Welcome one and all! Yes this is Sage Kaley in her true form speaking right now! That means I'm just a regular old sage with muses in her head. Anyways this is the epilogue and omake chapter of Life of a Thief. It contains a conclusion, a few notes on the story, a preview of the sequel entitled A Tale of Two Thieves, another special moment about honorifics and a slight explanation of DNAngel which is the crossover part of the sequel. We'll get to all this later but first the Epilogue. Enjoy!


Ryou sighed looking out of his bathroom window. The snow was starting to melt and he was watching it drip off his roof like a sparse rain. Sure it was only the end of March but the snow didn't really last long after that around Domino city. In fact, the first hints of green were already fighting against the fading white background and the snow didn't look like it would win. Spring was coming and so the time of death would give in to an era of rebirth. A slight tremor of pain ran through him and he turned his attention back to the bottle in his hand.

"Let's see…for mild to moderate headaches." Ryou read off the label. "Well, I think this counts for that…" He shook two tablets into his hand and downed the pills with ease. Everyday his pain increased slightly and now he had to take aspirin everyday just to stay focused. Yami had done some research and found out that until their destinies were fulfilled, the spirits were supposed to stay with their hosts. If they didn't keep near, there'd be strain on their soul bond and thus, pain.

"Because I didn't figure that one out on my own." Ryou rolled his eyes and finished getting dressed. He'd overslept again too; it was almost noon though luckily it was also the weekend. Grabbing a few dollars from the kitchen table, he threw on his jacket and wondered where to go for breakfast since the first meal of the day, no matter what time, was breakfast to him. Just as he decided to grab a bento box from the convenience store down the street a knock came to his door. Ryou blinked and peeked his head around the corner. There was another rapid hit on his door and he figured he'd answer it before whoever it was really gave him a headache. Throwing it open, the ivory teen half expected to see Bakura giving him an annoyed look. Instead, it was a mailman.

"Are you Bakura Ryou?" He asked, sounding tense. Ryou nodded slowly.

"Yes, I am…what is it?" Ryou then noticed the odd looking item he was holding. It was a postcard and an envelope, both covered in stamps and markings from more countries than he ever knew existed. In fact, he could barely see his name and incorrect address scribbled across them. "Are those for me?"

"Yes! Finally…" The man broke into a huge smile and shoved them into Ryou's chest. "We've been trying to figure out where it was going. It's been just about everywhere you know. I guess you're lucky to have gotten them at all though." He laughed and shook his head. "It's kinda sad actually, the end of a great mystery!" With that, he gave a small bow and went back to his duties. Ryou stood in the doorway, still staring down at his own name. He'd only seen it a few times but Bakura's handwriting had always stood out to him. Sloppy and yet utterly expressive of himself at the same time. Without another thought he ran back inside and sat on the couch, flipping the postcard over.


Ok, listen, you're probably pretty damn pissed at me. You should be. But I did have my reasons! Anyways, Pharaoh will probably tell you all about that. So here's what he doesn't know: I'm going to stay around here for a bit and take some treasure. Don't worry, I have Diabound with me. This is just something I've got to do alright? Don't get pissy or whine about it. I'll come back.

At this point, there was something that had been blacked out by his pen but when Ryou titled the card from side to side, he was able to read the final line.

I just have to spread my wings one last time before I come back to you.

After that it was just signed with his name but Ryou didn't really notice. He found himself smiling and his heart fluttered into his throat. A sigh escaped his lips, the only thing he could do to keep from licking them as he set aside the postcard and grabbed the envelope. It was oddly heavy and thick for just a letter, he thought as he tilted it from side to side. He pulled a small knife from his pocket, one of few that Bakura had left behind. Ryou had taken to carrying it around with him wherever he could, just like he always wore the RPG necklace. Returning to the letter, he cut the top open in one swift motion and dumped the contents on the sofa. Out fell a short note and a beautiful golden Ankh on a matching chain. Ryou's eyes widened and he grabbed them both, staring mostly at the pendent and the way it sparkled in the sunlight. He rubbed his fingers against the polished surface, feeling how smooth and almost silk like it was.

