Harry Potter and the Quest for the Golden Sphere
Chapter 1

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No one could really call him a young boy anymore, not if you saw him. He had definitely grown physically. His shoulders had widened out to the point where he was sure he would need to purchase new robes, he had facial hair that seemingly had a mind of its own and he was probably closer to Ron in height now although he wouldn't real know since he hadn't seen is mate in a couple of months. Harry figured that upon seeing him everyone would comment about how he had grown into a man (there would probably be a lot of comments about how much he resembled his father). But it wouldn't be his height, or shoulders, or amount of facial hair he had that people would notice first when they saw him, it was the look in his eyes.

Harry Potter was a wizard, the most famous wizard in the world. He was reminded everyday when he looked at that lightning shaped scar on his forehead, that he was a marked man. When people looked at him last year they saw anger and maybe even a little fear. But that had all changed. There was nothing in his eyes right now but revenge and determination. Last year, Harry had feared Voldemort because he didn't know how powerful he was, he didn't know what he was trying to do, he didn't know why he was after him since he was a baby. But now Harry knew. He knew that there was a prophecy in which he was the one with "the power to vanquish the dark lord". Voldemort had been scared of Harry from the beginning because he knew about the prophecy. But he hadn't heard it all and this is where Harry had the advantage. Voldemort didn't know that one of them had to die at the hands of the other, but Harry did.

Since coming home from his 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry had thought of little else than that prophecy. His godfather, the notorious Sirius Black, had been killed defending him and that prophecy. Harry missed Sirius dearly, but he quickly realized that the best way to make sure that his godfather was vindicated was to take down Voldemort and every last death eater with him. He would practice his dueling tirelessly, he would start up the DA (Dumbledore's Army) again so that everyone brave enough to stand up with him would be as well trained as he, and he would even beg Snape to continue teaching him Occulmency so that Voldemort would never be able to access his mind again. For the first time in his life, Harry was no longer concerned about why it had to be him that Voldemort came after. He no longer obsessed about the fact that his parents where taken away from when he was a baby or that he was sent to live with the Dursleys who always attempted to make his life as miserable as possible. The only thing he knew right now was that he was going to commit his life to getting Voldemort.

Before he could elaborate on his thoughts very much the bellowing of a voice that Harry knew immediately to be his Uncles echoed through the hallway.

"Harry Potter, get down here this instant" Uncle Vernon yelled.

Most of the summer, Harry and the Dursley's had managed to pretty much avoid each other. Aunt Petunia would usually give Harry some chores to do but other than that they would barely make contact with one another. It probably had a lot to do with the members of the Order of the Phoenix telling Harry's uncle that if he treated Harry poorly than he would have to answer to them. It got do be boring sometimes when he would he would go long periods of time only talking to Hedwig is owl but it was better than having to deal with the Dursleys.

As Harry came down the stairs he saw his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and cousin Dudley all sitting in the den with particularly smug looks on there faces.

"We are going on holiday the day after tomorrow to a place called Florida in the United States" Aunt Petunia said. "I attempted to contact Mrs. Figg to see if you could stay with her the rest of the summer but it seems no one has seen or heard from her lately. So you will need to find a place to be the rest of your summer break".

This news infuriated and relieved Harry at the same time. While he was glad that this would be as good an excuse as any to join his friends at Remold Place, he could not believe that his Aunt would tell him to get out when she knew that this would be the safest place for him.

"Anything else", Harry said with a look so cold that he was sure he saw his aunt shiver.

"No" Uncle Vernon added with a stern look on his face that Harry was sure was there only to mask the fear he felt towards his abnormal nephew.

With that Harry ascended the stairs and went straight to his room and grabbed some parchment and a quill from the lose board on his floor where he kept as many wizarding things as he could hidden.

He began to write a letter


The Dursleys are going on holiday the day after tomorrow and told me that I need to find a place to stay the rest of the summer. Since there are only a few weeks left, I assume that I will be able to join everyone at Grimmauld Place. Please let me know how I should get there, as I'm sure that you will have someone pick me up.

Regards Harry

It occurred to Harry after he had written the letter that it might have been a little cold. He did not blame Dumbledore for everything that had happened to him the previous year, but in many ways he was still angry with him. Dumbledore needed to tell him the truth about things and until Harry was convinced that he was, he would not be able to give him the amount of trust that he once had.

Next, Harry decided to write to Ron and Hermione to tell them that he would potentially be coming in the next few days.

Ron and Hermione

Great news! The Dursleys are going on holiday day after tomorrow so I will undoubtedly be seeing you soon. I wrote to Dumbledore and told him so hopefully I will hear back soon. I can't wait to see you guys and here more about your summer.

I hope this finds you well.

Love Harry

Harry folded up both letters carefully and tied them to Hedwig's leg making sure to instruct him to bring Dumbledore his letter first. Then he opened the window and let Hedwig fly away into the night sky. A feeling of contentment came over Harry. He was finally going to be with his friends again. He knew that they would understand his feelings and be right at his side no matter what happened. And with that, he drifted off to sleep with the hopes that good news would find him in the morning.


The next morning Harry awoke from a dreamless sleep with Hedwig pecking him in the upper arm. He opened his eyes a peek and noticed that Hedwig had two letters with him. This meant that both Dumbledore and Ron and Hermione had got back to him. Harry quickly untied the letters from Hedwig's leg and read the first one, which was from Dumbledore.


While this is sooner than I would have liked you to leave the protection of your aunt's house, I am quite sure that you will be well protected at Grimmauld Place.

Arthur Weasly has volunteered to escort you personally. Be ready tonight at 6:00 p.m.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Albus Dumbledore Headmaster: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

So he would be leaving at 6:00. That would give him plenty of time to get all his things packed up and ready to go. But first he picked up the letter from Ron and Hermione.


We are both so very glad that you will be joining us. Things have been unusually quiet as of late. Usually people are coming in and out of the house constantly but as of late there has not been much activity. Almost everyone has been here and they have been having nightly meetings that they still will not allow us to be apart of. Ron keeps telling me not to worry but I can't help it. I'll be much happier when we are all together.

With Love Hermione

Harry put down the letter and thought to himself quickly that inactivity at the Order at least meant that Voldemort wasn't doing much, which was a good thing even if it was only the calm before the storm. It would be easier to concentrate on what Voldemort was doing when he was with his friends and the rest of the order. So Harry got his trunk and began to store his things away for his trip to Grimmauld Place. When everything was stored away and ready to go Harry looked at the clock on the wall and realized that he still had five more hours until Mr. Weasly would be there. Since Hedwig had waked him early Harry decided that he would have a lie down for a couple of hours. So he lay on the bed and closed his eyes and hoped that when he woke up it would be time to leave.

Harry couldn't see anything but he could hear voices. Two voices actually.

"He was looking for me", said the familiar voice of a witch.

"Where is he now", another asked. Harry knew without being able to see him that this was the voice of Voldemort. It was so eerily calm that it would send a chill down the spine of anyone that heard it.\

"We are holding him downstairs in the dugens. What a foolish boy, he thought that he could dare challenge me. Shall I dispose of him right away?" it appeared as though the witch was thouroughly anticipating an affirmation from Voldemort.

"No", Voldemort hissed " he may be of some use to us. When Potter finds out that he is missing he will undoubtedly come looking for him and then I will finally get my revenge. Take me to him"

With that, the voices started to fade. Harry could still hear words being spoken but he could not make them out. The next second Harry was jarred awake in his bed with his scar hurting so badly that it felt like a knife was slowly carving away at his flesh and one word was burned into his mind, CRUCIO.