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Hey this is my first ever fan fic! I am so excited! Yee Haw! And I want to say sorry about the text for some reason it won't double space even though it says it is to me...but he others are not that way! I promise!

Summery: During a battle, Jinx puts a curse on Robin, making him act perverted and bad boyish toward Raven. But here's the fun part....cyborg, starfire, and beast boy go on a ski trip leaving Robin alone with Raven...uh oh! Sorry perverted people NO LIME! NO LEMON! OR WHAT EVER YOU CALL IT! Ok now on with the story!

The H.I.V.E.S. team was fighting harder than ever! Robin and Raven were the only ones left standing. Jinx threw Raven to the ground causing her to gasp her chest in pain and exhaustion. Just when Jinx was about to finish her arched rival.......

"ring ring ring"

Jinx's cell phone rang. Jinx groaned and answered it.

"Hello," Jinx answered in an annoyed voice "Oh! Mr. Slade I am so sorry! I was just about to finish Raven..." At Slade's lair: "That's alright Jinx....I have a special job for you." Slade was turning in his chair and had a very determined look on his face.

"What can I do for you ser?" Jinx said excited.

"I want you to put a curse on "Wonder Boy" that makes him act...lets say not himself." Slade said smirking.

"Ohhhhh, I got cha'!" Jinx said flipping her cell phone closed.

Back to the fight scene:

Raven finally found strength to stand and lunged for Jinx. Robin was trying to fight off Mammoth. Raven knocked Jinx to the ground. Jinx stared into Ravens big purple eyes and smirked. She didn't even have to look at Robin. She raised her arm and fired a pink shiny magic ball toward Robin! Robin was hit and fell to the ground. He wasn't moving. Jinx let out a laugh and disappeared with a puff of smoke. Raven ran to Robin and kneeled beside him.

She tried to heal him with her powers but it didn't work. The H.I.V.E.S team was gone, and she didn't know what to do with all her friends. She picked them up one by one and flew them back to the tower. Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy woke up by morning. Sadly Robin was still asleep and they didn't know what was wrong with him or what Jinx did. "When do you think Robin will awaken?" Asked Starfire with fear in her eyes.

"I don't know what Jinx did." said Raven in her plain voice.

"We need to get out of this place and go on a vacation!" Beast Boy said angrily.

"I know we need to go somewhere to relax and get away from the fighting!" Cyborg says slamming his fist on the table.

"What is a va-ca-tion?" Starfire says slowly.

"Vacations are thing were people go and do something fun and don't have to worry about anything!" Beast Boy says happily.

"Then I agree with Beast Boy!" Starfire screams sending her arms in the air.

"You guys go I will stay here." Raven said monotone. The rest of the team nodded and left to go on the internet and find a good vacation spot.

"We need to go to the beach!" Cyborg said pointing to a spot on the screen that said


"No, no we need to go to the mountains to ski!" Beast Boy said Pointing to a place on the screen that said "Ski your troubles away!"

~Cyborg and Beast Boy start to fight.~

"I know we need to go to Hati," (Incase you don't know Hati is one of the most poor countries in the world.)Starfire says pointing to a spot on the screen that says "PlEaSE hElP Us!"

A anima sweat drop forms on Cyborg's and Beast Boy's head. They finally all decide to go to Utah to ski their troubles away.

The next morning Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy leave for the plane. They were going to stay for two weeks. Raven said goodbye to them and sat on the couch and started reading a book. After awhile she fell asleep. Little did she know that someone was slowly waking up in his bed......

Oh Cliffhanger! Bawhahahahahha I will write tomorrow when I get home from school I promise! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW MY STORY AND TELL ME THE TRUTH! IS IT A GOOD PLOT? IS IT LONG ENOUGH? IS IT FUN TO READ? The next chapter will be a whole lot longer and better because "you know who" will be a wake! What do you think he will do? Find out in the next chapter!