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Previously on Days of our Lives…I MEAN…Jinx's Curse Raven was devastated because her only chance of finding out the cure was dead. She had died because of well…she had no idea. What an idiot. Raven kept on rereading the diary in hopes of the cure. But she found nothing. All she found was an annoying story about a pink marshmallow or was it a pink blob? I guess we will never know. Raven began to think that she was insane because she started to wonder if Jinx was telling the truth. What if the cure really was a marshmallow? Then she would just scold herself for being so stupid and desperate.

Raven was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't even realize that she was approaching the tower and that she had automatically opened her window into her room. She finally snapped out of her thoughts when she heard something behind her.

'Please for the love of all things don't be who I think it is' Raven thought sadly.

"Hey baby…" Robin said slyly.

'Great…' Raven thought to herself.

"I missed you cupcake…but why did you kick me…there…now how am I going to give us children?" Robin said while smiling.

Raven's eye began to twitch, and thought, 'please tell me he's kidding, this curse must be getting worse because now he's thinking about children.'

Raven finally came out of her thoughts and looked at him. Apparently while she was gone he had the urge to pull off his shirt and had been waiting for her. Now he was only in a pair of black pants. She almost tilted her head to the side but decided to not to so he wouldn't know she was looking at him, but sadly Raven didn't have her hood up.

"See something you like?" He whispered in a deep husky voice.

He then stood from the wall and began to sulk toward her. Raven kept backing up until she felt something soft and squishy 'Oh no he backed me up against the bed…just peachy.' Raven thought almost shaking her head. Robin of course smirked and kept walking toward her. Raven tried to keep her distance by leaning back, but that idea backfired because she eventually went too far. She toppled on top of the bed. Robin used this to his advantage and straddled her and leaned into her ear.

"I see that we are finally on the same page…Raven." He purred.

She hated herself right now. Every single time he whispered her name, she would shiver. Right now he just had that effect on her, but she didn't like it. Or did she? She didn't…but that's just what she told herself. She shoved him off and tried to leave the room. But Robin grabbed her wrist.

"Raven…please…why can't you love me?" Robin said sadly.

"Because your love isn't real." Raven said while opening the door.

Surprisingly Robin hadn't tried to pull her back. He just stood there looking defeated. Seizing her opportunity she flew out the door toward the living room. There she found Beast Boy and Cyborg knocked out. She wasn't surprised by this at all. Raven then used her magic to revive them.

"Dude…what happened?" Beast boy shook his head.

"I don't know." Cyborg yawned.

Raven sighed. Sometimes her teammates could be so stupid.

"Hmm…let's think real hard here…you were knocked out and tied up. Oh I got it! Robin got out." Raven said in her most Ravenish voice. (Ha-ha I made up a word)

"Gees Raven! No need to be…well you." Beast Boy said.

Raven opened her mouth to reply but Cyborg cut in.

"Alright! Alright! Enough! Where's Robin?"

"Most likely in my room going through my underwear." Raven rolled her eyes.

"I didn't think you had underwear." Beast Boy said shocked.

Cyborg and Raven looked at each other and sighed sometimes Beast Boy could be really weird.

"What made you think that I didn't wear underwear?" Raven said while glaring at Beast Boy.

"Well it's just you never have panty lines and in that little outfit you bound to have panty lines!" Beast Boy said smiling.

Not even a second later Beast Boy was knocked into a wall by a "mysterious force." Not surprisingly Beast Boy was knocked out but no one had even taken the rubble off of him. Cyborg just shook his head and turned to Raven.

"So what happened while we were knocked out?" Cyborg turned to Raven.

Then Raven began the whole story of how she went into her room and standing behind the door was Robin. Then she explained how Robin made some moves on her…but of course she left out the kiss. She was no fool! Cyborg would never let that one go. Well, she continued to explain how she kicked him in the private area, (Earning a big groan from Cyborg) flew out the window toward Jinx's room, Jinx having mental break down, and finally how Jinx had literately laughed herself to death.

"Then I found a diary but all it contained was a stupid story about a stupid pink blob, nothing about how to cure Robin." Raven sighed.

Cyborg rubbed his head in confusion. Cyborg wasn't stupid, he knew that Jinx had said to kiss Robin or whatever…but Raven did and nothing happened. Cyborg knew this was hurting Raven. He just wished that he could make it stop. Why did this have to happen to her? He thought. And Robin…Cyborg winced. He would never do anything like this! Never! At least, Robin hasn't done anything to terrible…yet. Cyborg thought to him self.

"Hello Cyborg? I've been asking if you wanted anything to eat." Raven raised her eyebrow.

Cyborg didn't until then that he hadn't eaten for 5 hours! He felt his stomach and heard it rumble.

"Please…what about Beast Boy?" Cyborg laughed.

"He can get it himself." Raven rolled her eyes.

Cyborg shook his head. Somethings never change.

