Everything Right Is Wrong Again

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Chapter Four: And the Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

Kagome was obviously a bit nervous about driving with Kagura the next morning, but the woman didn't really have much of a choice since she didn't have a driver's license. And even if she did, Kagome couldn't drive a standard to save her life. "Please, just don't drive so fast, I like having my breakfast in my stomach." The shorter girl begged softly.

Kagura fought the urge to double over in laughter since that was exactly what Kikyo used to say. Of course, Kikyo would add explicates to the whole drive and not cower in the passenger seat of the cherry red sports car. "I guess I can try to do that thing that you say." Kagura finally said smirking as she pulled onto the street. The taller woman kept a sedate speed along the side streets, actually staying a mile under the posted speed limit. However as soon as she reached the on ramp to the expressway, Kagura switched gears, pressed down the gas and turned to Kagome, smiling. "Hey, I said try."

"Do or do not do, there is no try." Kagome grumbled from her seat, trying hard not to throw up her cheese omelet.

"Nice one Yoda." Kagura commented dryly. The girls drove in silence for the rest of the trip.

When the women finally reached West Tech's indoor garage Kagura drove up to the third level and parked in her usual spot, doing a quick once over of the area she noted that Naraku's black Mercedes GL36 was nowhere to be seen. She didn't speak until her and Kagome were safely in the building and that was only because Kagome had spoken first.

 "I'm sorry I made such a big deal about your driving, I guess it's because I'm so used to being driven around by my mother or ojii chan." The nervous secretary said sheepishly. "I'm not used to how young people drive."

Kagura laughed, "You'd be more at ease with Sango then, I swear that woman drives like a little old lady." They continued to walk in silence, but it was a bit less deafening than the last time. Reaching Kagome's desk, Kagura decided to open her mouth again. "Sango said she'd meet us at your hotel when we're let out so remind me to call her before we go over."

"Hooah!" Was Kagome's response, she then saluted smartly and sat down. Kagura laughed all the way to her office.


Kagura was busily typing at her computer as the head accountant for West Tech she was in charge of making sure the budgets were kept, expense reports were maintained and accurate, and the company was in the black. There was a small problem with one of InuYasha's reports, but it was a simple problem to solve since it was caused by InuYasha's bad math skills. "Ah, when will that boy learn that two plus two doesn't really equal five for large quantities of two?" 

"When the sun rises in the West." Came a smart reply.

"G'morning Sesshomaru." Kagura replied not bothering to look up from her files. "To what do I owe this morning visit? More work, acid indigestion, or would you like to borrow my extra coffee cup since you broke the one with the smiley face?"

"Nothing like that, Ms. Tsukiyomi."

Kagura looked up at her boss, why was Sesshomaru suddenly being so formal, 'Ah, well," She thought, 'Two can play that game.' "Well then, Mr. Nishi, what do you need me for?"

"InuYasha is having a small meeting in his office at ten thirty about his fund raiser for the local Humane Society. I need you to bring along this month's and next month's budget reports so we know how much we're able to spend for this event. Also, I'd like to ask you to come to this event with me in advance."

Kagura stuck her index finger inside her left ear then took it back out. "Ne, come again? I think I have to clean out my ears better. Did you just ask me to go to the charity ball with you in advance?"

"I guess I did, didn't I?" the silver haired man replied blushing. "So…."

"Listen, this event is what, next month? I'll be able to give you a reply by then. Maybe we'll have some kind of relationship by then, maybe."

"How far into next month?" Sesshomaru asked walking out the door.

"My birthday, the 14th okay?" Kagura was already back to work looking up next month's expenses and didn't see Sesshomaru blow her a kiss or Naraku glare at both of them.

When Sesshomaru got back to his office InuYasha was sitting on the couch waiting for him. "So, how'd it go?" The younger man asked as he watched his brother sit back down at his desk. "Did she turn you down?"

"Well, she didn't exactly so no, but…."

"But she didn't ask for an earlier date? Did you even bother to ask her?"

"About which one little brother?"

"An earlier date, or am I the only one whose youkai senses are working today?"

As InuYasha and Sesshomaru seesawed between debating about whose youkai powers were above average and preparing for their meeting Kagura continued to work on the estimated budget for next month so she could give her employers and other members of the company the best estimate for what they could afford for the Humane Society's fund raiser. Kagura was so engrossed in her accounting and budget surpluses that she didn't even hear the door open and someone come up behind her until that person put a hand on her shoulder. "Sorry, Mr. Nishi, I'll be right in with those papers." Then she bothered to look up. "You can leave now-ai, Mr. Young!"

"No hurry." Naraku replied lazily not taking any notice of Kagura's obvious discomfort, or displeasure. "So, what are you doing tonight?"

"Uh, washing my hair." 'Bad choice of an answer.' Kagura scolded mentally after the words were out of her mouth

"Could I help with that?"

"Sure, come over at about a quarter to after Hell freezes over and we'll do it." She remarked coldly grabbing her reports and stuffing them in folders.

"What about this afternoon instead?" he tried again. "I can come get you and we could do it on your desk."

