Title: Nocturnal Maidens
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG-13
Pairing (s): RayMariah. MaxEmily. TyOC. TaOC. OCOC.

Disclaimer: BeyBlade and all it's characters doesn't belong to me. They're all Aoki Takao's. Riku, the plot and all unfamiliar things belongs to me. Shura belongs to Lomelindel and Yoko is Pisces Panda's! ^_^!


Nocturnal Maidens
-chapter 10-

Teeth chattered as feet touched the ground. The trees swayed slowly with the wind, giving the forest an even eerie glow. The owls cooed while watching the two figures walking, and the crickets sang their song. The birds flew upwards, looking like simple shadows as they neared the moon.

The stillness of the forest didn't disappear, even when the two teenagers kept on walking. It was still quiet. The moon disappeared beneath the clouds and the world was dark again.

"Ne, Tyson?" Riku looked around worriedly as she clutched on Tyson's sleeve, "It's getting scarier by the minute."

Tyson stared at her, "You're a vampire and you're scared of things like this." He smirked, "And I thought you were a night person."

Riku glared, then frowned as she bit her lip, "It's not that. There's no moon. I just don't like the dark. It brings back..." Images flashed back in her mind as she fought to keep her eyes open. Because if she closed them, the images would just get worse. Tears prickled behind her eyes as the images came more rapidly, "...memories."

Tyson glanced worriedly at her. He raised a hand and rested it on the girl's shoulder, "Oi, don't cry. I'm not good at comforting people."

"'Sorry." Riku mumbled as she wiped her tears away with a sheepish smile, "I get emotional when it's dark."

"'s alright." Tyson held her hand and led her forward, "We'll just open the flashlight now." He did what he said and beamed at the girl next to him, "Better?"

Riku chuckled, her tears now flowing freely. "It's better. Thanks." She buried her face on Tyson's sleeve, a slightly sad smile hanging on her lips as they continued walking,

Tyson just smiled back, "No problem." Even if he wants to know what was wrong so badly and what happened in the past, he knows how to give a person her time.

"Love you."

"I know."

++ || ++

Mariah shrieked as a beetle landed on her arm. She jumped slightly, and ran behind her partner, using him as some kind of shield. The beetle flew away in alarm.

Ray chuckled slightly, "It's just a beetle. It won't hurt you, yah know."

Mariah glared, "Well, sorry for being a girl."

"Relax, will yah? I was just kidding." Ray smirked, then walked on, "Hurry up, this place gives me the creeps."

"Fine, fine. Wa- ahh!"

Ray swirled his head to the side, then turned his whole body around in signs of the girl. He saw no one. "Mariah?"

"Over... kah... here..." Mariah managed to croak up from her position. A rope held onto one of her ankles as she dangled up in the air, upside down. "Who the heck planted these traps, anyway?" She tried to swing upwards, in an effort to reach the rope and hold it to keep herself upwards. Hanging upside down with blood rushing to your head was not very pleasant.

Ray sighed exasperatedly, "Wait there. I'll get something to cut those ropes."

"And get something soft to catch my fall, too!"

"Yeah, yeah."

++ || ++

"Aw, crap, I'm getting the Goosebumps." Max shook himself with his arms crossed in front of him,

"Relax your body. Nothing's gonna happen here, anyway." There was a click as Emily turned on the flashlight,

Max raised an eyebrow as his arms fell to his side, "You sound like a professional."

"I always work overnight, so I'm pretty used to the dark." Emily grinned, thinking about the hidden meaning in the statement.

The other eyebrow rose, "You work?"

"Well, you can say that."

"What are you talking about?" Max's face turned even more confused when Emily just shrugged,

There was a rustle of the trees. Emily turned in alarm, her glasses glinting in the darkness. She flashed her fangs as she turned the flashlight where her ears sensed the noise. She saw no one but the leaves falling to the ground. Someone was just here. I know it.

Max's eyes widened, "Then... that means... you're a vampire, too?" He eyed the fangs, blinking when they returned hidden in pink lips,

Emily bit her lip. Crap, he's more observant than I thought. "Ah... erm... I know it's weird... but... err... how should I put this...? Well..." She fumbled for the right words, playing with her fingers as she did so. Do you think it would be easy to tell someone that you're a vampire just like that?

Max beamed, "It's alright. I know. I won't tell anybody."

"You..." Emily blinked, "You believe me...? But what if this was all a joke or a prank?"

"Maybe..." Max shrugged, "But I don't think so since your fangs are longer and sharper than those of mere mortals like me. Besides, Riku is one, too, where is I'm sure that you already know, so why not you?"

"Y-you know that Riku is a half-vampire, too?!" Emily's jaw dropped, all thoughts from the past rustle of the trees gone from her brain.

"Yep. Is there something wrong with it?"

