Strawberry gashes

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from this fic. They are all JK Rowling's wonderful creation blah blah blah.

Chapter 1: Secrets

As I pressed the blade gently to my skin, the warm, red blood gently trickled out. I felt my mind unwind as the sticky, liquid ran free and dripped on the carpet. There was a sudden knock on the door,


Panic coursed through my veins as someone tried to open the door. In a hurry I pulled my sleeve down hiding the strawberry gashes that decorated my arms and threw the blade in to an empty draw in my dressing.

"Just a minute!" I called, my voice shaking slightly. The cream carpet was soaked with crimson blood. I dragged the Indian rug my mother had given me as a joint Christmas and birthday present over the stained carpet. Summer was approaching and I knew that I wouldn't be able to use my long sleeves to hide the truth much longer. I would have to think of a new way.

"Virginia? Can I come in?" I scanned the room quickly checking for any sign of what had just taken place. I felt the wet blood on my arm dampen my jumper but it was too late to do anything about it. The jumper was black and it wouldn't show.

"Come in" I called making my voice as steady as possible. I plastered a fake smile to my face as Hermione Granger, head girl and also my brother, Ron's, girlfriend entered the room. "Are you alright Ginny" she asked scrutinizing me carefully."

"Fine." I answered in a false cheery tone that made me feel sick to the pits of my stomach. Hermione frowned at me suspiciously but decided to let the matter drop for the moment.

"Ok, well shall we go down to dinner?"

"Uh no.I've got a potions essay to finish for Snape and you know what the greasy git's like." I said praying that she wouldn't see through my obvious lie.

"Oh.well..okay then. I'll see you later Gin."

"Yeah, bye." I let out a sigh of relief as the door closed quietly behind Hermione. That had been close. I sank back on to my bed to finish what I had started. Slowly, I opened the draw to my dressing and picked up the blade on which my blood had started to dry. I washed it in the sink and made sure it was clean again before I pressed it back to my skin allowing the relief to seep through me as the blood seeped out.

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