Raven went into the kitchen and began boiling some tea for herself. Then she pulled out a leftover slice of pizza. (Meat lovers of course) Raven smirked. She knew that she was hard on Beast Boy and Cyborg, but she cared for them. She was sure that they knew that too. Ever since that whole incident with the mirror Cyborg has tried to protect her. Beast Boy still tries to get her to admit that she finds him funny. But unlike her pink-hooded alter-ego she's not so kind. Starfire was always there for her too. When they switched that one time, they had to share their pasts with each other. After that incident they were close. She was the only person whom she could speak to about Ro…BOOM! Raven snapped out of her thoughts and turned toward the living room.

"DUDE! SNAP OUT OF…" Then an eerie silenced filled the room.

Raven was nervous. She seemed to be feeling that a lot lately. She knew who caused that silenced…and she was a fool for leaving him in her room like that. How could I! She thought. She closed her eyes trying to control her fear…her emotions. But they just kept growing with each second that past. Then the light bulb exploded leaving her in utter darkness.

"Just great." Raven said in her sarcastic voice.

"I don't know I kind of like it…I can have more fun." Said a deep whisper.

What in the world…last time I left him he was all depressed because I didn't love him. Now he's all lusty again. I guess the curse is starting to come in waves now. Raven thought. Then out of no where Raven felt hands on her shoulders and they began to slowly move down her arms. Raven tried not to shiver…but she couldn't help it. No matter how hard she tried she could not stop her reaction.

Robin noticed her movement and chuckled. He knew that she would eventually start enjoying it, but before Robin could start patting himself on the back Raven pushed him away.

"Don't Robin. Get away from me. Raven said trembling.

She tried to act like she wasn't afraid but she was, and Robin knew it. He thrived on it too. He loved how she trembled when she said his name. It just fed the fire inside of him. Made him want her more, but she wouldn't let him have her. It drove him on the brink of insanity.

Raven began to back away but Robin followed her. She backed into the counter with out thinking and Robin wrapped his arms around her.

"Seems like we keep getting into this position don't we." Robin whispered in her ear.

Raven, to her disliking, shivered again. She hated herself right now, but most of all she hated him…she hated what he did to her. She realized that Robin was lowering his face to hers. She leaned in slightly and brushed her lips against hers. Raven then forced her eyes open and shoved him off.

Raven sprinted out of the kitchen and into the hall way. She despised herself for running but she didn't know what else to do. She couldn't fly because she wasn't able to concentrate. She also had no idea where she was running. She could hear Robin right behind her. She felt like prey being chased by a lion for their evening meal.

Then out of no where Starfire appear. She began to fly beside Raven, but when she looked behind them she stopped flying.

"Why…did you…stop flying?" Raven huffed.

"I just lost my happiness from the sight of him!" Starfire screamed.

The two girls continued to run from the hormonal boy. Robin was gaining and the two girls didn't know what to do. Robin was only about ten feet behind them and they were slowing. (They usually fly you know!) Surprisingly Starfire turned around

"Robin I do not wish to fight you but…"

"Shut up!"

Robin then threw a freezing disk at the red haired alien causing her to freeze.

"Starfire!" Raven screamed horrified.

Raven didn't know what she was going to do. Cyborg was knocked out, Beast Boy was knocked out, and now Starfire was knocked out! She was desperate. She would almost do anything, almost. There was no way she was going to lower herself by trying to get Robin to eat a marshmallow. She just knew that was a lie. Suddenly she found herself tackled to the ground.

"Finally…I got…you!" Robin huffed.

Raven was horrified. Her back was two the ground and Robin was on top pinning her to it. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't use her powers because she just couldn't concentrate. He knew it to. He knew that he was the cause of it.

"Robin get off." Raven said dangerously.

For some strange reason he obeyed and allowed her up. But right when she stood he pushed her into the wall and said.

"This position's a little more comfortable…wouldn't you agree."

"Not with you." She glared.

He began stroking her chin with his thumb and smiled. No smirked.

"You're cute when you mad."

Great now he turned affectionate again. When will the madness stop! I'm so sick of this! Wait a minute what is he doing? Raven thought.

She suddenly felt his lips on hers. When she tried to shove him off he wouldn't let her. The harder she pushed the more forceful he became. And oh how she liked it. She hated herself even more because of it. If only he wasn't on a curse. If only this was real, but it wasn't. She was finally able to push him off and look into his eyes. They were lust filled like before.

Raven tried to pull away but he grabbed her wrist and yanked her into his chest.

"No more games…I get what I want now." Robin said in a voice not even human.

"Robin please…don't." Raven hated to beg but she was afraid.

"Raven, I'm sick of waiting you little tease!" Robin snapped.

She wasn't expecting the word tease but she kept her mouth shut.

"Raven, this past week has been hell for me! I want you so bad and I can't have you! But when I kiss you I know that you feel the same!" Robin yelled.


