By Ryou Bakura

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Bakura: (just waking up) Kaley, what are you doing?

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Bakura:…I'm her muse?

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Sage: What's it about?

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Bakura: Can she be anymore vague?

Kaley: It's about Yu-gi-oh


Kaley: It's about an anime…it's about a show…it's about something…it's about…

Sage: I don't think he meant literally…

Kaley: It's about homework! ^_^ It's about a report Ryou has to do and how it brings two total opposites together in the best way!

Bakura: Sex!

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Bakura: (shrugs) Close enough.

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Ryou= The good little cutie  

Bakura= Evil sexy nutcase

Ryou Bakura yawned. He wasn't really tired, but this class was making him sleepy. He sat up straighter and looked about the room. Joey had been sleeping since the teacher first opened her mouth. Yugi looked dazed, no doubt talking to Yami through their mental link. Tea was trying to get his attention and Tristan had joined in for no reason, throwing balls of paper at the star headed boy. Seto was busy typing at his laptop, though it had nothing to do with taking history notes.

"Now!" The teacher raised her voice, snapping most of the class out of their daze. "I hope you were all taking notes just now!" The students stared back at her as if they were stoned. She rolled her eyes. "Now seeing as you were all paying such close attention to what I've been lecturing about…I have wonderful news for you!"

"No homework?" Tristan asked hopefully.

"Ha! That's not good enough for you, Mister Taylor." The teacher laughed. "Besides, you haven't done your homework for three weeks anyway. No, my surprise for you is a report!" The entire room groaned and the teacher smiled.

"But teach its Christmas break!" Joey said, looking up from his sleep.

"Oh yes, Merry Christmas then. Now, I want a detailed report, no less than seven pages in length and no double spacing Mister Kaiba!" Seto glanced up and glared at her. "Now, does anyone know what the report is going to be about?"

"I do!" Tea's said as her hand shot up into the air. "It's about ancient civilizations. We each pick one to write about!" She smiled smugly. Joey lifted his head and smirked.

"Thank you miss know it all teacher's pet." Joey mumbled. Tristan and Seto laughed and Ryou cracked a smile. Even Yugi turned his face away so Tea couldn't see him grin. She glowered around the room and stuck her nose in the air.

"Yes, thank you very much." The teacher nodded. "You will each write your report on a randomly selected area. You will pull them from this hat as you leave today." She produced an old looking top hat and smiled as the bell rang. "Which is now. Have a good holiday!" She yelled over the moving chairs and zippers of backpacks. "This is due when you come back from break! And be creative or else!!" Ryou stood and looked out the window. The clouds were grey and gloomy, a normal December sky.

"I hope I get Egypt!" Yugi said, popping up next to Ryou. "Yami has told me all kinds of cool things, well, what he remembers of course. Not much but enough to write a really good report!" Then Yugi winced. "Sorry…not that Bakura doesn't remember…err, sorry, I mean…I know that you guys aren't umm…exactly close…"

"It's nothing." Ryou shrugged indifferently. "Your other self is kind to help you on this. He already said he would didn't he?"

"Um, well, maybe Bakura would help you too." Yugi said anxiously. "I'm sure being cooped up in the house all day is bad for him so having something to work on might help him…is he getting better since the ritual? Yami was wondering you know…I mean, it was his idea and all…"

"He's fine." Ryou said, though it wasn't true. "Now that he's got his own body, he's calmed down. You can tell Yami his plan worked." He knew that was the only reason Yugi asked. Joey suddenly came up to them groaning.

"Aztec sounds like a car!" He grumbled. "Why'd I hafta get stuck with such a lame topic?"

"Mine's cool!" Tristan said, joining them. "The Dark Ages! Knights and fair maidens and dragons!" He grinned, waving his paper slip in front of Joey.

"Trade me please?!" Joey begged. "Hey Yugi, what'd you get?"

