Everything Right is Wrong Again

Authoress' note: Just for a small visual, here's the description of the house: first floor-entryway, stairs to 2nd floor, living room which leads back to a kitchen and a back set of stairs that also leads up to the 2nd floor.

 2nd floor- (the second floor is split into 2 sections) section 1-3 bedrooms and one full bathroom. The stairs from the entry way take you up to this part. Across from the bedrooms is a door, which leads to the other section of the 2nd floor where there are 2 more bedrooms, another bathroom and another kitchen. There is also a staircase that goes to the 3rd floor.

 3rd floor-one bedroom, one bathroom, large living room and a kitchen. Okay, now that I've done that, I can leave!

Oh, wait, I can't. Yes, I have other stories in the writing process, but I really want to do a Sesshomaru/Kagura romance fic since there really aren't many out there. So bear with me!

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            Chapter One: Insanity is the Spice of Life

            "Gods, I hate that man!" Kagura Tsukiyomi exclaimed loudly throwing her briefcase then herself on the leather couch. "Naraku Young is completely evil six ways of Sunday and if I wasn't such a lady, I'd punch him." The raven-haired woman finished her rant and looked up at her friend and housemate, Sango Nakayama. "So, how was your day?"

            Sango smiled at the hyper young woman. "Well, I finished with my two scheduled clients early- thankfully. Then Mr. Kingston called about why he couldn't access the website, so I had to email his new password five times." She paused and tucked a strand of onyx hair behind her ear. " After that I finished my expense reports, checked the mail and then I got another call."

            "Oh no! Can't those people give you a moments rest?"

            Sango began to laugh and point at her friend's face. "Oy, Kagura, you should've seen your face! I wish I had my Polaroid down here now!"

            "That wasn't funny!" Kagura exclaimed, pouting. "So, who called anyways?"

            "A young woman who said she wanted to look at the available half of the house, she said her name was Higurashi Kagome and she had just moved here from Japan to accept a position with Nishino Inu." Sango paused and reached behind the couch to retrieve a small notebook on the table. "Here, I wrote down the rest of the information."

            "Kagome Higurashi?" Kagura murmured as she read the woman's information, printed in Sango's slanted handwriting. "Oh man, I met her today at work, she has the office down the hall from me and the misfortune of having to help InuYasha with some of the grunt work."

            "Oh yes, being an assistant to the Vice president is such a hassle. So anyways, are you hungry?"

            "Was Miroku Uzume voted most likely to be slapped by every woman on the planet senior year?" Kagura replied walking into the first floor kitchen and getting herself a beer from the refrigerator. "Of course I'm hungry."

            "Good, I was going to call up Uzume's and order whatever from there." Sango replied following her friend into the kitchen. "Chinese or Japanese?"


            "Good, you can tell me all about Naraku, Kagome and the rest of your day while I order. You can read that letter from Kanna as well, she says Okinawa is beautiful by the way."

            Kagura jumped up from her chair at the table knocking it over. "Kanna? As in my sister, Sergeant (Sgt) Kanna Tsukiyomi, Kanna? She finally sent me a letter from Japan ne?" Grabbing the letter from Sango, the short haired woman walked back to her seat, turned it upright then sat on top of the kitchen table swinging her legs.

            "Gods, I think I'll have to call Mr. Mori and tell him not to give you any more caffeine for the remainder of your employment!" Sango scolded as she located the menu for Uzume's and picked up the phone.

            Kagura muttered something about website designers who eat chocolate covered espresso beans should not throw stones and went back to her reading.

            "Hi Mrs. Uzume, this is Sango Nakayama." Sango paused and frowned out the kitchen window, "No, no don't get Miroku, I need to make an order for Kagura and I." There was another pause and Sango began making the crazy sign. Kagura caught the gesture and laughed softly. "No, I don't need to talk to Miroku."

            Kagura looked put down her letter and smirked at Sango. For some off the wall reason Mrs. Uzume had been trying to hook the girl up with her son, Miroku since toddler hood. It made for some interesting conversations. As well as interesting blackmail.

            "Uh, hi Miroku." Sango was now saying in a strangled voice. "No I did not ask your mother if I could speak with you!" Sango let out a low growl then turned her attention back to the phone. "Okay, I'm going to order some General Tao's chicken, Rainbow rolls, California Roll and a thing of miso soup. What do you want Kagura?"

            The shorthaired girl looked over at her friend with a peculiar look on her face. "You mean you didn't order everything on the menu already?"

            Sango glared daggers at her housemate.

            "Okay, one happy family and three shrimp rolls. Oh, and I want some of those dumplings with the sweet bean paste in them."

            Sango repeated the order to Miroku and quickly hung up the phone. "He was about to ask me out!" She gasped leaning on the kitchen counter.            