Kagura fought hard against her gag reflex, somehow Naraku Young and her first time didn't really fit together in a mental image, at least a mental image that wouldn't leave the recipient with horrible emotional scars for the rest of her life. "We could now and I'd staple your manhood to my desk, take a picture of it with my digital camera, and email it throughout the company."

"Right here, right now?" Naraku actually sounded serious it was beginning to scare her a bit.

Getting nervous, Kagura decided to take a quick peek at the wall clock. 'Ten twenty-nine, kay that means that in three minutes someone will probably realize that something is wrong and come down here to see what was the matter. Why I'm late' the accountant thought to herself. 'Of course, a lot could happen in the five or six minutes it would take too get down here. Oh shit! I am so-no, I will not give in, I can take this guy.' As she mentally debated with herself, Kagura noticed Naraku moving to lock the door and then unbutton his shirt. "You know, there's a men's room down the hall. If you must change your shirt, may I suggest going there? And why the fuck did you lock my door?"

"So we didn't get interrupted."

"Doing what, getting kicked out of my office?" Kagura noticed her voice sounded a bit shaky, but she fought against it. "Do you have some sort of hearing problem we should be made aware of? I want you…." Her sentence was cut off by Naraku's mouth on hers. An action she really wanted stopped as soon as possible, so she started to push at him with one hand while looking for her penholder with the other. Finding one of her favorite fountain pens, Kagura grabbed it and stabbed Naraku's hand with the nib.

"OW! You bitch." Naraku stopped his assault on Kagura to inspect his hand, which had a fountain pen nib sticking out of it.

Kagura took this moment to remove herself from the situation and get to the budget meeting. Of course, since she was in a hurry to get out of the office, Kagura didn't take the time to check her appearance.


"Kagome, did Kagura tell you she'd be a bit late to this meeting?" InuYasha asked his new secretary.

"No, if she was though, she would have sent an email. I checked prior to coming up. Is she usually late?"

"No, she's usually early. Kagura likes to set a few things up for the budget."

 "Yes, but today I decided to just bring in a few charts on paper, the expense reports and our company's expense outlook for the next three months." Kagura said sounding a bit out of breath. "Sorry I'm late…I uh." The head accountant got a look at herself in one of the boardroom's plate glass windows and almost fell over. Her hair was falling out of her usually neat bun, her lipstick was a large red smear on one side of her mouth and two buttons were missing from her blouse.

Before Kagura could give a half-hearted explanation, Sesshomaru was standing next to her. "What happened?" Sesshomaru quietly asked the rumpled woman. She could hear that he was trying to control the anger in his is voice. "And don't tell me you fell asleep because I'm not buying it."

Kagura sighed inaudibly. "It was nothing, really."

"Kagura." The silver haired youkai's voice held a warning tone. "It was something, you need to tell me."

"Not now then. Let's do the meeting thing and then we can do the what happened in my office thing."

"Very well," Sesshomaru turned from Kagura and addressed the boardroom. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to start the meeting. Please everyone, take your seats."

Kagura picked up her folder and pulled out a few pamphlets on the company's budget she then passed them out to the people at the ends of the table who passed the papers around. "As you can see West Tech's net profits have been going up continuously since last quarter." Kagura continued to point out the company's spending and that they would be able to rent the Lilac Ballroom for the fundraiser and have the event catered instead of potluck like InuYasha had suggested. "The tickets can be reasonably priced this year at a hundred dollars per person, one-fifty per couple, and groups of six for five hundred. We can have lock boxes with slots near the doors for any other donations these people will want to give." Kagura continued, she had joined the planning committee a few months prior and InuYasha had suggested in an email that morning that she could add those ideas in with the budget meeting.

"Will this be black tie?" the head or research asked.

"Yes, along with a sit down dinner. The Company invitations will be sent out next week along with the RSVPs this is when you will say how many people in your party."

"If there are any more questions I'm sure that Mr. Mori's secretary can answer them." Sesshomaru broke in.

Kagome gasped and Kagura gave the poor girl what she hoped was a reassuring glance. "Here's the paper with the answers. If there's not an answer on that paper, then say you'll get back to them later. When you're done here call Sango on the line in my room. She has my cordless phone in her office. I'll meet you in the lobby around one okay?"

Kagome just blinked, Kagura had left her with the rest of the information for one of the company's largest fundraisers and she had no clue what to do. "Okay Kagura, whatever you say."

Sesshomaru propelled Kagura into the hallway and then into his office. When they entered Kagura was placed on the now familiar leather sofa. "What did he do to you? And if you tell me nothing I'll drag Naraku in here as well."

Kagura's face paled at the mere mention of Naraku's name and she began to study the pattern of the carpet. "Well, uh… he. You see when…. Hey, can you get me a cup of coffee?"

Sesshomaru sighed loudly.

"Sorry, but do you know how hard it is to say something like this?"

"Something like what?"

Looking down at her hands, Kagura noticed a small gash in her wrist caused by her watch when Naraku had pinned her to the desk along with some fairly visible fingertip shaped bruises. Holding up her arms to Sesshomaru's eye level she replied, "Something like this."

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