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"If you know who I am, tell me my name right now."

"Why do you want me to tell you your name, I know your name."

"Just tell me my name," she demanded.

"Why?" he argued.

"I need to be sure that you aren't seriously hurt."

Chris sighed and relented, "Stephanie McMahon-Jericho, I think I know who my wife is."

"Good," she said, kissing him over and over again. "Please don't do this again, I thought I'd lost you, how can I go on without you?"

"How long was I out for?"

"Four days," she sobbed, "You sometimes regained consciousness, but you had this blank look on your face and you didn't say anything. Your eyes would just open and you'd stare."

"How long have you been here?"

"Four days," she said, "I've only left to eat and change my clothes, I didn't want to be anywhere else in case you woke up and I wasn't here to be the first thing you saw."

"Well you were and I'm all the better for it."

"I missed you so much!"

"Where are Bren and Reid?"

"With my parents," she said, "They're fine, they just think you're sick. I couldn't bear to tell them what was really going on. I mean, they were so scared and everything and I didn't want them to see you like this, in this condition."

"I understand, I had the weirdest time."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know that storyline with Trish I did, remember?"

"Uh huh, and then we put her with Christian because they're together in real life, before she turned into that horrible skank," Stephanie said, wondering if this conversation was going to go anywhere or if Chris was so out of it that he was thinking that this was a recent thing.

"I dreamt that I had actually been with her."

"Oh, that's great," Stephanie said, her jaw setting, "You're unconscious for four days and all the while, you're dreaming about Trish."

"No, it wasn't just that."

"What, you were married to her as well?" Stephanie asked as she pulled away to sit on the bed and stare at her husband. She didn't find it appropriate that the first thing her husband decided to discuss was dreams of him dating another woman. Talk about your humiliating situations. Hadn't he even thought about her?

"No, the thing was, in the dream or hallucination or whatever the hell that was, I kept dreaming about you, and the boys, and I couldn't stop dreaming about you and I tried to be your friend, and I think I fell in love with you," he explained, going over the images that were playing in loop in his brain during his brief descent from the world of the living.

"Yeah?" Stephanie said, "You fell in love with me in a parallel universe or something."

"I think that we're just meant to be," Chris said, grabbing her hand, "Babe, you look so tired, why don't you go back to wherever the hell you're staying and get a good nap and some food."

"But you just woke up!" she cried, her face stricken, like she feared that he would disappear if she was to leave.

"I know, but babe, you need your rest. And if you're so worried, go call your parents and let them bring Bren and Reid over to show them that I'm alright, that way they can keep an eye on me and make sure I don't disappear into thin air."

"They have been asking to see you."

"Yeah, so bring them here, and they can take care of me and I'm sure your parents would like to see me as well."

"I don't want to go in case I'm dreaming again. When I saw you fall off the top of that cage onto the ground and I..." Her voice choked up as she put a hand on her stomach, feeling it almost drop like it had before when she watched him fall, as if in slow-motion, his shoulder hitting the ground first while his head crashed against the table sickly, his leg bent in the strangest way.

"I'm a little worse for the wear, but nothing that can't be fixed," he told her, "I don't remember much about falling except my grip slipping and me trying to hold on."

She brushed his hair back, "I thought you were gone. You didn't wake up. That first night, the doctor's said there was a chance you wouldn't make it through the night. They weren't sure of the damage to your brain, they said there could be swelling, so they had to do an MRI to see and the results took a while…my dad said to them that they weren't talking about an ordinary guy, they were talking about Chris Jericho who refused to get injured."

"I obviously made it through the night," he said to her, "And the next, and the next, until I made sure I was back with you."

"You took way too long," she said, a sad laugh arising from her lips.

"I tried my best to come back."

"I'm sure you did," Stephanie answered, "But still, when they told me you could die. DIE Chris."

"But I'm not dead am I?" he asked, "If I were dead, could I be having this conversation with you?"

"But maybe I'm dreaming or something," she said, "Maybe this is all a dream, like you were in a dream. How do I know that you're real?"

Chris reached out and pinched her, causing her to yelp in pain, "That hurt, so it's real."

"Ok, I get it," she said, rubbing her arm, "You didn't have to pinch me so hard."

"Sorry babe, so how badly am I injured?" he said, not being able to see the extent of his injuries since it was still dark.

"Broke your leg in three places, you had a major concussion, like I said, cuts and bruises, dislocated shoulder, broken wrist, and you almost shattered your pelvis."

"Great," he laughed hollowly. "So how long am I out for?"

"A while. But don't worry about that right now, we should be happy that you're awake."

"I know, I am happy. Maybe I should be the one to call the kids so they know that I'm awake."

"I think they'd like that," Stephanie said.

"Okay, but first, have you been sleeping in that chair for the past four days?" he asked.