"I wonder…" Ryou looked thoughtfully at the necklace. Not too long after Bakura left, major items began to disappear from the Cairo Museum. His father had written him about it and sent newspaper articles. A note was always left saying the same thing: 'This isn't yours so I shall take it back. It was mine to begin with, Signed Touzoku-ou and Diabound". It hadn't taken a rocket scientist to figure out what Bakura's idea of fun was. Well technically it had taken Yugi, Tea, Joey and Tristen all huddled together one morning musing over who could steal so easily from such a well guarded place. Yami and Ryou had already known but for their own amusement had watched the others struggle. "Bakura…" Ryou said, slightly exasperated but still smiling. He set the necklace aside and read the note.

What do you think of this? I think it'd look good on you. I look wonderful in gold so given that we look pretty much the same, you should too. Wait until you see some of the things I've got now, that museum keeps trying harder but they'll never beat me. I think I saw your dad too, that's fucking creepy…well, I have a list of items I've still got to take so I just thought I'd send you something. Though I see I've made the papers so I'm sure you all know about that. I'm getting a little tired of sand though, I forgot how annoying it is once it's stuck in my hair. I never did get the chance to attend a Cherry Blossom Festival either did I? I should make a note of that…they are coming up, right? Bakura

The letter ended with his oddly loopy signature and Ryou reread it again in surprise. Viewing of the cherry blossoms came in spring, a huge event in Japan. Did that mean…? Yes, he was indeed hinting at a date to return. The ivory youth took a deep breath and smiled. In all honesty, he had tried to forget Bakura and he'd done his best to ignore the shooting pains he felt everyday but his heart had always remembered. He pushed the letter into his pocket and placed the golden ankh around his neck. It rested comfortably under his die, shining brightly. He sat on the couch for a while, absent mindedly fingering a strand of his hair long hair. Time had passed yet his heart still beat faster whenever he saw Bakura's name, wondered what he was doing or even when he felt a strong bout of pain. Anything that reminded him of the cocky thief. Ryou knew his feelings hadn't faded in the slightest.

"The cherry blossoms…it won't be that much longer until they bloom." Ryou stood and carried out his original plan of going outside. There was still some nip to the air but it was much warmer than before. The once gloomy cityscape shone with the renewed hope that the change in seasons brought. The sun cast it's inviting rays on everything it saw, filling the land with a gleaming light that reflected off the dying snow. Life always did this cycle, life blooming, aging and dying, only to be reborn again. It was the way things had been for a long time. Everything followed that pattern at some point and now it was his turn. Ryou had always liked living in the winter, a time of death and endless silence and yet…

Spring was a time of healing for the entire planet and all those on it. A time when pain ended and things were born anew. Just this once, Ryou Bakura looked forward to spring.


…for now…

Life of a Thief by Ryou Bakura written by Sage Kaley

Started: 12-10-03 and Ended: 03-12-05


Next! We've got for you…chapter notes! Yay for DVD-like bonuses!

Chapter One, A Tomb Robber Named Bakura- Well this was the first step in the story obviously. I wasn't sure where I was going with it yet but I knew I wanted people to know about Bakura's past. I guess I was sick of seeing people portray him as just an insane thief that hates Yami. I was equally tired of seeing Ryou weak (granted he has his moments throughout the fic). Plus I loved them as a pairing, just like I love Yami/Yugi. So I wanted to try to make something close to canon, close to fanon, something where you could say "I see it happening". Oh and uh, I didn't want ANY rape/abuse/blah blah.

