Sailor Moon R Chapter 50 "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Its 2 months since the journey into the Shadow Realm and everything has almost went back to normal at least what we call normal, Ayna has called it quits with the music career and now run Kaiba Corp with Seto Kaiba and Mokuba, Kari has gone steady with Marik and what a cute couple they make. Sailor Pluto who we found out her real name is Mela Midni and she is still crazier then a loon and still talks to her puppet, Then there Zoe formerly know as General Zoicite who now was elected class president and joined the cheerleading squad then got creped out at her first squad meeting and quit. Tea still eats like a pig and complains about each pound and exercises till she passes then goes through the same cycle again, And Ryoko is still a pop diva but only tours during the summer because of school also the fact she want to be around her friends, and everyone else just the same as if big things would happen in two months.

This is where our story continues

Sailor Mars stood in the middle of the street, everything around seemed to look red, could see the silhouettes of her fellow scouts standing in the distance, she could make out who each of them were except one figure she couldn't but was confused as ever how had she gotten here, before she could think any farther a dark tidal came and started ripping city apart and then it shattered the other sailor Scouts like glass,

Ashlique woke up in a deep sweat and when she calmed down and thought what a creepy dream but it seemed so real, she shook of the dream and got ready for school.

Ashlique noticed Rika was standing looking into her room.

"What do you want you little spore?" said Ashlique.

"I wanted to know where you went when you vanished for that month," said Rika.

It's none of your business even if it was I have to get to school said Ashlique.

"Oh fine I don't care! Said Rika as she turned and stormed off.

Ashlique ate breakfast and headed off to school.

When she got to and went right to her first period class, which was music class. .

She entered and sat down in her usual seat and pulled out notebook.

Oh crap not here again thought Ashlique noticing whom the teacher was.

The teacher walked up to the blackboard and wrote on the board at the same time saying it "I'm Miss Mela Midni you can just call me Mela has anyone got a question.

Ashlique put her hand up and said "When did this school start hiring psycho's"

What makes you think I'm a psycho said Miss Midni

"Yeah" said the puppet that was now in Ashliques then vanished like it wasn't there in the first.

You had that puppet still said Ashlique

"What puppet? asked Midni The one that was on you hand just a second ago said Ashlique.

Did anyone else see a puppet like Miss Hino said she saw asked miss Midni

Whole class responded no all at once.

This is unbelievable thought Ashlique.

-Kaiba Corp building-

Kaiba and Mokuba were playing a game a card game.

"Do you have a blue eyes white dragon" asked Kaiba.

"Go fish!!" replied Mokuba. "Do you have exodia the forbidden one" asked Mokuba

"Damn!! You won again," said Kaiba.

Kaiba had cheated but he didn't care it was fun playing cards with his brother.

But then a cold feeling passed over Kaiba he didn't know it was it was like a dark energy he had never felt before and yet it felt somewhat familiar to him.

Whets wrong brother said Mokuba looking very concerned at his brother

I don't but I felt something weird said Kaiba turning to face his little brother again.

-Tokyo Subway-

Bakura was riding the train home from a hard days work the apartment he moved into so he could be closer to Tea. Bakura was reading the Tokyo star and there report of murders in Osaka which seemed to happen in broad day light without witness The headline Read Head hunter on the loose.

Bakura flipped to the next page read naked guy still run through central park police still looking for suspect.

Before he turned he heard a strange ticking nose like a clock breaking down then there was complete silence only then he head was his own breath.

Bakura looked up to see everything was frozen

Across from bakura who was drinking his coffee it was stuck in a stream to his mouth.

Bakura now saw a large guy stand beside this other figure he couldn't

The large guy said "ill show the greatest nightmare" then pulled out a large Sword and decapitated an old lady who seemed to be fixing her makeup at the time.

The large guy had blonde hair and a scar across one if his eyes

Kill another three more General Nightmare then let go said the figure Bakura barely could see.

Nightmare raised his sword and decapitated a kissing couple and then was about to plunged his sword into the head of a little child when jumped from his seat knocking Nightmare back slightly.

The next thing Bakura remember was waking up in the hospital.

What happened mumbled bakura.

The nurse walked up to the bed and said "the police found you outcold at the murder it seemed the head hunter knocked its just lucjy he didn't take your head off too because he murdered four people and that included a little child no more then 10 years old, what kind of sicko would do a thing like that is beyond me"

Bakura got up and when as fast he could without looking suspicious and got a cab and headed to the Cherry Hill shrine.

-Tea's school-

It happened in the blink of an eye Tea watched Heaven was kissing her new boyfriend and the next minute she was scream and his head was on the ground coating the ground with blood.

No one had seen it happen and no knew what happened but some of the students were running out of the classroom covered in blood. Tea noticed that there wasn't just one victim but several lying on the ground twitching headless.

The school was closed for an investigation and all the students where sent home.

-Cherry Hill Shrine-

This is so weird I think those people that Bakura saw on the train were the same that could have killed those people at in Tea's Class said Mayra.

"Yeah it too much of coincident that the same type of murder could happen in two different place but also it had to be the work of the negaverse because the time between those were short said Ayna.

Not another Negaverse threat as if we had enough of those guys why can they give us a break said Tea

"I know I think we should get someone else to handle it? Said Kari.

No it our jobs as sailor Scouts to handle things like this said Ayna.

Yes she's right we just have to find them and take them out said Ashlique.

Ashlique had a hard time looking at her friend since it brought back the memory of that dream she had last night.

"What is wrong Ashlique" asked Tea.

It nothing I'm perfectly fine replied Ashlique and walked off

Where are you going asked Ayna.

I'm to eat some snacks since this meeting mite take all night said Ashlique

Ashlique before Ayna could respond she had walked away and into the shrine.

-Location Unknown- It looked like throne room from the medieval right down to the coat of arm seating right over fireplace. The coat of arms had a symbal that looked like three bloody claw marks across it.

The fireplace opened up into a door and the guy known as Nightmare appeared and immediately bowed saying master I have done what you have order and gathered the blood of the innocent.

A guy with white walked up to Nightmare and took the container of blood and took it back to someone siting in a throne.

But I told you not to be seen I expect my Crimson Knights to be flawless but ill forgive you since you didn't some wasn't frozen in time like the rest said the figure on the throne

Thank you my Lord En Sabah Nur said Nightmare.

As you were General said En Sabah Nur.

Nightmare stood up and walked across the room and his seat.

En Sabah Nur raised his hand and the hologram projection of the moon appears in frot of him

I Remember when this was the Moon Kingdom we were going to take it over I just found out that it was destroyed during an era what they called the silver millennium which was several years after my defeat at the hand of those druids, now it worthless to me but one of my agent while looking for a way to revive me found this crystal that seems to be a key to the future said En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur waves his hand over the hologram projection of the moon and it turns into earth that seemed to be frozen and focus closer until it showed a castle made out crystal.

That is Crystal Tokyo the Moon Kingdom of the future why I know this is I have been there but wasn't to break though the royal force field, But once that is done this place will be up for the taken, first thing was getting the blood of the innocent, next we will be needed are the pure hearts of descendents of the Moon Kingdom's royal guardians said En Sabah Nur

Nightmare nodded and went through the portal

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor Moon Manga Facts) Sailor Moon's Japanese name (Tsukino Usagi) means "rabbit of the moon", Specifically referring to an Asian legend of a rabbit on the moon pounding the mochi (a rice cake).