I don't own Max Payne but I think he should get a happy ending so enjoy this closing chapter. SPOILERS!!! This does give away things about the ending of Max Payne 2 so be warned.

Max Payne 2


The End... the element that comes after the climax. The thing which brings a story to a final close...

I thought I had reached it once before. Now again it seemed it was over.

Everyone was dead... except me... the one consent in my life. After two weeks in the hospital I was released...

I expected it to be into the waiting arms of the police.

But once again fate decided to torment me by letting me escape with my sins.

The FBI did a investigation which cleared me in Wintersons death... self defence.

I couldn't go back to the job... my mystery had been solved... I was left alone with my self again...

I retired from the force and moved back to New Jersey.

I expect to be able to move on to put my past of death and suffering behind me.

But one ghost came back to hunt me. Mona... I doubted her... her love, her sincerity...

It's true that she was working for them... but in the end she couldn't pull the triger. Proving again she wasn't the hardened killer she pretended to be...

I couldn't save her. One night two months after the events at Woden's manor I was laying in my bed...

the first nights sleep I had gotten in days. I heard a noise which woke me. The hairs standing up on the back of my neck told me some one el's was in my apartment.

I took my gun from it's place in the night stand.

"Max..." I froze I knew that voice. "Max..." A figure appeared in the door way. I blinked shaking my head... I was dreaming... I had to be.

"Max..." Mona stood in my apartment her red lips pressed together forming a smile.

"You... you died... Vlad shot you... I saw you die." I said pointing my gun at her.

"You saw me shot before... remember... I died then too..." Mona stepped into the bed room.

"No... no this is wrong... you're dead." I said again pulling the hammer back.

"Max... why can't you just except this?"

"Because you're not real." I said shaking my head trying to wake my self up.

"Even if I wasn't... would you really want to shoot me?" Mona drew closer her eyes boring through mine into my brain.

"I... I want." I thought I knew what I wanted. But I didn't, I didn't know anything. Was I awake... was I dreaming... maybe I was dying my subconscious trying to resolve things before the end.

"Max." Mona sat on the bed next to me taking my hand and placing it on her chest. "I am real... see you can feel my heart beating." My hand trembled pressed against her perfect skin. I could feel... I could feel her...

Mona took the gun from my other hand and dropped it on the floor. she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine. In that moment I still wasn't sure if it was all real or some kind of torture reeked on me by my mind but right then I didn't care. A night with her real or imagined was what I wanted.

"Max..." She whispered. The End.. maybe it's just for movies and books... But then, there, for the first time in a long time I felt safe... I felt happy... I really felt... I knew.. it was over and I didn't have to be alone any more.

The End