Sailor Moon R Chapter 54 "Phantom"

Sailor Mars stood a field of miles and miles of wasteland; only skulls decorated the field in front of her.

Where Am I Sailor Mars thought to her self as she looked around at the horrible seen in front of her?

"This most be a dream it but it feels so real" said Sailor Mars.

The smell of rotting flesh reached Sailor Mars nose it was so overwhelming she wretched.

Everything seemed to rewind and the events in great detail that made this place the way it was so devoid of life.

Sailor Mars tried to cover her eye but her hands seemed to transparent as they came closer to her eyes even she could see right through eyelid.

Sailor Mars screamed make it stop it which echoed into the distance over and over again and then started crying because it wouldn't stop it just played like VCR stuck on rewind and play.

Sailor Mars curled into fetal position and sobbed more.

She turned over when she realized she was facing a skull that seemed to be getting it skin then having it decay off again.

This was beginning to make her lose her very and it stopped now she was in some sort of temple.

A man stood across from her he was wearing a write cloak with the Egyptian symbol for Ra on the hood.

He stood there silent not speaking not even the sounds of breathing came from the cloaked figure.

It was so eerie it gave Sailor Mars the creeps she wanted to wake up.

"Who are you and what do you want with me," asked Sailor Mars.

The figure just walked past her and started to talk but sounded wasn't coming from him but directly inside her head and the voice seemed somewhat familiar but it wasn't Noa.

Human existence is a mere flicker of the history of time and if all mankind died the earth would move on without a second though doesn't that make you feel lonely that if your kind is whipped out there wouldn't be any sorrow for you at all.

This doesn't make sense your telling me Are you telling earths in danger said Sailor Mars.

Just cloaked figure just repeated the question over again this time in her very own voice.

Ashlique woke up in a deep sweat and deeply panic got up, and got dressed, and headed to the Eternal flame to get some answers to what just happened.

-Tea's School- Tea, Heaven, Ryoko, and Zoë were sitting in the café having there lunch enjoying there meal, which was pizza.

Zoë forgetting the concept of hot and burns her tongue drinking her hot chocolate screeches and wipes inanely at her tongue like trying to put out a fire.

"You are suppose to blow on that Zoë," said Heaven.

Heaven turns to Tea and whispers what country is Zoë from again and why does she act so weird? And currently has her bra on backward how I know I can see it right now and I have seen it all day.

"Zoë your bra is on backwards again go fix it," said Ryoko tapping her on the shoulder.

Ryoko whispered something into Zoë's ear and she nodded in reply.

"Oh sorry ill fix it," said Zoë got up and left.

"She is from.. Sweden? Yes Zoë is from Sweden" said Tea.

"Oh now I understand" said Heaven nodding like she should have known.

The principal walked up to the table dragging Zoë behind her.

"What is the problem? Principal Silverkisses?" Asked Tea.

"I caught this one flashing in the hall way and when I asked her why she said you told it was the best place to put her bra on right" said Principal Silverkisses.

No I told her change in the girls washroom maybe in her language that means hallway she is from Iceland you know how confused exchanged students are said Ryoko.

"You told me she was from Sweden Tea?" said Heaven all confused.

"Oh yeah that's what I mean Sweden" said Ryoko scratching the back of her head.

"like you said last time when you told Zoë that potted plants were the washroom you have detention at the end of the day you know where to go" said Principal Silverkisses as she turn and walk away.

"Ryoko I told you not to do that to Zoë" said Tea trying not to laughing.

"Very funny Ryoko ill get you back soon enough" said Zoë before she started to cackle.

"Bring it on you cackling Hyena" said Ryoko.

"Ok miss porcupine" said Zoë.

Without warning someone covered Tea's eyes and said Guess who.

"Bakura is that you" said Tea.

Bakura uncovered Tea's eye and kissed her long.

"Oh how cute where is Joey when you need" said Ryoko looking around and spotted Joey and he was fighting with kaiba again.

Ryoko sighs and gets to intervene before Joey gets hurt like always happens when they fight.

-Apartment building somewhere in Tokyo-

Sara stood in front of a few punching bags each with an image of Bakura on it.

Sara ran up to one and kicked it in the face and punched another one.

Sara Pulls out knife and tosses it hitting right between of one of the pictures of Bakura then Takes out it out and stabs repeatedly screeching with rage.

Pulls out her transformation stick and turns into Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Uranus raises her hands in the air and yells "World Shaking"creating a planet shape ball of energy which she throws at the punching bag disingrating them and the whole wall behind them keeps going and destroys a car park out front.

Sailor Uranus leaps out the side of the building she blew up and headed out to find Bakura.

The building she was in collapsed as she left sight if it.

-Crystal Tokyo-

En Sabah Nur stood in front of the dome that protected crystal he held five heart crystals.

He opens a portal and throws them in and a giant shadow starts to appear stinging out in a straight line, which slowly makes it way forward, the shadows path slices a line in the protective dome.

"Soon the future will be mine and no one can stop me now" said En Sabah Nur scratching his chin smiling pulling the black cloak over face as he entered a flaming portal and vanished.

-Ashlique's school-

Today is Career day this a day where students bring one of there parents to school to tell them what they do for living some students dread this day since some parents came be rather boring.

Kimmay's father was a multi millionaire who ran a drink company called suko he was presently giving a speech on how an apple was like the competition

After that there was Cliff's father who was a war vet who ran a successful shoe store he calmed Nazi's were still after him and now hide behind the desk from imaginary gun fire because some student was so bored he fired of a cap gun.

Miss Midni seemed very excited but for the rest of the class it was one bore fest after another and seemed to get worse.

"Please kill me" one student said banging his head lightly into his desk maybe it was the fact his dad was coming and he was an insurance salesman.

A limo pulled up out front and driver got out and opened the door and Ayna got out and was followed by a guy all dressed up like something out of a James bond movie.

Ashlique was still shaking off the dream when Ayna and the man entered the room with all the class of a celebrity couple.

The whole class stared in awe and some were drooling then wiped their mouths clean.

Ayna stood in front of class and said this is my father Adam Colley and he is a movie star.

Adam Colley walked up and kissed Ashlique's hand then walked to the front of the class and began a speech that captivated the whole and temporarily forget her dream and said "What a hunk" and then drooled with the rest of the girls in class.

-Some where in Japan-

A girl ran for her life from something that she knew was there she could sence it evil for some reason and feared it.

It was gaining on her so she stopped pulled out what looked like a transformation stick and said "Prometheus star pow " but was interrupted by the sliting of her throat.

The girl fell gagging clutching her throat to try to stop it bleeding but passed out.

A guy in red crimson armor known as Nightmare appeared and reached inside the girl and pulled out her pure heart crystal and then said "Souls come on to me"

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor Moon tv series facts) In the episode, Grandpa's Follies, the "chocolate cakes" Serena takes over to Raye are not chocolate cakes. Those are actually the Japanese desert manju, a cake type pastry filled with sweet red beans