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I can't die~ A vampire to train 


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As the events form the previous night replayed in her mind she failed to notice the other person who had stepped into the shower with her. Only by instinct did she react in the nick of time to grab his arm and hurtle his whole body over her shoulder onto the tile floor.

"Oh Hun, I'm so sorry." She bent down to help her boyfriend up from the floor. " You know how I get when people sneak up on me even if it is you…by the way, why are you in…BAKA!"

"Ow! I was going to forgive you for flipping my over your shoulder but I don't know now." He said as he rubbed his throbbing cheek.

"Yea you were going to forgive me because you were going to see me bathe naked you jerk."

"And I wouldn't want it any other way. You bathing with clothes on just creeps me out plus…" He slowly traced a clawed finger from her lower hip all the was up to her shoulder… " I like you better like this anyways."

She shivered delightfully as his breath sent goose bumps down her arms. She leaned her body into his, slowly walking as she had him pinned against the shower door.

She slowly put both of his arms over his head and enjoyed the view of the water wash down over his body. She held his hands in place with one of her hands while her other hand was slowly slipping down his chest.

"I should have known you liked the upper hand." He breathed heavily onto her neck.

"You know what I really want to do right now?" She pressed her body onto his a little bit more, enjoying his quick intake of breath.


"Do you really want to know?" her hand reaching his belly button and slowly drawing circles around it.

" Ye…yeah I do."

She grinded her hips into his as her hand reached for the shower door handle, opened the door, and hip checked him out onto the cold bathroom floor.

"I would really, really like to shower alone. His whole mess with Miroku has got my blood boiling and I don't know how im going to react to it. Plus…" She looked down at the shivering, pissed off demon on the ground. " No man I date will ever wash with MY black raspberry body wash."

She heard him growl at her as she closed the door and returned to her shower making sure she cleaned off ever little bit of dirt that was caked under her fingernails from last nights hunt.


She wore her tight black work out pants with a black sports bra. If she was going to whip this lowly monk into shape she needed to do it efficiently and quickly. The sooner he was taught and sent into a real battle the soon he would probable be killed.

"You did good today Miroku. You catch on very quickly and you execute the moves perfectly. Im pretty impressed."

Kagome looked up to see her boyfriend and Miroku walk into her section of the gym, which was hand-to-hand combat. Miroku just learned how to fight with various weapons and how to shoot with a handful of guns.

In her opinion that was the easy stuff because you could kill a wolf with a gun and not have to touch it at all, but when it came to fighting on…well that was a different story all together.

" You ready to get your ass kicked?"

Miroku gave a hesitant look over to Kagome's direction.

"Don't worry, she'll go easy on you. Right?"

"Yeah yeah. I promise." A smile slipped onto her face. Poor bastered.

" Ok then let's go. Miroku you stand there and Kagome you stand here."

" What are you watching us?"

" Yes Kagome I am."


"Do you really want to know?"

"No, I only asked because I heard that talking makes you loose 5 pounds, jackass."

"I'll choose to ignore that last comment."

"I'll choose not to kick your ass if you leave now love. You wouldn't want that pretty face of your all fucked up now would you?"

" Im here SWEETPEA" Kagome cringed at the pet name, " because im afraid that you will kill our little friend here." He nodded his head in Miroku direction.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure she behaves." Sango said as she entered the room and casually walked toward her new boyfriend-in-training / husband to be.

Kagome cleared her throat loudly and everyone stopped what they were doing to look at her.

"I do believe this is my session to train dumbass…"

"Miroku." The three said in unison

"Whatever so can I please do my duty as a member of the vampire community and train him?" Kagome lifted her eyebrow as her three…two friends and the thing conversed over what she had just said.

"Do you think he's ready?"

"She will probably beat him into a bloody pulp."

"Hey you two, I'm right here. I can here what your saying. I think I can take her on."

That statement grabbed Kagome attention as well and the two other demons in the room.

"See he wants to fight me. You guys are over reacting."

"Ok, ok he can fight you but im staying to watch and you…" Sango turned to Kagome's boyfriend, "…don't you need to be getting the Luna and Noche groups ready for the brawl that's going to take place tonight. Have you even trained them with the new RCP-800?"

"Umm…well, not really."

"Then get to it." Sango gave him a playful spank on the rear just to hear the growl emit from Kagome's throat.

Your gona wish that's all im gona do to your boyfriend by the time im done with him. There was only one person Kagome absolutely hated to fight, and that was the one person she was slowly getter herself into trouble with.

You know if you hurt him anymore then is necessary I will be more then happy to step in on his part. It's been a while since I've kick the shit outa you sister. Sango bend her neck to one side enjoying the sound of vertebra cracking. I don't think I would have too much trouble though.

"Is that so?" Kagome slowly walked over to Miroku, grabbed his shoulders, spun him around so that his back was facing her, grabbed his head and with a satisfying snap broke his neck.

"You bitch!"


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