"I haven't picked yet, I better go do that!" Yugi quickly ran up to the teacher, dunked his hand into the hat and came back to them. "I got Feudal Japan!" Yugi beamed. "I was hoping for something else though…but samurais are ok too!"

"I got Native Americans." Tea said. "It's your turn Ryou!" Ryou sighed and grabbed his book bag.

"Right, I know that Tea…" He walked up front and the teacher laughed.

"Mister Bakura, you're so slow that you're the last one left." She handed him the final slip of paper. He glanced down at the words written on it. A groan escaped his lips. Yugi and the others came running up.

"What'd ya get Ryou?" Joey asked. Ryou shoved the slip of paper at him.

"Egypt." Joey read. "Hey, you get to do a report about mummies! Cool!"  Joey grinned and handed the paper back to the boy.

"Yeah, cool." Ryou said without enthusiasm. He turned and walked quickly out of the school. As he reached the playground it started to snow. He stopped and tilted his head skyward. Thick white dots floated down upon the earth from their heavenly resting place. He reached up and caught one, feeling the water as it melted in his bare hand. He shut his eyes; it felt nice to stand in the snow without anyone to bother him.

"Hey Ryou!" He sighed and didn't bother turning around.

"Yes Joey, what is it?" He asked as the blonde teen stopped at his side.

"You think you should trade with somebody?" He suggested. "I know your spirit wouldn't exactly be happy to help ya."

"No, Bakura wouldn't really give a damn would he?" Ryou said, more to himself than to Joey. "But I'll keep it…even though Yugi would probably like it more. It's my assignment."

"Heh, well I guess you never know…" Joey grinned. "Maybe your darker side will help? Not that he's my favorite person or anything and I doubt he'd do more then glare at you. Might as well ask him if he knows anything?"

"Maybe…" Ryou said doubtfully. "Well, I should be going. Please have a good break."

"Hey, don't seal yourself off from us again this year!" Joey grabbed Ryou's shoulder before he could walk away. "Don't forget about the New Year's party we're having at Yugi's place."

"Oh, right…of course, I'll be there." Ryou said quietly. He knew Bakura had already told him he was not allowed to socialize with Yami more then necessary and this would count as unnecessary. "Well, then I'll see you…"

"Merry Christmas Ryou!" Joey called as he walked away. "Don't let Bakura try to ruin your holiday!" Ryou snorted and shook his head.

"He doesn't need to try." He said under his breath. "It comes naturally for him." Ryou sighed and ambled home.

*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&* (whoa, a scene change…)

Ryou kicked back the welcome mat and grabbed the house key from under it. He unlocked the door and dropped the key back under the doormat. Inside the house the lights were off and the entire room was empty. He set his bag down and went over to the phone. There were two messages on it. He pushed the play button and listened.

"Ryou, I know you're at school but I won't be able to call you later." It was his dad. He was still on a dig in America. "I won't be able to come home for Christmas. I just figured you might want to know." The message ended and Ryou rolled his eyes. The answering machine beeped and the next message played.

"Ryou? Ah, I see you are not home yet. This is Isis." Ryou looked curiously at the phone. He knew that Bakura and Marik were friends now and often spoke with each other, however Isis never spoke to either Bakura or himself. "Just to let you know, Bakura is here with Marik. They are under my supervision and will not be plotting any insanity this evening. I will be sending Bakura back home after dinner. Do you feed him? He's quite thin. So are you in fact. Eat more. Come to dinner soon in fact, on my invitation. Farewell."

"Dinner?" Ryou frowned. "Why would I want to spend dinner with two psychos and a weird nutty Egyptian." Ryou turned around and the phone rang the second his back faced it. He grabbed it and put it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Ryou." He looked at the phone in surprise. First Isis and now her brother Marik? Since when did they have his number anyway?

"Um, yes hello."

"Hey, listen my sister wants to know if you got her message about dinner."

"Yes, I did. I won't be attending tonight though. I need to start on my report." Ryou sat down on the couch. He had a feeling this was going to take a few minutes.