She nodded and he shook his head. Though it was painful, he scooted over a little in the bed. Stephanie looked at him strangely and he patted the bed with his good hand. She looked at him hesitantly, not wanting to hurt him anymore and he just kept patting the bed. She finally broke and eagerly climbed in next to him, burying her head into his neck, despite the fact that he had been in the hospital for four days. She didn't give a shit at the moment, all she wanted was to feel Chris near her. She started sobbing again and he held her.

"Shh babe, it's alright," Chris said, stroking her hair soothingly. "I'm okay, everything is going to be fine. And this way , I get to spend time at home with you and the boys. You get me all to yourself for once."

"That's true," Stephanie sniffled. "And we don't have to share you with anyone."

"Yup, you don't have to share me with anyone. You can monopolize all my time. Or you can make me do all the chores around the house that you've been wanting me to do forever."

"When you are actually mobile maybe," Stephanie said, closing her eyes. "I wish I could ask you to never wrestle again."

"Now we're going a little too far," Chris said. "Just because I'm hurt doesn't mean that I can't go back. Accidents happen, and this was an accident."

"I know, but I worry about your safety now. You know, it's the whole, you never know until it happens to you kind of thing."

"And it did, and I made it through."

"By the skin of your teeth."

Chris just rubbed her back as they went back to being quiet. She was still softly crying against his chest, if the tears soaking through his thin hospital gown were any indication. He just let her cry, knowing that they were probably tears of relief rather than tears of sadness. She let her hand fall on his chest, and he put his hand with the cast over it, rubbing her fingers with his fingers, which were sticking out of the plaster on his arm.

"You better now?"

"Now that you're awake I am," she whispered.

"Good, do you want to hand me the phone so that I can call the boys?"

She nodded against his chest and sat up, reaching over to grab the phone and dialed her father's cell phone number. She handed the phone to Chris, letting him hold it in his good hand. He smiled down at Stephanie and tenderly kissed her forehead as he listened the ringing on the phone. Stephanie was playing with the edge of the blanket while he waited for the phone to be answered.


"Hey Vinnie, is that you?"

"Chris?" came the shocked reply.

"In the flesh."

"You're awake!"

"It would seem so," Chris laughed. "Stephanie informed me that you have my boys."

"Yes, they're here, they just ate dinner. Did you want to talk to them?"

"No Vince, I've just been catatonic for four days, there's no chance I would want to talk to my sons," Chris said sarcastically.

"Well, I see that the floor didn't knock out your sense of humor," Vince said, but Chris could tell that he was joking around. Actually, Vince sounded rather relieved to hear that he was awake. "Let me just get the boys."

Chris waited on the line, leaning his head down a little to kiss the top of Stephanie's head. She gave him a soft kiss against his neck, glad that he could feel it and that he was actually here. She had never been so terrified in her life.

"Hello?" Reid's voice came over the phone.

"Hey kiddo," Chris said happily. "What's shakin bacon?"

"Daddy?" Reid asked incredulously.

"Who else would it be?" Chris asked with a smile.

"Daddy!" Reid yelled. "Are you feeling better?"

"I could be better," Chris said. "Where's your brother?"

"Bugging me," Reid said, like only a kid could say about his little brother. "He won't leave me alone Daddy."

"He just likes you kiddo, so I really miss you guys and I would be really, really happy if you came to see me, I haven't seen you in four days, and I miss you."

"I missed you too Daddy, but Mommy said that you were sick and sleeping all the time and we shouldn't bother you. Did Mommy say it was okay for us to come?"

"Yeah, I don't think Mommy will mind if you come over," Chris said, smiling down at Stephanie. She got up off the bed and mouthed that she was going to go tell one of the nurses on staff that he had woken up. He nodded and let her go. She paused at the door a moment and smiled, and he felt like he had seen her in that position before, standing in a doorway, staring at him.

"Cool!" Reid exclaimed happily. "Bren wants to talk to you Daddy."

"Put him on," Chris said and heard the shuffling of the phone being passed between his sons.

"Daddy?" came the small voice.

"Uh huh, it's me."

"Daddy!" Brennan screamed, very much in the same fashion that Reid had. "Where you?"

"I'm right here, where are you?" he asked, joking around with him.

"Here," Brennan answered with a laugh. "Come here."

"You can come here, ask Grandpa Vince to bring you over, tell him that Daddy said it was ok to come over even though it's almost bedtime."

"Okay," Brennan said, and Chris could hear him turn away from the phone and presumably to Vince, "We go to Daddy, he says so."

"Ok, let me talk to him," Vince said, taking the phone. "Did you want to see the boys Chris?"

"Well yeah, and Steph isn't really in the mood to leave me alone right now, so I think that if the boys are here, she can at least feel like she can get something to eat. She told me she's been here for four days."

"Yeah, and when she wasn't there, she made her mother sit there with you, or your parents, she made sure someone was there," Vince informed him.

"I figured," Chris said. "I just don't want her to have to spend another night in the hospital in that uncomfortable chair."

"You know she's going to anyways right? I mean, the hospital tried to get her to leave when visiting hours were over that first evening and she made me practically buy the hospital so she could stay with you."

