Title: Nocturnal Maidens

Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"

Rating: PG - 13 (even though I'm only 10. ^^;; *coughs nervously*)

Pairing/s: RayMariah. MaxEmily. (for now.)

Author's Notes: ...another weird idea of mine. Man, I've got lots of stories to continue and finish and here I am starting another one. I was right, I am going crazy. o.O Anywho, hope you enjoy reading this!

Nocturnal Maidens
- prologue -

Mariah Yin sighed as she closed her locker silently. Her long pink hair was tied up in a pony tail, held by a white ribbon, and her eyes showed a rare color of gold. Another day, another mission. Neat... She showed an odd expression, but was replaced with a smile as the familiar orange-haired girl with indigo eyes and round glasses came into view with a wave and a beam. Emily Watson they called her.

"Yo, Emz." Mariah greeted, "What's your next class?"

Emily fumbled through a piece of paper, but finally held it up, "Algebra."

"Hm, we have the same class. Now I can copy from your paper." The pink-haired girl smirked,

Emily stuck out her tongue, "You wish."

A voice spoke sleepily behind them, "Hey, guys." It yawned,

"Hey, Chief." The two girls turned around.

Kenny, or Chief, had messy chocolate brown hair that covered his eyes, and some goggles. He held a laptop in his hand, as he rubbed his eyes sleepily with the other.

The girls snickered, "Had a good sleep?"

"Yes, very good." Kenny spat sarcastically, "Why did the first day of school had to be just after a late-night mission?!"

"Too bad, Chief. Though our mission has just started now."

Mariah and Emily are vampires. Well, half-vampires actually, and the Chief had been very kind to accept them for who they are, and even help them with their duty. And what is their duty, you ask? To banish all vampires who are threatening to kill humans. It may sound like killing your own specie, but there is a good reason. Long story. Whenever there are vampires who kills humans are on the loose, one, two or all of them are assigned to kill it. But the Chief's missions isn't about killing, really. Let's just say, he spies.

"Yes, and it also includes me." Kenny sighed, "I'm guessing we all have Algebra?"

Mariah and Emily looked at each other, before looming over the sweat dropping boy, "Eavesdropper!!"

"I didn't mean it that way!!" Kenny backed up quickly, "I have a note of all our schedules, remember?!"

"Oh," Both girls laughed nervously, "Right. Sorry, Chief."

Kenny sighed once again, his laptop clutched firmly, "Let's just get to class. Maybe the teacher won't notice if I just take a small nap..."

Author's Notes: Heh, it's already 11 PM here, and I just made this chapter in 40 minutes... O.O HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN HERE?! *coughs* Well, I'm going to sleep! I don't wanna fall asleep in class tomorrow like what Kenny has been planning. ^^;; Especially when our final exams starts on the day after tomorrow. *sigh* Hope yah people liked this!

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