Disclaimer: Card Captor Sakura is owned by CLAMP.

By: Angel Kamiya
Chapter 1

Sakura Kinomoto was walking though King Penguin Park that night, wearing a short pink dress that was decorated with white bows. It had almost been a hour since she had first started her search for anything that was out of place in Tomoeda. At that moment, there was no one else walking besides her, everyone else had either gone home already to get some sleep or just stay out of the cold since it was so late. Sakura wished that she could have gone home too, but she knew that she couldn't because of her duties as the Card Captor. Suddenly she heard something making noises in a nearby bush. Sakura gasped, taking a step back as the creature slowly emerged from the shadows.

Sakura looked fearfully at the black monster that was moving slowly towards her. It looked very intimidating with it's large teeth and red eyes that could frighten anything. The worse part of it all was that the monster was breathing fire from its mouth. Sakura wasn't wearing any kind of costume made by Tomoyo that night and instead wore plain clothes, so this was one of the few times she didn't have to worry about what she would have say if someone saw her. For what seemed to be a long time, Sakura tried to concentrate on what Clow card she was supposed to use. The monster suddenly leapt at her.


The crackling arc of electricity flew forward and struck the creature, sending it crashing to the ground. Sakura turn her attention toward the young magician that had cast the spell. He was wearing a black shirt and dark pants and stood a few inches taller than her. After several more attacks, Sakura was beginning to realize that that elemental spells that her rescuer was casting wasn't going to work on the monster. The boy ran forward and grabbed her arm pulling her away from another fire attack, the two of them crashing hard onto the ground. Sakura's face was a few inches from his. Sakura felt herself blushing as she was lying there on the ground with him. Without warning, the boy was already up and holding the sword forward.

"This is not a good time for daydreaming, Kinomoto!" Syaoran commented, narrowing his eyes at the monster that they were facing. "What are you waiting for?"

Syaoran Li was dashing and dangerous especially whenever wearing his green and yellow ceremonial robes and using the sword as a weapon. His usually unkempt brown hair and amber eyes were something that Sakura always found herself trying not to stare at whenever they were together at school. One of the first things she had thought when she had first laid her eyes on him was how gorgeous he was, something that most girls at their school also noticed.

Many girls at their high school were completely infatuated with him. Sakura hated that. Not only did he know martial arts and was a great soccer player, but also there had been rumors flying around school that he was an experienced cook. For the most part Syaoran stayed to himself at school, which made him quite the mystery. While Sakura was glad that Syaoran didn't pay much attention to the girls at their school that practically worshiped him, the last thing Sakura wanted was for him to get a girlfriend, it was bad because it meant he hadn't given her a second look.

The sword that he was holding might have seemed like an extremely difficult weapon to use for someone his age, but he was deadly with it. Attached to the handle of the sword was a red tassel that swung wildly whenever he attacked with the weapon. Sakura was glad that he was on her side.

Sakura was usually distracted whenever she was near him. At times, she wished that he would notice her as something more then the girl with the Clow cards.

The monster had now started dodging the lightning strikes and begun snarled threateningly at the two of them. Sakura stopped and stood there behind the magician, still a little intimated at how menacing the monster was. Suddenly it opened its mouth and more flames shot forward at Sakura and Syaoran. Sakura somehow managed to get the card that she needed without looking.


The blue barrier appeared around Sakura and Syaoran, protecting them from the deadly fire. The monster rushed at them and looked like he was going to try tearing them to pieces with his teeth. When the fire died down, Sakura dropped the barrier and stood still. This time she wasn't going to run.

Sakura quickly took out another Clow card. Throwing the Clow card to the air, she used her Sealing Wand.


A flash of light appeared and soon things returned to normal as they saw that the monster that she had created had disappeared. Sakura sighed with relief; glad that Kero hadn't been there to tell her how she should have been quicker. Even though Kero had insisted on her using her magic by having her make monsters to fight using the Create card, fighting still was something she didn't look forward to. Capturing the Clow cards were getting hard enough as it was!

Putting the two Clow cards that she was holding away, Sakura rushed over to Syaoran to make sure that he was okay. She still need to make sure that he wasn't hurt. As she ran, she accidentally tripped on something and crashed onto the ground. It really hurt.

Sakura felt so humiliated lying there on the ground. Syaoran held out his hand to her. Embarrassed but not wanting him to know how she felt, she quickly took his hand. After getting back to her feet, she tried acting like she hadn't crashed onto the ground just moments earlier.

