Sailor Moon S Chapter 49 "Blood Gates part 4"

Sailor Senna entered the room before the other scouts

Sailor Moon looked around the room

The room looked like a meeting room but it was all twisted and evil looking.

I know this room this is room was the Kaiba Corp Executive meeting room I sat in on one of his meetings once in a while said Sailor Senna.

"Did it always look this evil? Asked Sailor Moon.

"Yes once but before kaiba got it redecorated but it never looked this evil," said Sailor Senna.

"It must have been redecorated by the devil himself," said Sailor Moon.

"I sort of like it" said Sailor Amalthea.

"Me too its like home" said Marik.

Yeah is does remind me of home said Sailor Amalthea.

"Only you two would like this and probably other people from the Negaverse but this place gives me the creep the faster we take to take weevil down the better" said Sailor Mars.

"I agree with you entirely I don't want to be here just as much as you do," said Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon opened the open on the other and went into another creepy looking room and then went another room then another one creepy room after another chill each sailor scout to the bone even Sailor Amalthea and Marik fro there own reason found each room eerie maybe I was the sense of danger but they both seemed nervous.

Where is weevil we have nearly searched every room said Sailor Senna as she opened the door to the executive office.

Sailor Senna looked up to see a giant hole in the ceiling and said hey guys look at this.

They all looked and they were silent.

The silence was broken by sailor moon saying, "what ever made that hole was huge." Looking up into darkness in the hole.

The only light in the hole was sparking wires torn by whatever made the hole.

This worries me a lot I have no reading on what did this Sailor Mercury

Sailor Pluto gestured for the other sailor Scouts to follow her and went off like she saw something.

"I hope this isn't one of her delusions I would be really pissed off if it was," said Sailor Mars as she followed Sailor Pluto with the other scouts.

They reached a room and it opened without anyone touching the door and there wasn't anything inside but more evil looking rooms.

This is like something out of a horror movie I this was a movie and this wasn't really happening that I'm having a bad dream said Sailor Jupiter.

I wish that too said Sailor Moon slapping herself across the face in attempt to wake up, which didn't work since it wasn't a dream but it was reality one she didn't want to be in.

Why didn't listen to my sister I shouldn't be here I should be at home junking out in on sweets thought Sailor Moon.

Sailor Senna seem to have read her mind took Sailor Moons hand and turned her to face her and said you are the Moon Princess and its destiny to fight for your kingdom I was wrong the reason I said "that before is I was afraid of losing you again I didn't want that to happen I'm so sorry I was harsh at the theatre which you had every right to hate but you didn't."

You're my sister and I will always love you no matter what you do said Sailor Moon

Sailor Senna smiled and embraced her sister saying "we will take care of this thing together"

When the sailor scouts left the meeting room Wiseman appeared.

Ifurita appeared beside him grinning evilly and said "Those fool don't know Who do they think there messing with do they?

"Those pathetic scouts are walking right where we want them to be and they will be torn to shreds if it fails we still have the Death Maiden and the key of destiny" said Wiseman.

"I showed who she is so I have place of power," asked Ifurita.

"Yes you will get what I said you will get," answered Wiseman

Good you wouldn't want to mess with me said Ifurita.

Ifurita vanishes in a flutter of black rose pedals.

Wiseman turned to a mirror and said master everything is as planned.

"Good make sure it doesn't fail or you know what will happen to you " the mirror replied a deep voice.

"I wont fail you master" said Wiseman bowing to the mirror.

The Death Maiden will be under our control and we will rule universe said the voice from the mirror.

"I already have the Death Maiden and she has served me well said Wiseman"

"take care of the final stage my master" said Wiseman.

"Yes my master" said Wiseman as he disappeared.

-Somewhere else in the building-

Sailor Pluto stopped in front of a door and said "weevil is in here".

"I don't see any sign of him in my scans of the area r u sure" asked Sailor Mercury

Sailor Senna gestured the other to stand behind her while saying me and Sailor Moon will go in first while the rest of you wait a couple minutes then follow.

Sailor Senna and Sailor Moon opened the door slowly then entered the room

In was dark but they could still make out the room was covered in a spider's web

The suddenly turned on and in the middle of that web was a giant spider, it was staring at them drooling.

Oh gross pervert spider said Sailor Moon.

"I don't think its drooling for that reason sailor Moon I think it wants us for dinner" said Sailor Senna.

