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The storm had broken the night before. Fort Royal was bathed in sunshine, but the air was too still and the wind carried the smell-after-the rain over the town like a reminder and a threat. The inhabitants were out in force, repairing the damage that the two-day long storm had wreaked on their town.

Will Turner cleared up a mess of broken tiles from in front of Brown's blacksmith's shop. Glancing up, he saw that the sign hung crookedly and reminded himself to repair it later on that day. He walked back inside. Brown hadn't moved from his customary position on the chair next to the furnace. His mouth was open and he was snoring gently. Will smiled, and wandered over to check the orders for this week. Not to many, business was slow, unfortunately. They still got more work than anyone else in the area - Will's talent had garnered them an enviable reputation but it seemed that for the past year, no-one had wanted the fine swords the shop made.

Deciding to leave the work until later, Will chose a sword and began his practice. Three hours everyday. As always. A familiar voice unbidden in his mind said, "You need to get yourself a girl, mate."

The smile that this memory brought to his lips, made him cease his routine.

"I have a girl" he thought happily. Then frowned "Well, almost." It was the almost that troubled him. After they had returned from their adventure, after they had rescued Jack (Captain Jack Sparrow, his mind corrected him) after he had declared his love, and discovered, to his unending joy, that it was returned he and Elizabeth had decided that they should not be married until after Will owned his own shop. No, that wasn't quite right. Will and Elizabeth's father had agreed. Elizabeth had reluctantly agreed. It hadn't been for the money - god knew, Elizabeth had enough of her own - but rather for the look of it. He wanted to be able to support his own wife. It was a matter of pride.

But, it was proving harder than he'd expected. Brown wanted to retire and leave Will the shop. But he wanted to leave with enough money to enjoy himself for the rest of his life. Will had willingly agreed. After all, the man had taken him in and trained him well. He was very fond of Brown, even if in recent years he seemed determined never to see life sober. But, they had thought it would take a year at most to earn the money Brown wanted. Now, two years later it looked as though it would take at least another year. It might have been easier for Will to buy his own shop, but he had promised his old master, and despite his pirate heritage - or perhaps because of it - he would not go back on his word. So he was stuck. And Elizabeth was getting increasingly frustrated.

Will frowned again, for a different reason this time. Now he was thinking about Jack. Captain Jack Sparrow, great pirate and a good man. And a friend. But all the same, Will hadn't seen him since that day over two years ago when he fell over the embankment in the middle of a sentence. He found that he missed the pirate, he and Elizabeth had listened eagerly for all news of him and the Black Pearl. All they had were rumours and strange - sometimes very strange - stories concerning their pirate's friends exploits.

The stories, told in taverns, had the Black Pearl causing chaos all over the Caribbean. One, often repeated. And so possibly even true, had Jack springing a trap laid for him by the navy, by attacking an apparently helpless merchant ship, only to be surprised by the soldiers lying in wait. Who in turn were surprised when the other half of the crew of the Black Pearl somehow snuck up behind them. Caught between two enemies, the soldiers had surrendered and been locked in the brig with the merchant, while the pirates picked the ship clean. Captain Jack Sparrow had apparently fixed the keys to the brig on a rope with a candle burning through it, so that the prisoners would be able to free themselves about half an hour after the Pearl had left. The soldiers were therefore rather surprised when, after twenty five minutes or so had elapsed Jack wandered back in, muttered

"I forgot me hat." picked up that fairly disreputable item, reset the candle and left.

"Captain Jack Sparrow." The whisperers said. "That lunatic is so crazy he would risk his life for a hat"

He sighed and returned to his sword practice, but for once his heart wasn't in it. Checking on the sleeping Brown once more, he left the shop and went for a walk along the path overlooking the harbour entrance. Still lost in thought and memory, he stood for a while and watched a ship - merchant navy from the looks of it - enter the harbour. For no easily discernible reason, a cold shiver ran down his spine.

The merchant ship began negotiating the passage into the harbour. Aboard her, unheeded and unheard a voice, hoarse, broken and almost fragile sounding, sang.

"..very bad eggs.drink up me hearties yo ho."


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