"Let me finish! Raven! You even walked around in Starfire's clothing! Do you know how tempting that was! Then you kissed me in your room and five seconds later you kick me in the groin! Well now you're going to be punished! Punished in a way were I'm happy…and your not…" Robin said in a dark voice.

Raven was then slammed into the wall. Raven was petrified. She was desperate. Really desperate. So desperate she would.

"Robin!" Raven screamed.

This did not even faze Robin he just continued to unbutton his shirt and remove Raven's cloak.

I can not believe I am about to say this…Raven thought.

"Robin I think it's sexy if a man eats a marshmallow." Raven winced.

Robin removed his hands from her belt and looked at her quizzically.

"Reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy." Robin said while arching an eyebrow.


"Then what are we waiting for! To the kitchen!" Robin screamed.

Shoot me! Just shoot me! Raven thought.

They reached the kitchen and Robin in record time found the marshmallow bag practically putting the whole thing in his mouth! Raven swore to bring Jinx back from the dead and kill her again if this didn't work. Finally after a lot of chewing Robin swallowed.

All-of-a-sudden, Raven saw the boy collapse to the kitchen floor, his eyes filled with pain. Tears began to roll down the teenagers face. Robin then began to grip the floor. Panting heavily Robin grabbed his heart with his left hand. Then he grabbed his head as though everything was hurt. Suddenly his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he fell unconscious.

Raven couldn't believe it. The marshmallow did something. She just prayed that it didn't kill him.

Three weeks later

Robin awoke feeling like a new person, literally. He felt happy until he remembered what he had done. He had attacked his friends and hurt Raven. He was positive that she didn't even want to look at him. He had almost…

Suddenly the door opened and there stood Cyborg smiling like a loon.

"Ok I'm supposed to do a test to see if you're back to normal." Cyborg laughed.

Then Cyborg pulled out a lamp and waved it in Robins face. Robin raised his eyebrow but then remembered when he told Raven he liked the lamp. He really was pathetic.

Realizing Robin's reaction, Cyborg dropped the lamp and pulled Robin in a bone crushing hug that only Cyborg can give.

"It's great to have you back man." Cyborg sighed.

"It's great to be back, Cyborg." Robin smiled.

Cyborg then walked with Robin to breakfast, but Robin stopped when he entered. Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven all looked to Cyborg an answer and Cyborg nodded. Starfire then flew from her seat and tackled Robin.

"You are not full of hormones." Starfire hugged him like Cyborg.

"Yes Star! I'm…not hormonal…anymore!"

And I thought Cyborg was strong! Robin thought while smiling. A true genuine Robin smile not a smirk. Then Beast Boy came and hugged Robin in Bear form and said.

"Welcome back dude!" Beast Boy laughed.

But Raven just sat there staring at him wondering if he really was back to normal…she couldn't decide but when he smiled that gave her the answer. Raven then did something very unRaven like. She walked up to him and hugged him.

Robin was shocked. He thought that she would hate him…thought she would never speak to him again. But Raven was hugging him and smiling.

"It's good to have the real you back." Raven sighed.

Cyborg nodded to Beast Boy and Starfire to leave them alone. So without Raven or Robin knowing, they left the kitchen. Robin reluctantly pulled from the hug and said.

"I thought you would hate me…all those things I did…what I almost did…" Robin looked down in shame.

Raven then lifted his face to meet hers. Raven couldn't believe what she was doing. She wasn't allowed to feel it was dangerous, but this feeling didn't make lights go out of things blow up.

Cyborg stared out the window. He knew Robin cared for Raven and that Raven felt the same but…WHAT THE HECK FLOWERS ARE POPPING UP EVERYWHERE!

"Robin you couldn't help it…I realize that now. The real you would never kiss me…" Raven slightly smiled, but Robin saw sadness behind it.

Did she? No she couldn't… Robin thought.

Now it was Raven's turn to look down in shame. How could she…

She had nothing to be ashamed of. Robin looked at her and wanted her as much as he did before, but not in a lust way but in a loving way. He wanted to hold her and kiss her, but most of all he wanted was to just be with her. Robin came out of his thoughts when he saw a tear roll down Raven face.

Raven couldn't believe herself! Crying…she is the second time she had cried this week. She despised the feeling of weakness that comes from tears. She hated the wet droplets that rolled down her face. Suddenly, Raven felt a soft hand brush her cheek. Raven look at Robin but then turned away. She couldn't look at him.

Robin then turned her face toward him, but Raven's eyes did not follow.

"Raven look at me." Raven's eyes didn't move.

"Look at me Raven…" Robin said in a hushed whisper.

Raven finally looked at him. Then Robin shocked her by leaning into her. No Curse…the real Robin. Raven felt his lips on hers and smiled into it.

Cyborg was flipping out…now candy was popping out of the ground!

Raven kissed back with all the passion she had, and to her amazement Robin kissed her with the same amount of passion. Thank goodness for marshmallows.

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