"I want to eat your flesh and feel the cracking of you bones between my teeth" said the spider.

"Is this Weevil I have never seen him before" said Sailor Moon.

"I have and this is him some how he turned himself into a spider I knew he loved spiders so much nut I didn't think he would go this far" said Sailor Senna.

"He is really gross and smells like Ashliques Grandpa" said Sailor Moon.

The other scouts made there way into the room each plugging there nose.

"What died in here? said Sailor Venus.

I said it smells like you grandpa said Sailor Moon.

How dare you talk about him like that my grandpa smells worst said Sailor Mars

Yeah he does smell worst then this spider said Sailor Moon.

That's not what I meant I was saying the spider smells worst then my grandpa you idiot yelled Sailor mars.

But your grandpa still smell like a camels ass said Sailor moon

"How do you know what a Camels Ass smells like bet you sniff them all the time" said Sailor Mars.

"Take that back! Sailor Moon yelled.

No not until you take back you comment about my grandpa Sailor Mars yelled back at Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon sticks out her tongue at Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars sticks her tongue out in response to Sailor Moon.

"Why don't you too grow up" said Sailor Senna.

"No not until she apologizes' both Sailor moon and Sailor Mars Said at the same time.

We are in middle something more important then your petty fighting theres a spider that wants to eat us while you too were fighting it has gotten closer said Sailor Senna bopping both Sailor moon and Sailor mars over the head.

Sailor Mars blasts Weevil with Mars fireball charge.

Now Amalthea blasts weevil with Amalthea death Hurricane

The rest of the scout used there attacks as well but with no effect only amalthea attack did some damage but not a lot.

Weevil shoots web out of its mouth and cocoon Sailor mars.

The last thing they head was her screaming then the cocoon was pulled into weevils mouth and he swallowed.

"No" screamed Sailor Moon as she watches as the same thing happened to the other scouts one at a time swallowed up by Weevil till it was just her and Sailor Senna.

Sailor Moon crumpled to her knee and said "this cant be happening we are not going to beat there is no chance"

I know we can win because I have faith in you said Sailor Senna.

Then Sailor Senna was not there anymore Weevil had eaten her as well.

Sailor Moon started to cry saying "why has this happened to me?"

Weevil was now shoot his web at her and she going to be like the rest of them.

A dark field shot out of nowhere knocking the web away.

Sailor Moon turned to see it was Sailor Pluto standing in the entrance to the room

It is time said Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Moon nodded and pulled out the moon Scepter.

"Moon Scepter elimination! Shouted Sailor Moon.

A beam of power shot out of her scepter and it had effect but not as much as needed to defeat weevil.

Sailor Pluto shouted Dark Shadow elimination and great force of dark energy blasted weevil and he was disincarnated into dust.

All sailor scouts lay in front of them groaning as they got up.

Mokuba and Kaiba were sitting at the bench of the vacant lot.

Everything started to shake and kaiba and mokuba grabbed hold to not be knocked off it

kaiba corp building appeared but where it should.

Kaiba got up and ran toward the building, the doors opened in front of him.

Sailor Senna Ran out and embraced him, they both started kissing.

Mokuba ran up and hugged Sailor Moon followed by Bakura who kissed Sailor Moon.

Bakura whispered I knew you guys would get my brother back.

I knew you guys would be starved so I brought food it mite be cold by now said Mokuba.

They all went to the Cherry Hill Shrine and had a nice picnic

Tea looked up at the sky and smiles thinking its great to see such a beautiful sky.

-Shadow Realm-

Weevil struggled to his feet saying "I will get you for this Sailor Scouts" then collapsed to the ground again coughing up blood.

Wiseman appeared in front of him.

Help me wiseman give me the power to fight the sailor Scouts.

"Why should I do that nega scum?" said Wishman.

"Because I'm your king" said Weevil struggling to face.

You are not my king and im not wishman I killed him awhile ago said Wishman.

Wishman pulled down his hood revealing white hair that came down to his shoulders and said you can call me Sephiroth said Wishman.

Sephiroth pulls out his sword and decapitates Weevil launching the head which smashed against a tree.

Sephiroth turned and walked into a flaming portal, which closed behind him.

-The End of season 2-

(Sailor moon says) (Tea: Never lick a leprechaun (Heaven: what (Ryoko: lol (Heaven: are you on crack (Tea: Sailor moon says "Snort" hehehe