"Report huh? What kind of report?"

"It's about ancient Egypt." 

"Really? Ohhh, are you going to put something in it about the Millennium Rod?" Ryou laughed, despite Marik being on the phone.

"Why would I? That would be a very long report then and it'd technically be about you and your darker side."

"So? I can be a star if I want to be!" Marik grinned on the other end. "So…then why don't you do your report on Bakura?"

"Bakura…oh he's there isn't he?" Ryou asked.

"Huh? Yeah, he's playing Isis in Clue."

"…Clue?" Ryou raised an eyebrow. "As in the board game murder mystery clue?"

"Yeah, she said if he wins she'll give him her prized knife. It's really cool looking with these nice curves, I get it if he doesn't win. And if she wins then she he can't come over all of Christmas break. Well, except that dinner that she wants you to come to on Christmas Day." Marik remembered.

"That's when she wants us to come over?"

"Err, unless you have plans?" Marik said quickly.

"Nah, nothing. Dad isn't going to be able to come home…"

"Oh, sorry…hey, Bakura lost! Yes!" Marik laughed. "I got myself a nice new knife."

"You're a nut." Ryou rolled his eyes.

"Yeah I know Isis says that a lot." Suddenly another male voice was heard in the background.

"Hey Marik, who are you talking to?" Bakura shouted.

"Huh, oh I'm talking to Ryou." Marik answered, pulling the phone away from his face. "Wanna say hi?"

"I see him enough at home." Bakura spat. Ryou sighed heavily.

"Nothing changes…" He muttered. Marik turned back to their conversation.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked.

"Yami was the one who suggested that Bakura and I do that ritual to separate Bakura from me and give him his own body. He said things would change but I didn't know what he meant. But it's been a month and nothing has changed. Bakura still treats me like I'm just here to serve him." Ryou slumped, resting his cheek against a soft pillow. "I wish something would have changed though."

"Heh,  so you want a Christmas miracle huh?" Marik grinned. "Sounds like a job for Marik the Miracle Worker!"

"Your new project to keep you from falling insane again?" Ryou smiled.

"Yeah, so? You want Marik the Murderer or Marik the Miracle Worker?"

"Umm…hmm…tough one…let me think about it for a bit." Ryou said sarcastically.

"Geez, drop the sarcasm." Marik said. "You sound like Isis with that tone." Marik was suddenly quiet and Ryou could hear Isis's quiet yet forceful voice over the phone. Marik groaned and then said. "I have to go, but you know you can talk to me anytime you want Ryou. I don't need to be just Bakura's friend."

"Alright see ya." Ryou smiled. "Have fun."

"Don't worry about that, being with Bakura is always fun somehow." Marik laughed evilly. "See ya!" The phone clicked and Ryou shut his off and threw it on chair across from him. He let his tired body fall over, resting his head on his arms. The house was still dark and outside the snow swirled violently, casting shadows over the carpet. He watched the snow lazily, few thoughts passing through his mind. Then one stuck out, something Marik had said.

"So, why don't I do the report on Bakura…" He muttered, blinking slowly. "The tales of Thief King Bakura…" He yawned and rolled over onto his back. "Maybe I could…write about him…but then I'd have to actually converse with him." He smirked. "Talking to Bakura…about his past…" Ryou groaned. "That sounds fun…not…"

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ (ohh, shiny ^_^)

Ryou awoke from his nap with a start. The front door had been thrown open and snow rushed in, gracing his face and resting on his clothes. The house was still pitch black but enough light shone through the doorway to illuminate the figure standing in it. Since he had long spiked hair and a lean figure Ryou knew it had to be Bakura. He watched as Bakura leaned against the doorframe and tilted his head back. He looked up at the sky, his eyes following the white flurries as they entered his home. He didn't seem to notice the cold wind blowing in with them. Ryou shivered, trying not to move too much.

