He dreamt about colours. Swirling pinks, and purples and reds and golds. Orange suns and silver moons and bright, glittering blood. Singing and screams and cold space.

The dead shouldn't dream. They have nothing to dream about.

Kai woke up. Or dreamed that he did. After more than 2000 years he'd almost forgotten the difference.

The dead shouldn't feel cold either, but he still remembered being cold. He brushed his fingertips against the frost on the inside of the cryochamber. A living person's touch would have left melted streaks in the ice. His did not.

He dropped his hand back to his side, then lifted himself in one movement from the chamber to the floor and looked around. The room was empty, dark and silent. There was no hum of machinery nor glow from the empty cryo chambers. No power.

Acceleration though. Sudden and strange, as if the ship had tumbled end over end. Kai swayed but did not stagger, modified reflexes correcting for the change automatically.

He turned, surefooted in the darkness, and headed towards the door. Before he got there, it opened and Zev stumbled through, clutching a light and barely able to keep her footing in the pitching, uncertain gravity.

She plunged towards him and Kai caught her shoulders as she fell, holding her upright. The light she carried cast blue highlights on her white dress and made the silvery lace sparkle.

Moonlight on frost. Cold as crystal for the warmest, most vital person among them.

Kai let go and closed his eyes in confusion. After a moment, Zev's concerned voice filtered into his awareness.

"Kai? Are you all right?"

"I am..." He hesitated. "...unsure." He straightened, though he hadn't been aware of having slumped. "We should return to the bridge and discover what has happened to the Lexx."

Zev nodded. "Stan's still up there. The lights just suddenly went out and then everything went crazy."

When they reached the bridge Stanley was clinging to the sides of the control pedestal and yelling incoherently in response to the laconic drawl of the ship. In the washed out emergency lighting his red jumpsuit was the most vivid thing in the room.

Disoriented in a way which owed nothing to the reeling of the ship, Kai stared at him.

Red for courage. Red for luck. A warrior's hue. But Stanley Tweedle was no Brunnen-G. He was not a man of courage, and certainly not of luck.

Kai closed his eyes again.

Many-coloured warriors. Rainbows in the darkness. Every shade of scarlet, yet still dimmer than the bright blood that splashed into the cold of space and froze into diamonds.

He remembered singing. Remembered flying, in a ship far smaller than this one. Weaving and rolling with stars and explosions brighter than stars all around him.


He ignored Zev's worried inquiry, ignored Stanley's wide eyed confusion, and opened his eyes.

"Stanley Tweedle, instruct the Lexx to come about and apply full power at ninety degrees to our current course."


"Do it!" Zev snapped when Stanley paused.

"Ah, Lexx? Come about to ninety degrees from our current course and take us away, full power."

"Yes, Stanley."

There was a last shuddering turn, then with a suddenness that made even Kai stagger the ship jerked free of whatever had been tearing at it and shot away.

A moment's pause then Stanley slumped to the floor in relief. "What the hell was that all about?"

"I believe that this ship has a rather literal turn of mind." Kai watched the light return. "I suggest that next time you select a course you specify that it is to avoid the known hazards en route."

He turned away. "I will return to my cryo chamber."

Back in the dim light of the lower deck he climbed into the chamber and lay back.

He stared at his own reflection as the lid came down and it was as black and white as the empty sky.