"I'm not surprised, get an idea into the woman's head and good luck trying to get it out."

"You know, we were all worried about you," Vince said, turning serious. "I mean, really worried. And we're looking at that cage to see if it was faulty or if there was something wrong with it, what happened shouldn't have happened."

"Well, look on the bright side Vince, I'm not going to sue you because that would be like suing myself," Chris said with a laugh, trying to ease the guilt that Vince was obviously feeling. "I think it really was just a freak thing, sometimes people just lose their balance, it happens."

"It shouldn't have happened," Vince told him firmly. "I had to watch my son-in-law fall off that cage, and then my daughter…I didn't like it, and I'll try and see if anything caused it."

"Okay then," Chris said, knowing that arguing with a McMahon was oftentimes fruitless. He had been married to Stephanie for almost eight years; he knew this point very, very well.

"We'll bring the boys over right now," Vince said, "I'm glad you're awake Chris."

"Thanks Vince."

Chris hung up the phone, turning a little, which caused him to wince in pain. Stephanie came in moments later with the doctor who decided his chief concern was to poke and prod Chris and make sure that he was going to be fine. Luckily everything seemed to be in order and there were no body parts missing. He asked the doctor if it was possible he could sit up so his sons wouldn't have to see him lying down like some really sick person.

He said it would be okay and Stephanie went to help him, gathering up as many pillows as she could. It was a slow process, what with the immobility that Chris was experiencing. Eventually though, they got some pillows behind his back and he was able to sit up, albeit painfully. But he wasn't going to let his sons see him looking sick if he could help it.

"How is that?" Stephanie asked.

"I think I'll be ok for tonight," Chris said. "And I want you to go home with the boys Stephanie. I want you to get a good night's sleep in a bed, a real bed."

"No," Stephanie said. "I'm not going to be leaving you even for one minute, not tonight, no way, no how."

"Stephanie," Chris said, his voice firm. "I don't want you to be uncomfortable for another night."

"I don't care Chris," Stephanie said. "I'll sleep where I want to sleep, and you can't say anything about it."

"I see you two picked up right where you left off," Vince said as he walked inside. "I just wanted to make sure that everything was fine and the boys could come in if they wanted to."

"Yeah Vince, send them in," Chris said.

"Okay, and it's good to see you Chris."

Vince exited for a moment and then walked back inside, ushering the two little boys into the room. They looked nervous until they saw Chris smiling at them. Reid rushed over and grinned happily. Brennan ran straight to Stephanie, holding his arms up to her as she picked him up easily. As much as they hadn't seen Chris, they hadn't seen Stephanie either and Brennan was just as anxious to see his Mommy as he was to see his Daddy.

"Hey Daddy!" Reid said eagerly, grinning and then looking at him with a furrowed brow. "You don't look good Daddy."

"Well thanks," Chris said sarcastically. "You don't look so good either kiddo."

"I always look good Daddy," Reid said, just like Chris had taught him to say.

"I've created a monster," Chris sighed dramatically as he reached out his good hand to ruffle Reid's hair. "Did you miss me kiddo?"

"Yeah, you were gone for like ever," he said, dragging his words out dramatically. "And Mommy said that we couldn't see you, why couldn't we see you Daddy?"

"Because I was asleep most of the time," Chris told him. "Would you have wanted to see me sleeping?"

"No, that's no fun," Reid said in distaste. "That would be boring."

"Yeah, and Mommy didn't want you to be bored," he told his oldest son. He turned to Brennan. "Hey Bren, did you have fun with Grandpa and Grandma?"

"Uh huh," the little boy nodded.

"Are you happy to see Daddy?" Stephanie asked the little boy.

"Uh huh," Brennan nodded again. "Happy."

"Daddy, were you hurt?" Reid asked. "You look hurt."

"Yeah, I got hurt," Chris said, then held up his hand. "But look at this, I have a cast on my hand just like you did when you fell out of the tree in the backyard."

"So Mommy got mad at you too?" Reid asked, glancing at Stephanie.

"Yeah, she did, that's why she was always here with me," Chris lied. He didn't want his sons knowing how bad it had gotten. They were little and they didn't need to know what had gone on. He was just protecting them from the truth. He yawned a little bit and Stephanie noticed.

"Okay, how about we get out of here and let Daddy sleep okay, and then hopefully tomorrow we can finally all go home," Stephanie said.

"You don't have to go," Chris told them.

"No, you need your rest."

"All I've been doing is resting."

"Chris, don't argue with me," Stephanie said. "We're going to go. Are you going to be okay by yourself? Because if you need me to stay, I will absolutely stay with you, do you need me to stay with you?"

"I'll be fine babe," Chris said, beckoning her towards him. She leaned down and he gave her a kiss and she closed her eyes and sighed against his lips. He tousled Brennan's hair as he pulled away and Stephanie set Brennan down so she could hoist Reid up to give Chris a hug before they left. It was soon after that Chris fell into a deep sleep.

He didn't dream of anything.