…I also forgot Joey hates zombies…oops. Then there's the ritual, which I will explain in the sequel (grins) but it makes sense. Yami and Bakura could fight better if they were still linked to their hosts but free from the worrying of harming them. And would Bakura really want to hurt Ryou anyway? Not at all. In his own way, he's always cared for him and he really is the only person that Bakura's remotely nice to (He and Marik got along ok but come on…)

Using dub names, the name Ryou and Isis…yeah I must have been on crack. Oh well, you guys didn't seem to mind too much. I regret it some though…I should have used the Japanese names but that would mean honorifics and it was just too much of a hassle back then for me. (question: did anyway else notice how much my writing improved over this story? I went back through rereading it and I noticed…)

Chapter Two, Kuru Eruna- Heh, I like Bakura swearing. I can see him as the cursing type. Now a few people have asked me 'Is that really his past?' to which I say 'For the most part'. See, we know Bakura is the only one who lived after the slaughter and that the lil' 8-year-old watched people being killed for the sake of the Items. We also know this fueled his desire to seek out revenge. Anyway it's vague stuff but I'll cover that some more later. Here's another interesting note about this chapter: I was about to turn this story into a clichéd, love triangle fic between Bakura, Ryou and Marik. (knows you just gasped). Yep, I was going to throw this into a pile of crap basically and ignore Bakura's past. It wasn't a good time for me and I didn't feel like writing anymore. But even though I decided against it…I still put in a slight Marik note in the next chapter. But obviously I didn't give up on my, or should I say Bakura's, story (smiles)

And before I get corrected on this, Kuru Eruna can be spelled A LOT of ways because in Japanese, hiragana beyond a,e,i,o,u is like this: ka, ki,ku,ke,ko. So it's two (or three sometimes) letters to form a sound. Also the u sound is often dropped in most dialects. Like the named Daisuke becomes Daiske or suki (like) becomes ski. So you can image with so many u's, Kuru Eruna can be said or spelled many ways. I just went with the basic, cut and dry spelling.

Chapter Three, Modern Day Stealing- This is my happy/break chapter. Actually I still had some Marik/Ryou notions floating around my head but I pushed them aside after this chapter. I wanted to have just a fun moment of Bakura being silly and Ryou getting the stick out of his ass. Even if just a bit (laughs). Maybe it wasn't the Ocean's Eleven of heist moments but I think it came off pretty well. This was also the Bakura's Pad of Paper chapter and damn did I have fun writing that. I could see him ranting like that if left alone too long…(trivia: The song Marik sang was 1000 Words from Final Fantasy X-2)

Chapter Four, Akila's Story- First a note about her name. Akila can be translated different ways but it's almost always positive. Beautiful, intelligent, that kind of thing. I wanted her name to be a cute sounding one that is also very positive. Oh and it is an Egyptian name but a modern one so it's more Arabic than anything. I also mention Bakura's mother being from another land. I mean, he had silver hair, what else could I say? I also wanted to tie snow into it a bit deeper. Bakura's nightmare gave me a chance to show him in a moment of weakness too, I loved that. And yes I called Marik 'Malik' (grimaces) I really need to fix that. This chapter covered Bakura's childhood some more, fleshing out the details of how the Items were created and what he went through with his family. The last moment between Bakura and Ryou was kinda touching don't you think?

Chapter Five, The Reason- Named after a Hoobastank song (laughs) No I'm really serious. Before they played the song to death, I thought the lyrics were rather fitting for Bakura and Ryou as a whole. Plenty of songs fit them sure but this song happened to come on while I was writing so there. This chapter was mainly for a moment of bonding between the two outside of doing the report. Another thing is have you noticed somehow Ryou is almost always the reason Bakura loses duels? Yeah I mean, if he hadn't been the change of heart or in Battle City how he got hurt but Bakura couldn't let him get anymore injured?

I still love this diner scene so much, the way they talk to each other and think, it stands out to me in the story. Once again I had a Bakura's Pad of Paper, a comedy break of sorts.

Chapter Six, Christmas Eve Memories- Part one in the Christmas section and one hella hard chapter to write. Everything about it took me ages to decide on, the only part that came easy was Ryou's memory of how Bakura got his own body. That's what I get for writing through a block. I think though that it helped to show why Ryou wouldn't want to lose Bakura yet. I also think he secretly likes having Bakura around but anyways…

Chapter Seven, Christmas Eve Gift- Part Two in the Christmas section and only slightly easier to write. The first part took awhile anyway because I couldn't decide what gifts they should get each other. My friend suggested the journal and snow globe and a RPG die seemed appropriate for Ryou given his love of the games. (trivia: The game Marik got was Final Fantasy X-2…hee…) And yes, the first kiss between Ryou and Bakura was rather cute huh? It was impulsive on my part but I figured "Mistletoe, Christmas, those two…". I also started hinting at Bakura's plans in this chapter to go back to Egypt. For some reason most of you guys thought he was going to kill himself. (sweatdrops) Did it really sound like that? Bakura even wrote in his journal this time instead of random paper.