"Thank you."

Syaoran smiled. Sakura was someone that he had known for a few months now. They went to the same high school and even sat by each other in class. When they had first met he hadn't exactly known how to approach her since the absolutely last thing he had expected was that the Card Captor would be a girl.

Syaoran was happy to know Sakura. Although Sakura seemed ordinary when he first met her, he soon discovered that she radiated magic as the sun gave off light. Sakura was a pretty sixteen year old teenage girl who had emerald colored eyes and auburn hair. The few strands of hair from her front always seemly stayed up by themselves. It added to her adorable look that even Syaoran had to admit that he noticed from time to time.

What made her very unique was how incredibly kind Sakura always was, there wasn't a student at school that wasn't friends with her. Syaoran couldn't remember the last time that he saw anyone that wasn't nice to Sakura.

For most of the guys at the school she probably was the ideal girlfriend. In fact he could remember a few times when he had to defend her from the ones that didn't have any manners. One of the few things that got him angry was if anyone mistreated Sakura. But other then her safety, Syaoran never really thought much about her. Sakura had always been the Card Captor to him.

Sakura looked at him feeling her face get warm. The night was ending which meant she would have to leave. This was something she wasn't looking forward to.

While standing there, Sakura felt raindrops falling on her. It was starting to rain. Sakura had watched the news earlier that night, and it looked like they had been wrong about the forecast yet again. Sakura sighed at her constant bad luck. Feeling foolish for not bringing along anything like a raincoat, she checked the time on her watch.

"Hoeee!" Sakura cried, using one of her well known exclamations.

"What's the matter?"

Sakura looked shyly at him and tried to explain. Her brother and father had left for another city a few hours early and she wanted to get back before they noticed she was missing. She suspected that her brother had already noticed something strange about Kero, even though he had never started asking her questions about the mystical guardian that looked like a stuffed animal. If he saw her coming back at such a late hour then he would definitely start.

"My dad and brother are going to get home in one more hour. If they find me sneaking in they're going to be really mad. I'm also supposed to pick up Tomoyo's school notes before I get back."

"Didn't you have the Mirror card stay behind to act as you?"

The Mirror Card was a Clow Card that could transform to look like anyone. It was really useful when Sakura had to be at two places at once.

"Yeah... but I can't risk getting back late. Mirror still isn't that good at pretending to be me," she explained, wishing that she could stay longer. "Do you want to go back with me? I can let you borrow an umbrella or something."

Sakura hoped that he would have agreed, since he had never been to her home before and she also really wanted to talk to him about a few things that had been on her mind. A couple of times in the past she had tried calling his house just to tell him something, but the calls always ended with her talking about something else entirely different.

"I can't. I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay?"

Not sure what to say, she nodded. Sakura stood there and watched him leave. After that she quickly used the Fly card and headed home. It was very windy and cloudy, so she had some trouble at times seeing where she was supposed to be at. The chilly air made her wish that she had brought a jacket with her that night. The stars were hard to see that night since the clouds had covered the sky. Even if the Mirror card was helping her out, she wanted to get back before her father and brother.

As the wind lightly blew through her hair, Sakura found herself thinking about all the chances that she had wasted trying to tell Syaoran know how she really felt about him. It wasn't like it would be hard saying three simple words but she just could never find the courage to tell him how she felt. Maybe it was the fear of rejection that was stopping her. Now with each passing day it seemed more and more likely that he was never going to know.

Tomoyo had always said how important it was to tell the person you cared about your true feelings. Sakura knew she had to do something soon or he might start liking someone else.

As Sakura flew through the sky, she thought about what she was going to do once she arrived at her friend's house. They were supposed to meet after Sakura finished training with magic with Syaoran. She wanted to talk with her friend face to face before going back, but she knew that she was going to be late if she spent too much time there. The rest of the Clow Cards needed to be caught and it was up to her and the young magician. While she thought about everything that had happened recently, she finally saw her friend's house, which was more of a mansion than a house. With that she landed on the ground, making sure not to make too much noise.

Sakura walked over to the door and knocked.

After a few seconds Tomoyo appeared. The teenage girl had long black hair and blue eyes, and was very pretty. At times Sakura thought about how much her mother and Tomoyo looked so alike. The Card Captor smiled at her friend.

"Hey Tomoyo!"

"Sakura-chan! Oh I was worried that you wouldn't show!" Tomoyo replied, letting her inside.

