Sailor Moon S Chapter 46 "Blood Gates Part 1"

Sailor Moon was still standing on the edge staring down into the darkness of the Abyss still in shock of what happen, it was still fresh in her mind even if it happened 24 hours ago.

What are we going to do thought Sailor Venus as she watched Sailor Moon from the safety of the Tent?

"We have to move on and go to the Tower it's the only thing we can do," said Sailor Mars.

"What are we going to do with Sailor Moon she's in total shock she just lost her sister that's something you don't get over fast I know since I have lost family too" said Sailor Jupiter.

"We have to get her to understand it would be what her sister wanted her to do, to rescue Kaiba and not doing that will dishonor her sister sacrifice so we have to go! Said Sailor Mars.

"I'll go just give me some time grieve" said Sailor Moon still looking into the Abyss.

"We can't give you enough we don't have that much time we mush go soon or Kaiba will die," said Sailor Mars.

"Your mean" said Sailor Moon with fresh tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

"God you're so thick headed I'm not trying to be mean just realistic," said Sailor Mars.

"I know but you could nicer about I just lost a sister," said Sailor Moon.

"How nice should I be you little whiner we have to go on now not later so get over it what has happen is in the past and you or I cant do anything about it Sailor Senna is dead and standing there like an idiot isn't going to bring her back said Sailor Mars.

Sailor Moon turned on her heels and ran at Sailor Mars and punched her shouting how dare you talk about getting over things your still holding a grudge from the time Sailor Senna was a agent of the Nega-verse aren't you, don't you lie to me!

"That is partly true but I did hate her in the past but now I considered her a best friend and maybe like a big sister and the rest of them think the same way" said Sailor Mars pointing at Sailor Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.

Sailor Moon turned to face each of her fellow Sailor Scouts who and each gave her a nod of grim agreement.

At this point, Sailor Amalthea, and Marik, just appeared out of nowhere.

Sailor Mars meet up with them to explain what happened while they were away.

A couple minutes later the tent was put away and they on the journey to Kaiba Corp HQ.

-Requiem River bed-

Sailor Senna sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and then she looked over and saw that Noa was still there.

For the head of a powerful High Druid he seemed so childlike in appearance thought Sailor Senna looking at Noa.

"How do you feel?" asked Noa.

"I'm fine but can you tell me the license of that truck that hit," answered Sailor Senna trying to get to her feet.

"First your not going anywhere in that? Said Noa.

Sailor Senna looked down to see her Sailor Scout uniform was heavily torn.

Noa raised his hand and Sailor Senna uniform seemed to mend itself and when finished it looked as good as new.

"Sit" said Noa gesturing his hand making Sailor Senna sit down on a chair that seemed to appear out of thin air.

"Now that I got your attention I have some things to explain to you" said Noa.

"What is it?" asked Sailor Senna.

I know Kaiba is important to you but there are more important things that should come first there's a barrier between the shadow Realm and the real world its called the Blood Gate and Weevil's presence here has upset the balance that gate if he isn't removed from here it will burst open and all existence will be enveloped in darkness even if you just rescue Kaiba there wouldn't be a world left for you to go back to said Noa.

A grim realization dawned on Sailor Senna as she heard this from Noa.

"And your vengeance against Malachite must wait as well because if the balance isn't restored chaos will reign supreme" said Noa.

Sailor Senna reluctantly nodded in agreement.

Give me your word you wont go after Malachite he will try to get in your way of your sworn duty as a Sailor Scout.

"One thing why is the barrier called the Blood Gate? Asked Sailor Senna.

This place is alive and the darkness is it blood answered Noa.

"Oh that makes sense? Said Sailor Senna.

"Now go and rejoin your friend," said Noa putting his hand on her shoulder.

-Kaiba Corp HQ-

Weevil was now pacing again knowing the Rest of those Sailor Scouts will reach this building soon and that fact made him nerves as cat in a roomful of Rocking chairs

I'll deal with the Sailor Brats at least I want to take out since it not who I wanted to be ill just take the rest of them out instead it will be a pleasure said Malachite.

