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"What are we here for again?" Rei asked, strumming his fingers against the table. More than anything he hated meeting with his correctional officer. He was a nice enough guy, but something about him struck Rei as fake.

"I'm glad that you're so enthusiastic Rei," said Mr. Asaba, taking a moment to look at the boys in front of him. "In order to get out of juvenile detention hall you'll have to complete a certain amount of community service hours," Mr. Asaba began to explain, tightening his black and white striped tie.

"You know what? I kind of like it here," Akira joked, motioning to the grayish meat on his metal tray.

"Don't we all? However, if you don't get out of here by eighteen you go to the big house, with big men. Big men that haven't seen any women in years...." Mr. Asaba explained, waggling his thick dark brown eyebrows at Akira.

"Ugh! Gross!" Hideaki cried out in his shrill voice, clamping his hands over his ears.

"As I was saying, you guys need community service hours. The local young adult psychiatric ward has agreed to allow you to help out there," Mr. Asaba said proudly.

"Psychiatric ward!? You can't be serious!" Rei said, frowning deeply. He looked to his two friends for support, but got none.

"If you ever want to get out of here you'll do it all right? I'm doing this for you, not me remember?" Mr. Asaba retorted cooly, folding his hands on the table.

He waited for a while, listening for any last comments before going on to explain what their duties would be.

"How exciting, we're going to become candy stripers!" Akira said, in a fake high-pitched bubbly voice as he pranced down the halls of the juvenile detention center. This earned him some strange looks from the other inmates.

"Yeah yeah yeah, you may be excited, but I'm pissed off. Do you know what this means!" Rei exclaimed, running a hand through his long blonde hair. "We have to wake up everyday at five, to get to the ward by six, and we have to spend nine freaking hours there!"

"Come on, it's not like you have anything more interesting to do! Your girlfriend doesn't even come to visit you anymore!" Akira said with a chuckle.

"At least I have a girlfriend," Rei replied, crossing his arms against his chest. They all knew that before he was placed in juvenile hall he had an entire harem of girls.

"Had you mean, had," Akira replied. Even Hideaki couldn't help but laugh. It wasn't often that someone poked fun at Rei. Most people were afraid of him because of the rumors that were spread about him.

Rei replied by glaring at Akira gravely to let him know that he'd crossed the lines.

"Alright, alright chill out!" Akira said, backing down.

They walked back to their cells in silence.

They all sat in a circle.

"Hello..." the new intern began, straightening out her new chanel suit before sitting. "Perhaps we should begin by going around in a circle and giving our names and saying a little something about ourselves," she looked around for signs of approval. "I'll start with myself then," she then stood up. "My name is Maria, I am twenty three years old. Um... I just moved out of my 'rents suburban home last month. I now own a duplex in the city. That's about all, next," Maria finished, looking at the girl next to her.

The girl looked straight back at her. "Start with your name," Maria explained slowly.

"I don't believe in boxes," she replied, just as slowly and began to stroke the scars on her pale arm.

"Yeah, that's nice. Now tell me your name," Maria replied, feeling herself slowly becoming annoyed.

"A name is a box, so I will not allow myself to be placed in one," the girl replied.

Maria's phone began to ring and she excused herself to take the call.

"Hey!" Catherine called. "You, with the pigtails!" When she didn't respond she went over to poke her. Although she was standing right in front of her, the girl would not look up at her. "What's your name?"

The reply was silence.

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" she said loudly, jerking Kira's head up.

The second Catherine touched her Kira started screaming. It was loud and unearthly, she didn't even stop when Catherine jumped away from her.

"What's wrong?!" cried a nurse as she ran into the room. Her very clean white sneakers making high pitched squeaks with every move she made.

"I don't know what happened, she just started screaming!" Catherine replied, holding her hands in the air to prove that she was innocent.

The next morning the three boys stood at the door of the psychiatric ward. Although none of them wanted to be there, they were glad to be able to wear normal clothes instead of the bright orange overalls.

"Good morning boys," a woman greeted them, offering a frail hand to each one of them. "My name is Edith, I'm the founder of this home for females with psychioligical issues."
Rei's eyebrows shot up at the word females. He couldn't remember the last time he saw one, completely sane, or mentally challenged, it didn't matter to him that much anymore.
She then invited them inside. The first thing the boys noticed was the strange smell. Everything seemed so unnaturally clean. The white everywhere didn't help either.

After briefing them on what they were going to do today she introduced each one of them to the girl they'd be aiding.

"I have a special one for you Mr. Kashino," Edith said with a smile, taking his large hands in hers and leading him down the hall.

"A special one? For me? Why?" Rei asked, trying to back away from Edith.

"You're a looker, that's why. My, what I would have done with you had I been your age," Edith joked. "Her name is Kira Aso, she's down the hall, last door on the left."

Rei walked down the hall. Somehing about the place made him shudder, it was worse than the juvenile detention hall. Everything was quiet, and so clean it was scary.

He knocked on the heavy white door before entering.

The room was small and simple. The tiles were large and white, the walls were also white. To the right, there was a cot with a thin mattrass with thin white bed linnen.

"Um, hey," Rei said casually, trying to open up a conversation.

The pale girl on the chair stared blankly out of the small window.

"I'm Rei Kashino. I was assigned to be your companion, or something like that," he explained, her silence was making him nervous. He never had problems with getting a girl to talk to him.

She still ignored him.

Rei sighed in defeat and sat on the chair across from her. As he sat there he studied her features. Her eyes were painfully dull. Her face was a emotionless mask, her skin almost the same color as the walls. She was beautiful in a way, like a fallen angel.

They sat there until their session was over, Rei in complete awe, and Kira completely oblivious to his presense.