Chapter Eight, You're Not Alone- This chapter was named after a song from the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack. If you ever get the chance, listen to it, it's really pretty and gives you this great feeling. In the game, Zidane ends up alone and wandering around the castle thing (been a few years since I played) but one by one his team mates come back to help him battle against the demons, determined to stay by his side. I think this chapter was where my writing finally started to get good too, Bakura's memories as he realized why he was now alone seemed better written anyway. (laughs and Trivia: the first and only time I've used the word mirthless in a story)

Here's where I throw in another part of Bakura's past: That he thought the spirits of his dead family were haunting him. There are many images of Thief King Bakura encircled by ghosts too. I also figure people probably treated him pretty bad since he looked weird and was injured. I threw in Marik because I've read on a few fan sites that everyone had a past self in Egypt minus Yugi and Ryou since they sorta just had look-alikes. I'm sure this is untrue info but come on, how cute is it? (smiles sheepishly) I did some other mess ups this chapter like with the hair dye and stuff but I was just doing educated guesses on it. I think I was able to show why a young Bakura would dedicate his life to getting revenge with this chapter too.

This was also the chapter in which they both admitted, privately, that they love each other. (claps hands)

Chapter Nine, Bakura's Conflict- Whoo, this chapter was an interesting one to write. I mean, last chapter Bakura had a breakthrough pretty much as far as his heart goes. So to continue off that was a bit of a challenge, a healthy challenge mind you. It's a fairly short chapter, just has their conversation in the park, Bakura's getting sick and adding in a fluff moment…It also tied up Bakura's life story too. The reason it's titled Bakura's Conflict is more of what he's thinking behind the scenes. I only allude to it a few times that he's thinking about leaving but each time I do it is noted by Ryou. It wasn't very obvious but I was trying to give you more hints about what he was going to do. I don't think it worked too well though, so take this as a fluff chapter (smiles)

Chapter Ten, Resolution- Ah, the New Year's chapter, just shy of September too ha. I wanted Yugi and Ryou to bond some so I let them talk over Bakura's issues for a bit. I mean, I always feel bad that no one gives a rip about poor Ryou when they talk about friendship and stuff. They always forget him or throw him to the side. So I wanted Yugi to realize this and decide to be a better friend. It will be important they be close for the sequel…(coughs) Ok that anyways that brings us to the little circle of resolution thing. First, I love everything about Joey and Seto as a whole. I want to someday write a whole scene of them just shooting barbs at each other and yes I'm a fan of their pairing even if it's not the most canon thing ever, it's still hilarious in the lover's quarrel way. I had to get that off my chest. I wanted them to fight longer but I contained my urges…but for how long can I? I made sure to set the stage for Bakura's departure too with the duel between him and Yami…

Then of course came the big scene between Ryou and Bakura. Can you tell I wanted to throw a lemon in there? (snickers) I know it wasn't the best but I was restraining myself damn it! I'd seen this type of thing done before but I couldn't remember where. Hunter K suggested Hanayori Dango so I think we'll go with that. I also couldn't help but pair people off oddly, one finally funny moment before the next chapter, like Seto and Joey kissing!…in all honesty I still didn't know how I was going to end the story but I knew what I wanted to happen next at least. (trivia: I used the word zeal here for the first time in my life. I didn't even know it was a word)

Chapter Eleven, Leaving the Memories Behind- Ah so I finally got around to writing about Ryou's past! This chapter was composed mostly of Ryou's memories, just some random ones, of his sister. I wanted to show that she was someone he looked up too and cared deeply for. Ryou's never been very social you know so for the most part, it was always just him and her. Again, like I said before, no one really knows if Amane is actually alive or not. Some think she is but I'm one of the ones obviously that think she's dead. I heard that in Japan it's acceptable to write letters to dead love ones so I think that's why we see Ryou writing to her in the manga.

