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Gallantmon struggled vainly against the constricting Parasimon. More tentacles bound around him, his friends unable to help. Gallantmon shuddered.

"We can't lose!" He growled determinedly. "We will defeat Parasimon!"

Inside Gallantmon, Takato shuddered and bent back as data spun around him faster. He roared as red light poured from his body, blasting beyond the red sphere that contained him, beyond Gallantmon himself. There was a bright flash, and the Parasimon clinging to Gallantmon was incinerated as a brilliant ray of crimson shot into the sky, fading into a column of light surrounded by sparkling colors.

And then, hovering in the air, a Digimon issued from the light. Surrounded by the brilliant aura, six glowing wings protruded from his back, waving lightly. He was completely covered in brilliant crimson armor.

Henry gasped at the sight.

"Pretty." Rika whispered.

A glowing circle appeared before the Digimon, and he reached out to grasp it. As he seized it, it sprouted two wing-like blades, and he swung it through the air, waves of light radiating from him.


The light dissipated, and Gallantmon charged into the swirling vortex of the Digital Portal on his six wings. Entering the twisting column, he flew determinedly upwards, and as he drew close to the top, he bent the arm clutching his weapon backwards.


The blade spiraled upwards, leaving a trail of crimson behind. At it reached the core of the portal, there was a flash of light before a column of pure crimson energy emanated from the portal. Gallantmon moved out of the way as the beam slammed to the ground, eclipsing the darkness of the portal. Waves of light issued from the epicenter, growing in intensity as Parasimon screamed, desperately trying to escape the light.

The Parasimon binding the Tamers dissolved into data, as did every other parasite digimon to enter the Real World. Justimon and Sakuyamon bent with relief as MegaGargomon stood up. Set against an again-clear blue sky, Gallantmon's crimson figure came to a rest on the ground, just in time to see a familiar Digimon complete a de-digivolution.

"Locomon?" Sakuyamon turned around.

Locomon's eyes faded from red, revealing normal, yellow ones. "I have to hurry. I have to keep running!"

With that, Locomon sped off towards the rapidly dissipating Digital Portal, entering it just before it vanished for good, leaving behind only a thick trail of smoke that quickly faded away as well.

The Tamers watched him go as Kenta and Kazu, each riding atop one of Guardromon's arms, arrived on the scene.

"What's with that guy?" Kazu wondered. "He just wants to run…Won't even stay and chat."


The red, setting sun cast its brilliant crimson spell over the city. Upon the Nonaka residence in particular did it favor with its rays, and though the celebration was later than planned, the words they had been planning to say for too long were heard.

"Happy Birthday!" Jeri said.

Two party crackers popped, releasing colorful confetti above Rika's head. Looking unusually serious for a Birthday girl, Rika sat motionless as the confetti came to a rest on her head.

Everyone had gathered for the party. On the other side of the table, Renamon stood in a corner as her mother sat across from her, smiling greatly. Rika's grandmother smiled from the kitchen as Jeri clasped her hands behind her back and smiled as well. Calumon zipped around happily overhead, and Impmon was already untimely stuffing his face as Ryo grinned, Cyberdramon at his side. Terriermon stood happily on the table amidst plates and plates of food.

On Rika's side of the table, Kenta and Kazu waved the used crackers happily, Guardromon standing behind his partner. Susie stood by Rika with Lopmon and Henry, as Takato sat next to Rika sheepishly, Guilmon behind him.

In front of Rika was the cake that Jeri had made of strawberries and whipped cream. The words "Happy Birthday Rika" written in icing.

"Well? Blow out the candles!" Jeri suggested happily.

Blushing, Takato gently reached to remove the confetti from Rika's hair. She let him, and her stern face softened for the first time since she sat down. Closing her eyes as Takato drew his hand away, she blew gently. The flames faded to wispy trails of smoke as everyone cheered, save for Takato who was looking embarrassed, and Impmon, who was still stuffing his face.