"Weevil smiled and said it will be an honor to have the Great General Malachite do me this favor, and I'm also looking forward to seeing you in action I heard your battle are legendary even when you were serving under simpering fool Queen Mai and also those battle you did when you were guardian of Queen Dani, to bad you failed at killing her" said Weevil.

"Killing Sailor Moon will redeem myself from that failure" said Malachite

Good I hope you do as you say now go and deal with those Sailor Pests said Weevil.

"Ill do what you say as soon as you put some clothes on," said Malachite.

"Do you have a problem with my sweaty manliness?" asked Weevil.

"No but part of you is pointing at me and its freaking me out" Said Malachite.

"Mr. happy just likes you don't pay attention to it! Said Weevil,

"Ok? Said Malachite raising an eyebrow.

"Best not keep the losers waiting Ill go make an example of those sailor pest said Malachite before vanishing from this awkward scene he was in.

Sailor Moon Stood silently staring with a purpose at the Tower Known as Kaiba Corp Main Headquarters, it was now dark and twist like something from someone worst nightmare it creped her out,

Sailor Mars Shivered and thought they were at least a mile from it now but still she dark vibes like it was reaching into and rip out her very soul wonder if they all feel like I do what worried me most was the look on Sailor Amalthea face.

This doesn't feel right to me there's other energy's entwined in that tower I have never felt anything like in my life not even as a warrior of the Negaverse said Marik.

Your right I felt that too said Sailor Amalthea.

Whats going on asked Sailor Moon looking from Marik to Sailor Amalthea very confused.

Sailor Amalthea turned to Sailor Moon and Said this doesn't feel like the same power we felt the last time we saw Weevil it mite be nothing more then him finding new powers.

This is creeping me out extremely a lot, there's no place like home Said Sailor Venus while taping her feet together.

Sailor Moon put her hand on Sailor Venus's shoulder and said I know how you feel its best to focus on your favorite food.

Sailor Venus nodded and thought about fajitas and then said this is making me hungry.

"Then your not thinking about this place then? Said Sailor Moon.

I'll make you all the fajita you can eat as you do me this favor stop talking about food we haven't been eating for days Said Sailor Jupiter.

Ill get something said Sukasa leaping up into a tree and coming down with some fresh looking shiny apples.

Where did you get those asked Sailor Moon.

Some tree in this place have pockets of life in them said Sukasa tossing each scout an apple which they ate happily.

Why didn't you get us food earlier Asked Sailor Mars

Sailor Pluto ran from no where and jumped into the tree and whole bunch of apple rained down on the scouts.

Thanks a lot said Sailor Jupiter rubbing her head.

Suddenly Sailor Moon caught sight of someone ahead of them it was Sailor Senna.

Sailor Moon ran up and hugged Sailor Senna but something was wrong she looked up to see it was Malachite dressed in a Sailor scout uniform.

A dark Vibe knocked Sailor Moon to her butt.

Malachite laughed as scout uniform he was wearing turned back into his negaverse General's uniform.

You little basterd Sailor Mars charging at Malachite but he dodge and gave her slap that knocked her to the ground and out cold.

They all gasped at the sight of Sailor Mars unconscious on the ground.

Prepare to die Sailor Brats at the hands of the greatest general of the Negaverse said Malachite knocking out Sailor Jupiter and Mercury who tried there special attacks.

Oh Zoicite and Marik ill give you two one last chance to rejoin us said Malachite.

Sailor Amalthea said I rather die then join the negaverse again

What ever my sisters says is how I feel too Said Marik.

As you wish ill make your death quick and painless said Malachite waving his hand knocking them both into the ground and a dark bowl appear around them.

Its going to be fun to watch you all be crushed to death said Malachite.

From a distance Sailor Senna heard the other scouts screaming and Malachite laughing.

She made the hardest choice of her life she was going to move on and get Weevil because Malachite was no longer her battle her battle was to take out weevil that is what she is gonna do even if her other scouts were in danger.

Sailor Senna kept going towards the Kaiba Corp Tower.

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor Moon says)

suddenly Ryoko yells "BOOO! everyone screams, after the screaming stopped, one said boy I soiled myself