            Kagura just nodded and walked over to the refrigerator for a beer. Popping it open she sat back down and took a long drink.

            "Kagura, how can you be such a lush?" Sango asked shaking her head at her friend.

            The other girl shrugged. "You try working with Naraku all day and you'll drink too." She replied finally. "Honestly, if he tries to touch me, or ask me out again-well, I won't be held responsible for anyone's death over there."

            "Oh, it can't be that bad." Sango was thinking about Miroku's silly flirting which may have been annoying at times, but was never threatening.

            "Oh it is that bad. Why do you think Kikyo quit to work in her own firm and Kanna joined the Marines?"

            "Why don't you quit?" The longhaired girl asked moving a strand of hair from her face. "You have experience, a degree. Hell, you could help me out if F.I.T. decided to get another accountant."

            "I'd lose all my…." Kagura's response was interrupted by the doorbell, which she hurried to answer. However, she didn't need to hurry because it was Miroku playing deliveryman and he just helped himself inside.

            "Good evening!" Miroku exclaimed happily setting his bags down in the front hall.

            "Miroku, what the hell are you doing here?" Sango asked walking out of the kitchen to see who was at the door. "Your mom is going to be so pissed!"

            "No she won't, I told her where I was going just like a good little boy." The violet-eyed man smirked so he looked just like the same eight-year-old boy who had tried to kiss seven-year-old Sango on the playground.

            "Well, okay then, just bring the bags in here and leave." Sango said as the bags were brought into the kitchen.

            Kagura took that moment to look into the large delivery bags from Uzume's. When she saw what was inside, her red brown eyes grew the size of dinner plates. "Miroku Uzume do you think we're trying to hibernate or something? There's enough food in here for a small party." Then she began to list the things as they were placed on the kitchen table. "Mochi, ondango, moon cakes. Ah, Sango, here's your chicken and my sweet bean past dumplings. Eww!!"

            "Kagi chan, what's the matter?" Miroku asked with his mouth full of ondango.

            "There's jellyfish in this box!"

            Sango laughed and took a bite of her chicken. "I guess little Kagi chan never got over the little episode with the jellyfish in the haunted house."

            "Ooh, remember that one time during summer vacation when we tricked Sesshomaru and his friends into going to that abandoned house down on Lafayette Parkway?" Kagura asked grinning as she grabbed a California roll.

            "I think Hiten messed himself when InuYasha, Kanna and I jumped from the second floor." Sango replied, relishing the moment.

            "Poor Kagome, she'll have to learn how to deal with a bunch of rambunctious childhood friends." Kagura mused, her reddish eyes clouding over. "Well, except for Sesshomaru. I have to start helping him tomorrow, which reminds me that I still have that expense report to finish up for him."

            Sango looked surprised, "You didn't tell me that Sesshomaru was coming to work with InuYasha now."

            "I didn't find it important." Kagura muttered getting up from the table and getting another beer. "I've also been put in charge of showing Kagome around the city. She's never even been to America before. Luckily her English skills are amazing."

            The phone rang then and Kagura picked it up. "Hello?" Her crimson lips broke into a smile. "Oh, hello Rin. Yes, he's here. Oh, yes, I'll tell him. Have a nice night dear." Kagura hung up the phone with the smile still firmly in place.

            "Kagi chan? Have you gone mad?" Miroku asked nervously.

            "That was Rin, she said to get your ass back to the restaurant or she'd make you sorry."

            Miroku turned a lovely shade of red and grabbed his coat off the chair. "Well, it's been a lovely evening."

            Sango sighed and walked up the back stairs to her room. There was still paperwork to be done and arrangements to be made for her trip to Boston. Besides, the less time she spent with Miroku, the less she would have to admit that he was rather charming.

            Kagura picked up her beer bottle and the package of moon cakes. "I'll walk you to the door Miroku."

            After telling the black haired delivery boy good night, Kagura made her way up the stairs to her room. She hated the fact that her report was due tomorrow and she hadn't even gotten the cover page started. Turning on the computer Kagura hummed a few bars of Everything Right is Wrong Again by They Might be Giants then leaned over and pressed the power button on her stereo where strains of Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace. She then clicked the Windows XP Icon with the name Wind scar and got onto her account. Then, finding the file marked Nishi Mori she opened it and began a new document.

            'This is long and boring.' Kagura thought to herself as she wrote up the expense accounts and third quarter earnings for the company. After completing a few pie charts Kagura noticed that it was one 'o clock and she had been working non stop for three hours to complete the assignment.

            "Whoa, bed time for crazy folks." She announced to the powder blue walls of her bedroom. Printing out the report Kagura slipped it in her briefcase and went to bed still wearing her dress and shoes.

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