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The ship drifted across space. How long had they been stranded in outer space? It seemed like forever and that there was no hope of ever greeting home to Earth. At least, not with Alexandra aboard. How many chances had they had to get home, only to have her wreck it because it all had to be about her? Josie heaved a big sigh as she stared out at the emptiness of space. Would they never get home?

Just then, Valerie's voice broke into her thoughts. "Up ahead. Looks like a hole of some kind. Best to avoid it."

"Oohh, it's so pretty", Melody exclaimed.

"Unh-yeah. Look, I'm going to steer us clear of it."

Alexandra stepped forward. "Oh, Valerie, what are you thinking? I'm going to steer us clear." She and Valerie began fighting for the controls. Bleep and Sebastian were going crazy. Alan and Alexander tried to separate them but, it was too late. Instead of steering clear of the hole, they were headed right towards it.

The Andromeda Ascendant was on its way back from signing up another world in the Commonwealth. Consequently, everyone was in a good mood. Then they suddenly saw a ship appear out of nowhere. It was unlike any ship they had ever seen before. It was long, blue and tubular with a round head at the end. And it looked like it was in trouble. "We're going to help that ship", Dylan announced, to no one's surprise.

"And if they prove hostile to us?", Tyr asked.

"We'll just have to be ready for anything. Rommie, we're going to pull it in. Launch cables."