Sakura walked into the house and sighed. It had been a long night and she was really tried. After she finished talking with Tomoyo, that was when she would get home as quickly as she could. There was no way she could stay out for any longer.

"Did your mom get home yet?" Sakura asked, curiously.

"Nope! You wanted my school notes, right?" Tomoyo said, handling her friend the folder.

"Thanks. I really appreciate this. I need all the help I can get on the next exam."

Sakura was about to turn to leave when Tomoyo suddenly ran in front of her and blocked her from the door. It looked like the girl didn't want her friend to leave yet. Sakura looked at her nervously.

"So how did it go?" Tomoyo asked.

"How did what go?"

"You know. Li. Were you able to tell him that you liked him?" Tomoyo asked, giving her a serious look.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I'm worried about you, Sakura. There is a boy that you like and you still haven't been able to tell him what you think about him!" Tomoyo commented, crossing her arms. "Do you want me to tell him for you?"

"NO! I'm fine. I'll tell him eventually when I think the time is right," Sakura answered, her face red.

"When the time is right? I hope that isn't too long from now," Tomoyo stated, grinning.

When Sakura was ready to go she waved at her friend. Making sure that no one could see her, Sakura quickly flew up in the sky with the Sealing Rod after using the Fly card. She didn't pay much attention to where she was going while flying. Someday she was going to tell Syaoran. Sakura thought about all the different scenarios on how she could bring it up in a conversation, but failed each time. Sakura sighed. So much for the Card Captor being brave.

When she was almost back home, Sakura stopped there in the sky, feeling a magic presence around her. It felt very powerful and nothing like a Clow Card. Sakura turned around, trying to find out what was following after her. However she wasn't able to find anything. Sakura thought she saw something like a black form flying fast towards her. Sakura reached into her pocket for a Clow Card, but before she could do anything she disappeared from Tomoeda.

The next morning it took longer for Kero to wake up than he usually did. While all the teenagers around the country were getting up, Kero was having a strange dream. In the dream he owned a pudding restaurant and Sakura had been the waitress at that place. Sakura used her cute looks to get many boys to go into the restaurant, and Kero was laughing at all the money he was making. The best part of it was that Sakura worked for him instead of the other way around.

When the sunlight from outside hit his face, Kero slowly opened his eyes. Sakura's bedroom had been his home for a while now and he was getting used to living there and advising the teenage girl while she searched for the rest of the Clow Cards. Yawning loudly, he heard that the clock alarm going off. Getting up from his small bed, he immediately flew up into the air and landed besides Sakura, who looked like she was still asleep. Lightly poking her a few times on the shoulder, he started to get annoyed when she still wouldn't get up.

"Sakura! Wake up! Wake up! You have school today!" Kero yelled loudly, hoping that he had done a better job than the alarm clock.

It was common for Sakura to hide under her blanket after the alarm had went off.

The young girl slowly opened her eyes to stare at him. For some reason she had a confused and frighten look on her face. As she looked quietly at him, Kero started sensing the presence of a Clow card. Flying back in surprise, he suddenly felt nothing but shock.

"You're not Sakura! Mirror? What happened to Sakura?" he shouted, now beginning to panic.

Sakura had left last night but it looked like she hadn't come home. What was going on? Where was Sakura?

"I don't know," The girl replied, now looking a little afraid. "I'm sorry"

Before he could ask any more questions, there was an unexpected knock on the door. This made Kero immediately fall to Sakura's bed. Trying to act like a stuffed animal, he hoped that no one had seen him floating in midair. The door made a creaking sound as it opened.

"Sakura, you're going to be late if you don't get dressed," said Sakura's father.

"Sorry!" Mirror answered, and the girl quickly started getting up.

After seeing and making sure that the father was actually gone, Kero immediately stopped acting like a toy.

"There is something you need to do right now," Kero explained, not sure what he was going to say.

"Yes, Keroberos?"

"Get dressed into one of those school uniforms over there. We need you, or who everyone else thinks is Sakura, to get to school. I'm going to have to think of what to do next."

Kero didn't know what had happened, but he was not going to let anyone notice that the Card Captor was gone. Mirror was going to have to go to school that day and pretend to be Sakura. For some reason Sakura hadn't returned home last night, which meant she was probably in trouble. Kero knew that he had to get help from Syaoran and Tomoyo if he was going to find the missing girl.

To be continued...