Sailor Moon S Chapter 42 "Appearances"

Things looked really bad for us. We let our guard down because of a lunatic called Sailor Pluto and her stupid hand puppet, We let Sesshomaru sneak up on us, And now we are imprisoned in his fortress awaiting for death. how could we be so blind that they were probably waiting for us to get there using the guardian Sailor Pluto as unwitting pawn. Now the wait begins.

Sailor Moon Stared through the cell bars

There were two guards and they were sleeping.

Sailor Senna was pacing back and forth behind her getting more and more frustrated by the moment.

Why Aren't we using our powers to escape from here said Sailor Senna.

Yes why not because if we blow a hole in the wall we will be surrounded in no time said Sailor Mars.

I don't care I want out of here said Sailor Senna loudly as she started to power up.

As Sailor Senna powered up a green beam shot out of the ground pinning Sailor Senna to the wall.

Sailor Senna powered out of it and collapsed to the ground.

Sailor Senna got up a little more pissed off but didn't try again knowing it would happen again.

Sailor Senna snarls at the where the laser came from and starts to pace again

Sailor moon was now reaching out of the cell trying to get the keys saying a little closer

Your not serious about those guys are to far away said Sailor Mars.

Mr. Schwarzenegger thinks we should did are way out said Sailor Pluto nodding at her puppet who responded yes we should dig our way out.

Dig our way out with what our bare hands that would take forever im not waiting that long to see my Kaiba said Sailor Senna.

Mr. Schwarzenegger thinks your such a crabby pants said Sailor Pluto giggling.

Ill shove Mr. Schwarzenegger up your ass if you don't shut it shouted Sailor Senna. Oh miss touchy said the puppet nodding at Sailor Pluto.

That's it im gonna kick your ass said Sailor Senna.

Sailor Senna charged at Sailor Pluto only to be knocked to her ass by the wave sailor Pluto's hand.

Sailor Senna gets up and was about to charged Sailor Pluto again when she was restrained by the other Sailor Scouts.

Why wasn't she blasted when she used her powers asked Sailor Senna.

"Because she manipulates the Shadow Realm, to make it knock you over" said Asakura.

Why don't you get us out of here right now if you could do that shouted Sailor Senna.

I have been trying but it doesn't work answered Sailor Pluto shaking her puppet head with it saying no repeatedly.

We need to think of a way out of here before Sesshomaru figures out how he wants to kill us or torture us said Sailor Moon.

You shouldn't have been Along in the first place its our job as scouts to keep you out of danger not take you into it said Sailor Senna.

I'm your princess your suppose to do what ever I say Said Sailor Moon.

She is royalty she does out rank you sorta ot was also the fact we wouldn't go without her said Sailor Venus.

Who asked you its none of your business snarled Sailor Senna.

She is my friend I will stick by her side your not my leader snarls Sailor Venus.

We are not getting anywhere fighting like this said Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury is right we should not be fighting we are a team said Sailor Jupiter

Yeah we should stick together said Sailor Mars.

A noise of screaming emanated from outside the cell.

The scream was then cut off by a swallowing sound that sounded so gross

All the scouts and Askura looked outside the cell to see what happened and noticed one guard was missing, and the next moment that guard was gone too with the same noise they heard before which made Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus feel sick to there stomachs It was the most horrible sound in the world maybe the entire universe but for some reason it sounded like something they heard before but wasn't paying attention at the time.

A squirrel pop it head up and looked at them and climbed to the top of the chair it had keys in it mouth.

It jumped to the floor and ran to the cell and then leaped up and unlocked the cell door in mid air.

If you want to live follow me said the Squirrel.

Oh Great talking squirrel now I have seen everything said Sailor Mars.

They all hesitated and followed out of the castle and to a cliff about a mile from it.

Realization came to Sailor mars like a ton of brick of what happed to her friend

You ate my friends said Sailor Mars.

No I didn't I sent them back where they belong said the Squirrel.

Who are you asked Sailor Moon.

The Squirrel turned into something that looked like a little boy with ears and a fluffy tail.