Writing her death, I ended up drawing on what my Grandma was like when she was dying in the hospital. The way she looked, sounded, etc. She didn't die like that but it was the general idea. I don't like hospitals you know…I bet Ryou doesn't now too. So I put in one more scene of fluff with Ryou and Bakura sleeping together. So cute they are. Well you knew Bakura would lose to Yami, I mean come on, Yami rarely ever loses. It's a given. I just hope Bakura's good bye letter wasn't too sappy or anything. I know it was sappy though, gah. I always write too happy and it bugs me. But I guess it can be good sometimes. At least I didn't kill anyone that wasn't already dead! (trivia: The lemon candies Amane refers to are a Japanese candy by botan ame I believe, they are lemon taffy wrapped in rice paper, very good stuff)

Chapter Twelve, Light Without a Shadow- Ah so here we go, Ryou's breakdown. I think I made it too extreme actually but then again Ryou thought he lost everything sooo…this chapter also held my biggest and stupidest mistake (IMO). That would be Ryou's 'magic' balloon that flew using normal air. Ok that was dumb. I can't believe I wrote that. I will smack myself for this blatant misuse of my brain.

Not too much really happening, again. Sorry about that. I made a point to show light without darkness isn't good. Yin and Yang and all that. Plus I just wanted Ryou to see his sister. And we needed Yugi in there because everyone has that one friend that tries to cheer them up right?

(trivia: Bakura's airplane trip was inspired by the only time I've ever been on a plane…and no one warned me about the air pressure thing)

Chapter Thirteen, The Darkness of Heart- Title only mildly inspired by DNAngel (laughs) The first scene in which Bakura argues with Touzoku-ou… well Touzoku-ou means Thief King just so you know. He was arguing with himself basically. This was made to represent that he is breaking away from how he used to be. My theory is that Yami Bakura is made up of little bits of Ryou, Thief King and Zork. So I wanted to show him becoming his own person by breaking away from all three! Of course, fighting against Zork alone is a death wish. So why not throw in Amane and Akila? A little divine intervention for his soul I dare say? Then I really wanted Yami to help so he did. Think of it as a moment of bonding between them. Plus I really am a Yami fangirl too, so I couldn't suppress him any longer. Oh and I hinted at something that's happening to Ryou! W00t for me!

Chapter Fourteen, It's Not Really Goodbye- DRUNK YAMIS! (giggles) Ok besides them being drunk, I needed to have Ryou trying to move on…because I felt bad for making him so weak in the later chapters. Other than that, I just tied up a loose end or two. I ended with Bakura becoming a thief again because I think that's what he would be happiest doing. (shrugs) Of course, there's always the sequel…(trivia: Yami drunkenly admitted to having dreams about Bakura and Yugi in various sexual ways. That's why Marik was talking about it)


D.N.Angel Explanation! You'll need to know something about DNAngel for the sequel since the two worlds clash so take your time and read through this, ok?

Taken From Tokyopop's Website-

Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary, if slightly unlucky, middle school student. On his fourteenth birthday, he comes down with a 'condition' that has plagued the men in his family for three hundred years. When he sees his crush, Risa, he transforms into his alter ego, the phantom thief Dark Mousy. Unfortunately, when Dark Mousy sees his crush, Risa's twin Riku, he transforms back into Daisuke. The only cure for this craziness is if Daisuke can get Risa to fall in love with him …

That doesn't serve it justice but it's a start.

Daisuke Niwa is the hero of the story. He's a very enduring character, cheerful to a T and friends with everyone. Yes he is very clumsy and has bad luck. He's got bright red eyes and matching hair that is the kind that spikes out everywhere. He's short for his age and looks young and innocent, which he is more or less. He has a huge crush on Risa Harada, who doesn't return his feelings. Pity Daisuke. Later on he ends up liking Riku. He lives with his hyper mom Emiko, Daiki is grandpa and his traveling father Kosuke too. He also has a crazy best friend named Takeshi, who's a reporter after Dark.

