. He suddenly heard a burst of cheers that could only signal his arrival and he smiled to himself.

He and Trish were happy now, after a rocky start. He hadn't meant for her to hear that conversation with Christian, and after finding out that she had heard, he had been so contrite. It was true, it was a bet, and he and Christian were in on it. What they didn't plan on was the fact they would both fall for their prospective lays.

Trish had left before she could hear Christian and his conversation where they revealed that they had both fallen for the their divas and the bet had to stop. They had had to crawl back on their hands and knees to get back in favor with the girls, but they eventually came around. He remembered the smile on Trish's face as he gave her a bouquet of some of her favorite flowers. She had smiled softly and then leaned up to kiss him and he knew he was forgiven.

"What's up man?" Christian said, walking up with Lita, his arm looped around her bare waist.

"Just watching Trish's match," Chris answered.

"Are we still on for dinner later?" Christian asked.

"Actually, I think Trish and I are going to just hang out in the hotel room tonight, so I guess we'll pass."

"Oh, that's cool."

"How about breakfast tomorrow morning?"

"If you make it to breakfast," Lita joked.

"I'm choosing to ignore that comment," Chris responded, taking the high road on this one and not commenting.

"Only because you know that it's true, I'll be surprised if you guys are out of bed tomorrow morning in time for lunch," Christian laughed, "Because you two are like the..."

"Perfect couple," Lita finished.

"Oh we are, are we?"

"Definitely," Lita said.

"Oh, and the fact that you two just finished each other's sentence doesn't mean anything right?"

"Of course not. You see, we actually scripted this very conversation, and we planned to finish that sentence to show how much of a united front we have," Christian kidded.

"Yeah, and the conversation was slated to last five minutes and thirty-two seconds, so we've got two minutes and seventeen seconds to keep talking."

"You're rubbing off on her," Chris said, looking at Christian.

"Oh, like you aren't rubbing off on Trish," Christian answered, "Or rather you're rubbing something else on her."

"Ok, that was just gross," Chris balked, "So I'm going to end the conversation now, even though I'm sure it's a minute early."

"We've gotta go anyways," Christian said, "Have fun tonight Loverboy."

Chris shook his head at his friends as they walked away laughing with each other. He turned back to the monitor in time to see the referee raise Trish's arm up in victory. He grinned widely, happy that his girlfriend was having such success. She came bounding down the steps and raced over to him, launching herself into his arms.

He staggered back as she wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him passionately. He supported her weight and kissed her back. He let his fingers weave through her hair as she unwrapped herself from around him and set herself upright.

"Well that was quite the hello," he said.

She giggled, "I'm just happy."

"Well, if you're happy, then I'm happy."

"Come on, I wanna go back to the hotel," she told him, grabbing his hand and forcefully dragging him off to get their stuff.

"That was a good movie," she said as the credits rolled.

"Yeah, if you like girly crap," Chris said, yawning dramatically, "Chick flicks, I will never get the appeal of them."

"Action flicks, I will never get the appeal of them," Trish shot back.

"I'm sorry, I just don't need to see 50,000 movies on how a guy can get a girl. I mean, with this one, you'd think that they would've realized they were in love with each other, and then said it, but no, of course not, they pretend like they hate each other, and argue back and forth, and then what happens, he KISSES her, TWICE, and he doesn't realize that maybe, just maybe he's in love with her."

Trish rolled her eyes, "It's not that. You see, the two of them, they just couldn't see it. The point is that everyone else saw it, that everyone else saw the chemistry between them, even when they couldn't."

"Yeah, they only finally get it after that chick has that failed marriage, and looks who's there to pick up the pieces, the guy who had just said he HATED her!"

"But he was really in love with her!" she protested.

"Well, he should've made that a little bit clearer you know, instead of humiliating her all the freaking time."

"He was only trying to hide his feelings for her."

"Yeah, and look how it ends, with a hug and a kiss. Who watches movies for hugs and kisses?"

"I do," Trish said, "But now I've learned that I won't be watching any movies with you ever again."

"I'm sorry, I just think if you're in love with someone, you say it, you just say it."

"I love you," Trish said.

Chris turned to her, dazed by the words she had just said to him. They had been going out for a couple of months, but those words had not been uttered, or even discussed between them. He sat frozen as she looked at him expectantly. He knew what she wanted to hear, but was he ready to say those words. He opened his mouth to speak, but the words wouldn't form, getting stuck in his throat.

"You don't have to say it back," she said, "I just want you to know that it's out there."


"I mean, I do love you, but I don't want to rush your feelings. I know that you're a fairly...well, you don't do the mushy stuff well, so I understand if it takes you some time to say it."

"Yeah," he said, "I mean, yeah."

"Yeah," she repeated.

"Thank you though," he said, reaching over to hug her tightly. She returned his embrace enthusiastically, glad that she had told him the words. She had been wanting to say that for a while, but had been to afraid. His words had prompted her to say it though, and she was glad she had.