"Are you cold?" Bakura asked. Ryou jumped but relaxed slightly as he answered.

"Only a bit…it was the breeze I think…" Ryou paused, remembering what Marik has said. "Was it ever cold in Egypt?"

"Deserts are cold at night." Bakura said quietly, his eyes still glued on the snowflakes. "I don't remember it snowing though. It might have, just not while I was alive. That was your next question wasn't it?" Ryou sat up, lifting his heavy body off the couch. He nodded and Bakura looked away from the snow. He walked inside and shut the door behind him. The light disappeared and Ryou frowned, he couldn't see a thing now.

"Um, yes, could you turn the lights on?" Ryou asked, figuring Bakura would snap at him and tell him to do it himself. To his surprise, the table lamp next to him clicked on, revealing his darker half to be sitting next to him. Ryou jumped and Bakura rolled his eyes.

"You're too jumpy, all I did was turn the lamp on." Bakura said. The two sat silently in the dim light until Bakura finally spoke. "So, when's the report due?"

"The report?" Ryou said in surprise. Bakura nodded.

"Yeah, the report on ancient Egypt, the reason you asked me about the cold." Bakura crossed his arms. "I doubt that it changed too much, even in the past few thousand years. The desert is cold at night, the way has always been."

"Um, it's due when we get back…I just need a little bit of information…" Ryou trailed off, unsure of what else to say. He wasn't sure what else Marik had said. Doing a report about an ancient thief that got sealed in a necklace might be too creative after all. His teacher wasn't that open minded.

"Oh?" Bakura cocked his head to the side. "You don't want to do the report on me?"

"Oh, it's not that…" Ryou said hastily. "Just that it might be too creative for my teacher, I mean, she wouldn't believe it…an insane thief that nearly destroyed Egypt…um, no offense!" He blushed, not wanting to anger the ivory haired thief.

"You don't even know the story though." Bakura leaned forward. "I'll tell you if you want to listen. Just ask me for what you need." He stood back up and stretched. "But not tonight, you'd fall asleep. I'll tell you tomorrow." Bakura reached over Ryou and flicked off the lights. "There, much better. Get back to sleep." Ryou didn't hear Bakura leave him but he knew the sneaky teen had. He laid back down and listened to the winds pounding outside. The snowstorm was raging and he could even see a few flecks floating outside in the faint streetlights.

"Better at least start my paper…" He mumbled. He groped in the dark, finding a pen and paper and wrote a beginning in very sloppy writing. He wrote what little he could remember from what his father had told him. Then he went back to attempting slumber. As he fell asleep, he wondered what kind of a story Bakura would tell him when he woke.

^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^$^ (I wish it would snow…)

Upstairs, Bakura sat on the edge of his bed, staring down at the Millennium Ring in his hands. The streetlights didn't reach this window but the bright moonlight shone in enough to light his face, casting an eerie shadow on the rest of him. He moved the Ring around in the moon's shine, watching a gold shimmer dance around the rim as it shifted. His eyes held a distant look to them as they gazed at the golden necklace. The thief's mind was absorbed in thoughts of deserts, pyramids and ancient shadow games that he had fought in.

"You're going to learn about me whether you want to or not…" Bakura said quietly, as if Ryou were listening intently. "You're going to learn why I did what I did…it's not insanity…" He smiled wildly into the gold sheen. "Its madness."

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Intro Part One

The Life of a Thief

Ancient Egypt as told by a tomb robber

by Ryou Bakura

            Long ago, the Egyptians used their great skill and resources to build incredible tombs for their kings called Pyramids. In these graves were sealed fabulous treasures, the king's physical riches including the dead Pharaohs themselves. They were to remain untouched by mortal hands for all eternality. However, there were those who made it their life's work to raid these sacred places and to take the wealth for themselves. These people were shunned by the people of Egypt and by the Gods themselves. They were wild risk takers who gave no quarter and asked for none in return. They were called…Tome Robbers.

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