I'm Sukasa the hyper wonder Squirrel.

Sukasa offers the sailor scout some walnuts

R all squirrel like you asked Sailor Mercury.

No im the only one said Sukusa bouncing with his tail.

Are you with Nemesis asked Sailor Mars.

I was but not anymore had a fight with my brother there the reason your friends got here they use human for hunting and didn't like that because humans are funny and kind and give me all the walnuts I can eat so I send the home they don't deserve to be hunted as sport said Sukasa.

Your brothers are Weevil and Sesshomaru so how can we trust you asked Sailor Senna. If I wanted you dead I could have eatin you in your cell while you were sleeping said Sukasa.

Yeah He has a point he could have done that if he wanted to said Sailor Mars.

Why didn't he do that he would have earn the respect of his brothers said a voices from the entrance of the cave.

Because im not as heartless as you Sesshomaru Growled Sukasa

You give me no choice I will have to kill you as well as them you traitor said Sesshomaru.

Go ahead and try I don't care if you kill me as long as they get away said Sukasa.

Sailor Moon and the other sailor scouts step in between Sukasa and Sesshomaru.

Your not gonna hurt Sukasa shouted Sailor Moon.

As if you little girls are gonna stop me ok fine then you will never stop the all powerful negaverse Sailor Brats said Sesshomaru.

How many time have people like you called us sailor brats I wish I got a nickel every time someone has said that I would be rich by now said Sailor Moon.

Sailor Jupiter sends a thunder blast at Sesshomaru who just steps out of the way

Sailor Mars sends a blast of fire at Sesshomaru as well but he just absorbs it with the palm of his hand.

That's not fare said Sailor Mars getting ready for to blast him again.

Sailor Senna sends a blast that knocking Sesshomaru off his feet but not for long.

Sesshomaru was standing again.

Sailor Venus blasts Sesshomaru with a crescent venus smash which he just absorb like he did with sailor mars fire.

Sailor Pluto waves her hand and knocks Sesshomaru into a wall which didn't phase him whats so ever

What do we have to do to hurt this guy we are running out of options said Sailor Moon.

Just admit defeat you can never win said Sesshomaru.

Sukasa charges Sesshomaru and gets knocked to the ground with a back hand Sesshomaru's hand

Amalthea death hurricane shouted Sailor Amalthea sending a black hurricane at Sesshomaru who absorbed that too.

A dark Sword appears in Sesshomarus hand and he takes a slash knocking over all the Sailor Scouts.

Prepare to die Said Sesshomaru leveling the sword on Sukasa unconscious body.

A white rose flies out of no where and strikes Sesshomaru's hand

Sesshomaru looks up to see who though that

Who do you think you are picking on little kids like that a school yard bully said The

Moonlight knight hoping to the ground and grabbing Sukasa and runs to Sailor moon side where he deposits Sukasa into sailor moon arms and says into her ear I think this guy deserves I lesson in manners.

Sailor Moon nods pulling out her scepter saying moon Scepter elimination.

Sesshomaru was knocked flying into a wall with such forse the ceiling of the cave down on him crushing him

Its coming down we better get out of here said Sailor Mars.

They all got out in time just as the came complete caved it

Sukasa woke up and looked at the cave and said Good bye brother.

Sukasa licked Sailor Moon and she reacted by thinking ewww gross but he is cute.

The Moonlight Knight seemed to be injured because looked like he was limping.

R u ok asked Sailor Mercury I'm fine said the Moonlight Knight

Can you please finally tell us who you are said Sailor Moon.

Ok it time said The Moonlight Knight as he reaches up and slowly removes his mask.

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor moon says) (Tea: in case of a water landing you can use your colon as a floatation device, (Yugi: yes by just pulling it out and inflating you can survive any water landing (Luna: yeah a colon save my life when I slipped on that banana peel and fell off that cliff I just removed Mr Pegasus's colon as I slid of the cliff and inflated it in mid air saving me from watery grave.. (Mr Pegasus: see my colon is usefull ^_^ (Tea: sailor moon says HeHeHe cya!!