He laid there, Trish already asleep by his side. He was thinking about what she had said earlier. She loved him, it was a different feeling, knowing that someone loved him. He had only had one girl tell him she loved him before Trish, an old relationship that hadn't worked out. His mind summoning up images of a perfect life, the whole nine yards, the things that every person wanted. A family, a home, that perfect life, and it was with these thoughts that he fell asleep.

He woke up and looked around. His bed was empty, save for him and he stretched slowly, getting the kinks of sleep out of his body. He sat up and smiled. It was looking like a beautiful day outside. He leaned against the headboard as a little blonde-haired boy ran into the room at full-speed, then jumped on the bed, crawling over to him.


"Hey there Reid," he said, letting him sit next to him, "Where's Mommy?"

"She's downstairs. She said she had to do laundry."

"Oh, ok, and what do we have here?" he asked, eyeing the paper in his son's hand.

"I was drawing," he said, "And Mommy told me to show you my picture."

"Ok, let's see it then."

The little boy opened up the piece of paper and showed off his picture proudly. Chris smiled at it, even though he couldn't tell what it was. It was just the fact that his son had drawn it that made it special.

"Wow, I'm impressed."

"Yeah, I know," Reid said, and Chris chuckled. The cockiness definitely ran in the family.

"Tell me about your picture."

"It's an airplane," Reid said, "Because you and Mommy go on airplanes a lot."

"Oh, and are we on this airplane?"

"No, it's a drawing," Reid said, "It's not real."

Chris laughed, "Silly me."

"Yes, silly you," a female voice said.

Chris looked up at the woman standing in the doorway. That voice could only belong to one person, his wife. She was standing in the doorway, a toddler holding onto her hand tightly and clinging to her side. She bent down to scoop up the child and walked over to the bed.

She was so beautiful, her eyes sparkling and her smile lighting up the room. He knew he was being cliché, but he couldn't help it when he looked at who he was privileged to spend his life with. It wasn't that she was just his wife, and best friend, but she had this motherly glow to her. Seeing her with that child in her arms, it made her breathtaking to him. He was so incredibly lucky to be in this position, with her, with their kids. It really was the perfect life.

"It's about time you woke up."

"Oh, I'm not allowed to sleep in once in a while?" he countered.

"With five and two year old little boys, I should think not," she said, "But God forbid you wake up and help me."

"Aww hon, I'm sorry," he pouted, "You wanna give me Brennan and I'll take care of him and Reid for the day."

"While I do what?" she asked, laughing.

"Whatever you want to, go to a spa or something."

"Are you saying that I look bad?" she asked, her jaw dropping.

"Never!" he laughed, "But if you want to go out, you can, I think I can handle my sons for the day."

"No, I don't want to go out, I hardly get to see you anyways, with you traveling so much. Now I know what it's like to be a WWE wife, even though I work in the company."

"So you're going to stay with us?"

"What would a day be without my boys?" she said.

"Come over here," he beckoned.

She sat down at the end of the bed, by his feet. She put Brennan on the bed, and he crawled over to the other side, giggling and lying down. Reid made funny faces at him, which caused him to laugh even more. Chris just watched the goings on, and felt suddenly content. He reached out and grabbed his wife's hand, smiling in her direction.

"Happy are we?" she asked.

"I'm always happy with you."

"Oh my, the mushiness is getting to you! What's wrong Jericho, you turning into some kind of softie?"

"With you around, I'm never soft," he winked.

"With our kids in the room! For shame!" she said, her jaw dropping.

"Oh you know me, I'm shameless," he said.

"Is it any wonder that I love you?"

"You love me?"

She rolled her eyes, "Though God only knows why."

"I love you too snookums."

Chris woke up from his slumber, and a smile passed over his lips. That dream had been so perfect. It must have been that chick flick they had watched last night, and the ensuing conversation. It had reappeared in his dreams, manifesting itself into his dreams, creating the perfect life in his eyes. The dream had reflected that. It reflected his own wants and desires so perfectly.

He saw those kids, and he wanted them, that perfect life in his dream. It had seemed so real, so almost true, that waking up really sucked. Of course, he could have that perfect life, he could have it soon if he so desired. He smiled as he thought about the dream again. How beautiful his wife was in it, how she was so perfect, and how she could match wits with him perfectly. So right for each other, so in tune with each other, that they could finish each other's thoughts, they could feel each other across a room.

Really the only thing that had been wrong was that the dream wasn't real. Well, that and one other thing. One thing that kind of puzzled him, but in another way didn't. When he pictured the perfect life, it was perfect, truly. He had the perfect house, the perfect car, perfect kids, who were adorable. He had the perfect job. But most importantly he had the perfect wife in his dream. She was the perfect woman to compliment him and who measured up to all his needs. He looked down at Trish, who was still asleep. Yeah, the woman in his dreams was the perfect woman for him.

Just one thing kept gnawing on him.

Why was the woman in his dreams Stephanie McMahon?

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