Minerva McGonagall received the letter on a sunny morning, end of August.

She was just having breakfast at Hogwarts, at eight o'clock in the morning, as always. The whole staff was present already, of course, present for the beginning of another school year. It would be Minerva's fortiest, for she had began to teach at the noble age of twenty. Another year. Another lovely, nice year at the school she adored. Another year like all others- well… not exactly like all others… with Voldemort and stuff… but yet… did things ever change at Hogwarts?

Yet, changes really were to come.

The letter that would cause those changes was brought to her, by a very large, very dark brown owl, which had obviously been flying for quite a long time. But Minerva hardly noticed, and a bit absent-mindedly, she opened the yellowish envelope, drowsily reading the first words of the letter it contained.

And then, her whole attitude changed. Suddenly, she let out a loud shriek, and the whole staff was looking at her, as she ran away from the breakfast table, clearly with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, everybody fell silent. What had happened? Had they just seen cool, calm, strict Professor McGonagall lose all- all her self control?

The place remained silent with an almost shocked silence, until Headmaster Dumbledore suddenly coughed, and stood up.

"I think- I am going after Minerva. She seems to be… a little upset."

Understatement of the year? Probably.

And he ran off.