-Writers note = this symbol means the start of a flash back and this one

Weevil walked into chamber with a big grin on his face and sat at his chair at the meeting table.

This is glorious day for Nemesis we have struck a major blow to the Sailor Brats that they will never forget.

We have eliminated Sailor Senna I'm that some of us are actually doing what I told them to do.

Wiseman appeared in the center of the table and the whole room burst into a applause.

If we can get rid of someone like Sailor Senna the rest will be a piece of cake thanks to you Wiseman were on the edge of victory soon the universe will be no only prevail Said Weevil.

I know you didn't alone I think you holding back something from said Weevil running has over a monitor revealing the dark figure that attack sailor Senna.

Who is that person I would like meet him and thank him in person said Weevil

You will meet this person soon enough but not now said Wiseman.

I hope it will be soon I'm looking forward to it said Weevil.

Just as that was said Malachite stormed into the room somewhat pissed off.

She was mine how dare you Wiseman I was looking forward into killing her myself and you took that from me and I will make you pay shouted Malachite.

Malachite was about to talk a swing at Malachite halted by Weevil yelling Stop this now.

Why do you care so much about this she was killed and it's a great victory for all off us said Weevil.

It would have been my great victory and he took it away from I would have taken pleasure into seeing her give her last breath and had her heart bronze and mounted on my wall like a great trophy that I was the better warrior said Malachite.

It wasn't the first time Malachite had a great victory taken from him and the last person to do that was Sailor Senna when tried to killed Queen Dani, she got in the way and ruined what could have been his finest hour but it wasn't and turned out to be humiliating experience some that has haunted him to this very and he wanted revenge that seems wont get.

That was my kill and Wiseman knew it and I had the only right to kill her thought Malachite bitterly.

Malachite walked out of the room, as everyone celebrated not feeling like celebrating all because there was nothing for him to feel joy about.

Malachite walked down to the dungeon and entered the cell with Kaiba in it.

Kaiba was pale and looked very weak as Malachite the cell barely strong enough to look at him only way to know he was alive was his breathing.

Come to here me beg again you will never hear me beg as long as I live and breath and said Kaiba in struggled words.

Bad news lover boy your Senna is dead said Malachite.

You basterd im going to kill you if it's the last thing I ever said Kaiba.

I'm not that did it but I wish I was the one said Malachite.

Since the only reason I kept you alive it a bait to bring her here but she is dead now so I have no need to keep you alive any longer the spiders will feast on you in 48 hours so enjoy the last days of your life it will be ending soon.

Malachite turned on his heels and left Kaiba to soon to be untimely death as lunch for one of weevil pets.

Shadow Realm -location- Requiem's Abyss

She felt her spine snap in two as she struck bottom and felt the chill of cold water as slipped into a raging river.

Sailor Senna was now slipping in and out of consciousness as floated down stream she knew she had internal bleeding from the taste of blood in her mouth so death would come for her it was just a matter of time she was going to die.

Sailor Senna thought about her life and how she lived she going to die with honor at least like a true Sailor scout should protecting her sister the next Queen of the Moon Kingdom the one she meant to protect if it meant her life was she had sacrificed to save her this was her destiny since she accepted the transformation wand and the Sennen Scepter.

Memorys of her life started to flasg before her eye so that meant death was coming and this was her river Styx to carry her to hell.

Sailor Senna's consciousness left her again as she slipped into darkness

she stood in front of Queen Dani in her full Royal guard attire.

Former Princess and now General Ayna walked up to the podium and kneeled before her mother Queen Dani who started to give a speech.

Queen Dani raises the Transformation into the air and said This world is an uncertain realm, filled with danger. Honor underminded by the pursuit of power, freedom sacrificed when the weak are oppressed by the strong. But there are those who oppose these powerful forces, who dedicate their lives to truth, honor, and freedom. These people are known as Sailor scouts. Rise, my Daughter Ayna, and join them.

Ayna stood received the Transformation and hugged her mother.

Good luck and I hope you fight with honor Queen Dani whispered into her ear.

She was now dancing with Prince Kaiba on the last night of the Moon kingdom before Negaverse attacked.

They both stared into each others eyes lost in the passion of romance putting it ot of there minds that this could be the last time they see each other

You are so beautiful girl in girl entire kingdom said Prince Kaiba.

Ayna and Kaiba kissed long and passionately.

Now she was a little child no more then 7 years old of age she stood in a field fulls of Moon Aurora's they were similar to earth roses but did have several differences one each color of Moon Aurora had its own scent the white ones were one of her favorite though which smelled like cinnamon her other favorite was the red one because it was one of her favorite color.

Young Tea about 5 years old in age popped out of the behind and tapped her on the shoulder and says your it.

Young Ayna gave chase-giggling saying I'm going to get you Tea.

Young Tea giggled and ran.

They both ran throw the roses field till they till they when they reached the end of the field.

Suddenly Tea and Ayna where hit with water balloons.

A little girl with spiky greenish blue hair, Jumped down from a tree, it was Ryoko Princess of the planet Venus her royal gown was all torn from climbing the tree.

Ryoko giggled as she ran from Tea and Ayna.

They both ran after Ryoko soaked from her Balloon attack.

Ryoko ran through the royal park knocking over Ashlique who was playing hopscotch.

Ashlique got up and caught up with Ryoko and shoved her over.

Ryoko Started Crying.

Another little girl known as Kari princess of the planet Jupiter punched Ashlique who then started crying too.

Sitting across this scene was the always oblivious child prodigy Princess Mayra princess of the planet Mercury who buried nose deep in her favorite math book.

Tea and Ayna both giggled at the scene in front of them. Sailor Senna awoke again this time she seemed to be not moving, she had washed up on embankment.

She still couldn't move no matter how she tried she had mobility at all.

Suddenly out of no where the darkness was driven away by a blinding.

It got closers in became a cloaked person who she didn't recognized.

Who now placed his on her?

The pain left her the moment his hand touched her forehead.

Who is this cloaked figure Sailor Senna thought to herself.

I'm Noa he replied like he heard what she was thinking.

Noa pulled Sailor Senna out of the water and covered her with a blanket

Noa then lites a fire with the wave of his hand while saying you can sleep now.

Sailor Senna was too weak to argue and went to sleep.

-To Be Continued- (Wiseman: today lesson is annoying people and how to kill them so I can have a better guest spot (Ashlique: you got your cameo now hit the bricks (Tea: shut up Ashlique (Ashlique: who bloody well made you incharge (Tea: I'm the star of the show :P (Tea: sailor moon says Hehehe