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It's been almost a year since the last Ura Butou Satsujin and SODOM.

No more Hokage, but we're still together, and it's almost the same as before.

But I've changed.

I'm a bit more matured now, and I even look girlier. I let my hair grow down to my upper back, and I even wear some girly clothes now. Girly, as in a few blouses and skirts, and the like. Hah. No one, with the exception of Recca and Mi-chan, calls me a tomboy now. Some boys even dare to ask me out, and what do they get? An "In your dreams, buddy" reply. Yeah, I may look like a girl now, but I'm still a bit of a tomboy deep inside.

Some things will never change...

As for Recca, he's still the same. Still the arrogant, loudmouthed, fight- picking boy I knew. Still the stubborn, pig-headed boy I knew. His hair is still long and messy, his attitude still unbearable, and he's still very much in love with Yanagi.

Like Recca, Yanagi's still the same. She's still caring and gentle. It's just that her brown hair has grown a lot longer. Up to now, she's my closest girl friend.

And Mi-chan, I think he's softened up a bit. Mind you, just a teensy- weensy, itsy-bitsy bit. He still looks like a girl and acts like a crab, but he smiles sometimes now. Sometimes, as in once or twice a week. Or once or twice a month. Whatever. It's still an improvement, right? By the way, he still refers to Recca, Domon, and me as monkeys. Oh well...

Domon, he still wears that Mohawk hairdo. I don't know, but he seems to think that his hairdo makes him look more powerful. But I can still beat the hell out of him! Oh, and sad to say, he's still after me! Like he'll ever have a chance, when...

Oh, and Ganko! She still lives with me, okaa-san, and onii-chan, and she goes to school now. She's kinda grown into a pretty little lady now, and lots of pesky boys have grown quite fond of her, much to my dislike...

The others are pretty much the same. Shigeo-san still makes fireworks. Kagerou-san still lives with Recca and his dad.

If only Kaoru had stayed with us, he would have been in almost the same level as Ganko in school and he could have accompanied her to school everyday. But he chose to go with Kurei—he chose Kurei over us, his friends. Maybe he had his own reasons. He did look up to Kurei as his own brother. But we still miss him. Where else could you find a fang boy as naughty and perky as him?

Anyway, the remaining Uruha guys never showed up. As much as I hate to say, well, I miss them! Well, that doesn't count that dumb pervert Fujimaru. I even miss those tournaments with those huge stadiums and laser- implanted posts. And it was during SODOM—the Forted City—when Raiha and I fought each other for the last time, when I defeated him with fuujin, and Tendoujigoku was destroyed, along with all the other madougu. Hey, speaking of Raiha... I miss him a bit, since I haven't seen him for a long time. I wonder... will he still come back?

Will he still come back... for me?

Oh... Too many thoughts. Too many questions, so very few answers. Better go home, Ganko made me promise that I'd play videogames with her. Sigh. Influences of boys and school...


I fasten my pace—the sun is already beginning to set. Soon it'll be dark. I turn around the corner into a shadowy alley and check my wristwatch for the time.

A big mistake.

I sense somebody's presence and look up just in time to see a man standing right in front of me. He's wearing black—a black ski mask, a black sweatshirt, black pants.

I clench my fists and ask in a low growl, "What do you want from me?"

No reply.

"So," I smirk. "Maybe you want a fight with me." Without warning, I begin my attack. I throw several punches at him, but none makes contact. Man, he's fast! I quickly flop down with my palms on the ground and swipe at his feet with my legs, but he swiftly jumps and lands behind me. Just as I guessed.

Finally, a chance!

I quickly stand up and throw out my elbow, and it catches him on the stomach. He staggers a few steps backward, but he seems unaffected by the blow. This angers me, and I launch more attacks at him. I'm getting frustrated! But as he eludes my punches and kicks, I can't help feeling that ... he's not trying to hurt me.

The sky is already dark but I have not yet inflicted any serious wound on him. What more, he's wearing black! It's really hard to see him, and I'm getting really tired... My punches are becoming feeble and I'm feeling so weak.

But I can't give up like this.

Nobody beats me, the mighty Kirisawa Fuuko, in a fight like this. And I never give up. Never.

Suddenly, it occurs to me how hard I'm panting. My fights with Recca and Domon always lasted for a few minutes and it's been a while since I fought for this long. Hope I'm not getting rusty...

To my utter surprise, he's behind me again. It happens so fast that I'm not able to think of a good counterattack. My attacker whips out a white hanky and presses it over my nose. The cloth is damp with something so intoxicating... Damn! Soon, my head is filled with swirls, my body feels limp, and my eyelids start to feel so heavy.

The man is standing still, his arms ready as if he's preparing to catch me. There's no way I'm gonna beat him now, but I sure would like to know who he is. I have a feeling he's someone I know...

I catch him off-guard and grasp at his mask with my numb fingers, and snatch it off. Waves of hair tumble out way past his shoulders. Due to some slivers of moonlight reaching the alley, I saw his face. His eyes are wide with shock, as he didn't expect me to see him. I recognize him. Our eyes make contact in the darkness of the night, and I groggily whisper, "...Raiha?"

It's so funny. Here I was, missing him and wondering if he'd come back. Well, yeah, he did come back, but to do this to me. I could have laughed at the absurdity of it all, but my body feels paralyzed now.

Soon, I fall into his arms and drift into nothingness...


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