Emily sweat dropped, "Well... no... but promise only not to tell anyone, alright?"


"Who else knows?"

"Well... The rest of the BladeBreakers also knows that Riku's one. I'm the only one who knows about you."

Emily heaved a sigh of relief. Good. He doesn't know about Mariah and the others. But-! "When did you know about Riku?!"

Max grinned, walking forward once more. "Long story, short."

Emily stood dumbfounded.

++ || ++

"Where is it now?" Bryan frowned impatiently as Kai walked forward with the flashlight in hand,

"The river should be right about... here." Kai smirked in triumph, brushing some vines away. Behind the green whips, a river flowed along, eager to go to the sea.

Bryan rolled his eyes. Just luck. The two slid down the slope and landed on the river bank, mud spurting where their feet were.

Bryan raised an eyebrow, "It's still wet." Then it hit him. His eyes widened. He quickly grabbed Kai collar up, who was taken by surprise and glared at him, then he grabbed one of the longest vines, swinging themselves upwards, gritting his teeth at their combined weight. Then he encircled his legs around the nearest tree trunk, while still trying to raise Kai from the ground. Kai tried to struggle away but stopped when a strong wave of water appeared and flooded the whole area, the water almost touching his shoes on the air.

The water still flowed strong, before going down slowly, leaving only the water in the river. Sighing to himself, Bryan hoisted both of them on the muddy ground once again. "Now I know why Yoko picked this place. And that was why there were high slopes on the sides."

Kai glared, fixing his collar once again. He smirked at Bryan, "Just luck." He then picked a crystal near the river off the ground.

Bryan twitched, "You have to admit, that you're one heavy person."

"I never asked for you to carry me."

"Then maybe I should've just let you drown and your body blown away by the water to the sea of oblivion."

"Do that and I'll just swim my away to shore."

"Ah, to hell with it."

Kai rolled his eyes at their bickering, "Anyway, let's go back. We'll just have to wait until the other groups finds out about..." His eyes twinkled, "This little condition that Yoko gave."

And they walked back.

++ || ++

Kai and Bryan stopped walking when they finally saw Yoko sitting on one of the logs, while heating her hands by the fire in the middle. Yoko turned to them, "So, you two got it?"

Kai nodded, then threw the crystal to the Holy Bringer, who caught it expertly. "You're one pretty evil host."

Yoko put the crystal on the sandy ground, beside her feet. "It was just a test, you know. Expect more of this from me." She then returned on heating her hands. When Kai and Bryan rolled their eyes and sat on one of the logs, her lips curved up, but it went unnoticed.

Just then, a few birds cawed and flew up. A few shouts can be heard, "Damn that Yoko! When I get my hands on her, just she wait!"

Yoko smirked, "I'm just here, Ian."

Two figures appeared from the shadows of the trees, soaking wet. Spencer glared, "We almost drowned, you woman!"

"You're still alive, aren't you?" Spencer glared even more and threw the crystal at Yoko, who caught it between her two fingers without any problems. Ian and Spencer stood dumbfounded. Yoko just smirked, before putting the crystal beside Kai and Bryan's. She then threw two towels from a basket at the two.

The towels landed on their heads. Kai and Bryan snickered.

++ || ++

Shura and Tala walked through the forest silently, with the flashlight in Shura's hand. Both had bored faces, with Tala crossing his arms. Tala yawned, "And I thought that this would be an adventure."

A shadow flew through the trees, but it went unnoticed.

Shura kept on walking, "Stop complaining and keep on walking. The river should just be nearby."

"Hidoi." Tala mumbled, before doing as he was told, "I can hear the water rushing."


The shadow flew by again, but this time, it caught Shura's eye. She twirled herself, stopping at the point where she heard the rustle of the trees. There was nothing but the leaves falling. A familiar aura reached her senses and she scowled. "Otou-san." The name rolled off her tongue like a curse.

Tala raised an eyebrow, confusing everywhere on his face, "Otou-san? Yo, what's up with you?"

The shadow appeared behind him, and Shura's eyes widened. She threw herself to push Tala out of the way. When both of them landed on the ground quite roughly, there was a rip on Shura's shirt. Quickly brushing herself off the still-in-surprise boy, Shura glared at Tala. "Go somewhere and hide. I can't afford you to get hurt." It was a command. Tala didn't move. She smirked, "I heard you say you're a gentleman. If you are, then listen to the woman."

Tala stood up, glaring at her before walking away slightly in a fast pace. Shura's smirk fell and she barely managed to dodge a knife thrown her way. The air pressure was enough to make blood fall from her cheek. She glared daggers at the shadows, "Father, you jerk. Show yourself right now! What? Scared of your own daughter?!" She spat.

Fangs glinted in the darkness. "Nice to see you too, Shura."

The battle began.



Hidoi - mean

Otou-san - father


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