The feelings of love towards Risa/Riku activate genes in his DNA that call forth the Phantom Thief Dark. Dark is passed through the Niwa bloodline, males anyway. He's very confident, he's hot and he knows it. He's got wind-whipped dark purple hair and same color eyes and appears about 17. He's cocky and flirty though underneath all that he's pretty serious. Oh and it's his life goal to steal Hikari artwork. What's Hikari artwork you ask? Why that is easy. They are works of art, dangerous ones harboring hate and resentment and such, created by the Niwa clan's rivals, the Hikaris. They have been fighting for a few hundred years. They want to stop Dark from stealing their works. In fact, there's a Hikari after Dark right now.

Let's meet Daisuke's classmate, the aloof Satoshi Hiwatari a.k.a Satoshi Hikari. Hiwatari is the name of his step father, Kei. His real Hikari family is dead. He's got glasses, short light blue hair and beautiful matching eyes. All the girls love him too. Satoshi is a quiet, very intelligent young boy. He seems calm and cool on the surface but deep down he's kind of frightened and weak though he won't admit it. Daisuke considers Satoshi is friend but Satoshi is rather against it. That's because of Krad, his other half. What's a Krad? Why Krad is the opposite of Dark! Dark and Krad do not get along, even though they are sort of connected. And they would love nothing more than to paint the town red with each other's heads! They absolutely hate each other. Or do they…?

Anyway, Daisuke's trigger for turning into Dark is his feelings for Risa and later on Riku, her twin sister. Satoshi's trigger is Daisuke…err…take that as you will but you guys know me well enough to know how I take it. So for Daisuke's sake, Satoshi wants to stay away from him lest Krad take over and rip off Daisuke's little cute head.

Krad is an interesting one. He's got insanely long blonde hair that's usually back in a ponytail, ending with a cross. He's also got golden eyes and usually wears a mocking smiling. He's possessive, aristocratic, sinister, cruel, sadistic, dark, mysterious, hidden, hurt, broken, twisted… shattered, fragmented, torn, insane, depraved, perverse, obsessive, vindictive. Phew, those aren't my words, they are Lord Scribbles but she knows him well. He calls Satoshi "Satoshi-sama" and "My Everything" and pretty much wants nothing but to own Satoshi completely. Is it love? Hard to say. He thinks of Satoshi as his but that doesn't mean he won't hurt him.

Oh and Satoshi hates everything Krad likes. Krad meanwhile hates Dark and also hates Daisuke because of what he does to Satoshi. Basically, what he's done is given Satoshi hope, someone to care for and mixed him up inside. Plus he's taking away from Krad and Satoshi time.

Dark and Krad live in Daisuke and Satoshi much like Yami and Bakura live inside Yugi and Ryou. Thus they are dependent on their hosts and are really just other halves of their hosts. Also Dark is much nicer to Daisuke than Krad is to Satoshi. Dark however doesn't like Satoshi much either and finds him creepy.

The twins Riku and Risa are referred to as the holy maidens of Daisuke and Dark. This isn't clear but it seems to be part of breaking the curse that binds Daisuke and Dark. Riku has shorter hair than her twin and is a tomboy while Risa is a very girly-girl who's madly in love with Dark. Riku meanwhile hates Dark and likes Daisuke. Not that anyone besides Satoshi and Daisuke's family knows he's Dark.

Then there's Keiji Saga, the owner of a modeling/commercial/advertising type business. He's also very eccentric and likes to semi-stalk Daisuke because he likes his body…for modeling…

Kei Hiwatari seems to have something up his sleeve too when it comes to why he adopted Satoshi. He's plotting…hmm…


Well! Now that you know something, let's preview it shall we? Just so you know the sequel is called "A Tale of Two Thieves" and will be posted in the DNAngel section. So you'll have to look for it there or watch my bio for updates. The summary? Dark thinks it's just another job. Steal the Millennium Items from their owners in Domino City. Only these aren't just any works of art…and their owners won't give up without a fight. What's a thief to do when faced by his equal?

