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This is an anthology of short fanfiction stories that were written for different on-line challenges.  This particular group of stories was written for a LiveJournal community called 30-Minute Fics, run by the talented Leogryffin.  Each of the chapters will be a story that is complete in itself and has no relation to any other chapter or to any other story that I have written.  I may or may not revisit some of these at a later time and turn them into longer tales.  I would always welcome opinions on any that readers might like to see more of.

All stories are related to the Harry Potter Universe, but subjects, tone, and characters will vary.  Each chapter is a response to a specific challenge that's detailed in the beginning of the chapter.  Unless stated otherwise, they were each written within 30 minutes time.  I've cleaned up the punctuation and grammar before posting them here.  However, these are not highly polished stories.  They were written under extreme time constraint and are meant strictly for fun.

I've really enjoyed the challenge of writing these little stories, and I hope you'll get some enjoyment out of reading them.

Disclaimer:  As always, I own nothing of the Harry Potter Universe.  No infringement of rights is intended…I am still poor as a churchmouse and am making no money off any of this.  I am having a lot of fun, though. :)

Thanks~ shadowycat


Challenge #12   The First Person Horror Story 30 Minute Challenge!  You're a Harry Potter character.  Something really scary happens.  Describe it in gory first person detail and tell us what the outcome is.

Title:  Bewitching the Mind, Ensnaring the Potions Master

Rating: G

Author's notes:  This is Snape's version of a horribly scary incident. :)  This was also my first attempt to write a coherent tale in only thirty minutes.

"Bewitching the Mind, Ensnaring the Potions Master"

Oh my God…it's finally happened!  I planned so well to avoid this, but it seems that I've lost out in the end.  What an ignominious fate.  That I, the feared Potions Master, hated and dreaded by the entire student body should come to this. 

How did it happen anyway?  I planned my route to the Great Hall so carefully, looked around every corner and listened at every door.  I even stooped so low as to enlist the aid of the house elves in avoiding any cunning traps and had the little pests spy on my enemy and tattle back to me with ever increasing frequency.  Could they have possibly lied to me?  Misled me on purpose?  Would they dare?  This route was supposed to be clear of these insidious snares.  That insufferable little toady Dobby assured me of that personally just this morning.  He'll regret the day he ever left the Malfoy's service and showed his ugly face around here you can be sure.

He's Potter's creature, though.  Why should I have ever trusted him?  Surely I should know better than that.  A foolish mistake that I'll never make again, if I live that long that is.  Oh, god, my time is running out!  My enemy approaches.

My back is to the wall and escape seems to be utterly cut off.  Flitwick stands to my left with a smirk on his smug little face.  He'll get his the next time he comes to me looking for headache relieving potion.  The little twit will get much more than he bargains for…much more.  McGonagall blocks escape to the right pretending that she doesn't see the horror that approaches, but I can see the gleam of malice in her eyes.  She'll get hers, too.  Wait and see if she doesn't.

The stonewall behind my back feels so cold and hard and confining and my head suddenly feels so hot and strange.  My focus is narrowing down to one small vision of horror.  Those nasty sucking lips come closer and closer.  I feel faint.  No!  Don't give in.  If a creature like this senses fear the whole thing gets ever so much worse.

There's simply no way out so I'll just have to grit my teeth and get it over with as quickly as possible.  Never let the enemy see the fear in your heart!  Never!

My eyes turn upward and scan the offending branch with it's soft white berries and bright green leaves as it hangs so innocently above my condemned head like the sword of Damocles passing judgment on my soul.  I drop my eyes once more to the woman in front of me.  Like a cobra confronting its victim she moves ever closer, closer, until all I can see are her huge glistening eyes and that pursed mouth which descends suddenly on mine.

A brief moment of agony and finally it's over.  I breathe once more as the woman moves away at last in a cloud of perfume and a flash of filmy scarves.

In a daze, my ringing ears hear her insufferably smug voice as it echoes throughout my head like a death knell.

"Merry Christmas, Severus.  I predicted that I'd see you here.  The inner eye never lies"