"Could it get any easier?" Dark grumbled dully into the empty hallway. His lonesome footsteps echoed around the museum and besides the occasional door leading to another room or hall, there were only shadows of statues and hanging items blocking his path to the Millennium Scales. "I mean geez, does this place even have security cameras? Or at least one trip wire? Or a guard dog? Or something?"

(A guard dog?) Daisuke, who had been resting peacefully, asked as he stretched his unseen arms.

"What, you've never seen one?" Dark sighed and shoved his hands into the deep pockets his specialized trench coat held. "I guess they aren't common anymore with all the technological advances though…I swear this place doesn't even have a water bucket rigged up somewhere. There's no security."

(It didn't look like it before when we were here either…) Daisuke said thoughtfully inside his mind, remembering how lax the whole place had seemed. (It's not a bad thing though, I like easy nights)

"Well I don't!" Dark snapped, feeling particularly moody. "I don't get out much remember? Where's the glory and fun in this? At the very least they could have locked the inside doors!" As he said this, he kicked open another of these said doors to reveal a large room with various Egyptian artifacts. He bypassed a sarcophagus and made his way to the hidden backroom, pleased to find its door was at least locked. "About damn time…I was almost starting to miss the delinquent duo." He muttered, bending low to examine the keypad.

(He's not a delinquent) Daisuke scolded, knowing exactly who the thief was referring too. Dark ignored him and finished breaking the 'security'. From their time with Ryou the previous afternoon, they both knew that the room was cluttered and hardly had walking space. Yet now it was strangely clean and the window's curtains had been drawn to block the moonlight, veiling the entire area in complete darkness.

"Well isn't that interesting?" A smile came across the previously bored man as he stood into the room, his dangling buckles clinking softly with each step. Just as he got halfway across the room, three small glowing lights appeared accompanied by a gentle electronic whirling. Dark blinked as two boxes on either side of the room lit up, bright enough for the thief to see. The lights were coming from strange looking disks attached to the arms of three people.

(Hey! That's Yugi, Ryou's friend! The other guy looks just like him too…) Daisuke cried in surprise. Sure enough, the short boy on the end was the same one who they had seen yesterday. Only now he wore a determined, if not angry, look on his face. Next to him stood another boy who could very well be his look-alike if not for giving off the air of being older and more mature. Both wore what looked to be a school uniform. Next to him was a tan, skinny teen with shoulder length sandy hair and bright lavender eyes, dressed in a matching short sleeve shirt and jeans. (I wonder what their doing here?) Daisuke wondered, his attention wandering between the three. Dark however, stared at the round machines on their arms.

"What are those?" He asked softly but Daisuke only shook his head. The slightly older looking Yugi stepped forward and crossed his arms, taking on a surprisingly smug stance.

"Well now, you must be the Phantom Thief Dark." He said calmly, his eyes locked on Dark's.

"I am the one and only." Dark flashed a grin and gave a mocking bow. "It's a pleasure to meet me, I know."

(Dark…) Daisuke groaned, hating it when he was like that.

((Oh shut up, I get to have fun now))

"You are rather late. Not a very good first impression now is it?" The star haired teen said coolly. "I'd have thought by your notice that you would have been here at 10, not the museum. You've kept us waiting."

"Oh I'm terribly sorry but I didn't know you'd be waiting here for me." Dark then noticed for the first time that each held a different item. The smallest boy wore the puzzle around his neck, the too chatty man as Dark now dubbed him wore a Tauk around his neck and the last teen gripped a wicked looking rod in his left hand. "Hmm, I see you're saved me the trouble of finding all the items! Why thank you…oh right, I don't know your names. I can't thank you without knowing that."

"I'm called many things but you can call me Pharaoh." The chatty one said. "This boy is my aibou, Yugi. And this is the Tomb Keeper Marik." He indicated each as he spoke. "We are not here to hand over the items. We are here to stop those unworthy of controlling their power from taking them."

"Stop me?" Dark chuckled, shaking his head. "Sorry but if anyone's going to stop me, it sure as hell won't be you three."

That's all folks! Thank you everyone for reading my story, I had so much fun writing it and the sequel is going to be wild. I hope you'll all read it! Thank you so much to all my reviewers, honestly this wouldn't have ever gotten done without you.