As they ate, Susie sang while Terriermon and Lopmon performed a synchronized dance with their ears, on either side of her, sweating occasionally. Impmon occasionally glanced at them contemptuously as Calumon flew through the air, wearing an apron and carrying a tray, usually holding drinks or empty plates, back and forth from the kitchen. Kazu meanwhile, was chatting with Ryo as Takato brought dishes to the kitchen where Jeri was washing them. Their eyes met for a moment and Jeri smiled.

Guilmon happily raised a slice of cake to his mouth, and closed his eyes before eating it. Before he could, however, Impmon walked over mischievously and snatched the cake first, stuffing it into his own mouth as Guilmon opened his eyes in surprise, finding his empty claw in his mouth.

Susie finished her little song as Kenta clapped, MarineAngemon squealing in delight on the table. Terriermon and Lopmon bowed, the former Deva in particular looking embarrassed.

"Thank you, thank you!" Susie said happily. "Next up is Rika!"

Ryo turned from his conversation with Kazu in surprise. "Eh? Rika?"

"Rika! Sing for us!" Kazu called.

Takato dashed out of the kitchen looking quite panicked. "Ah! Don't ask her to do that!"

Her eyes still closed, Rika silently put her drink down and got up. Then she turned and walked off out of the room.

"Aww. I guess not." Kenta said.

"Then I'll do it!" Rumiko exclaimed happily, seizing the microphone.

As everyone else turned to watch Rika's mother, Takato watched Rika go, concern on his face. Calumon hovered over to him.

"What's wrong with Rika, calu?"

Suddenly spotting a morsel remaining on the plate he was carrying, Calumon exclaimed happily and gobbled it down. Rika meanwhile, had disappeared around the corner. Takato paused for a minute before making up his mind. He followed Rika as Rumiko began her song.

Walking down a wooden porch, Takato gazed out upon the garden. It was all deeply crimson, and possessed an awe-inspiring quality. Yet it wasn't the garden that Takato was looking at. There, sitting alone, was Rika, staring at the setting sun. Takato took a step forward.

"Rika." He called as he prepared to walk over to his friend.

Suddenly Takato felt someone behind him. Turning his head, he spotted Renamon, who merely nodded at him. Understanding that Rika wanted to be alone, he sent one last concerned glance over his shoulder before turning around and returning to the party with Renamon.

Rika still sat there, motionless, staring into the setting sun.

Zutto zutto issho ni iru to ano yuuhi ni yakusoku shita kara
Ima sugu aitai sono kimochi wo onegai tsutaete ne

She looked sadly at the sun in the distance, her face betraying none of the emotion inside her.

Hitoribotchi no kokoro ni totsuzen tobikonde kita
Sukoshi itakatta toko yasashiku tsutsunde kureta

No one around her, Rika's face softened. She, for a moment, looked as innocent as she had all those years ago. Her eyes shimmered for a moment. Then she slowly got up, turned, and returned to her friends.

Konnani hotto suru koto wa hajimete dakara
Sono nukumori wo sotto poketto ni tsume konde aruite ikitai...




Henry's father stood by, looking thoughtful, as Susie runs through the house, Lopmon close behind. Terriermon follows, one foot accidentally landing on Lopmon's ear. Henry and his older sister dash behind them, trying to catch them, as Henry's mother, wearing an apron and clutching a ladle, watches them go, looking startled. Standing by looking stern is Henry's older brother.

Takato stands in the streets, clad in an orange apron with a cloth tied around his head. By his side is Guilmon, both of them holding up pieces of Guilmon bread. Behind them a sign advertises the product, and a large crate holds a large batch of Guilmon bread. A small crowd has gathered around, jubilant children and intrigued adults alike. Along the side, Takato's father crosses his arms looking proud as his mother stands behind her husband, holding his shoulder.

In the park, Kazu leans against Guardromon, laughing as Kenta looks nervous. Three girls have gathered around, one fawning over MarineAngemon's cuteness, another staring surprised at Kazu, and the third reaching out with both hands to catch an even more nervous MarineAngemon.

Rumiko spreads her arms, clutching a handbag and smiling as she walks beneath the blooming sakuras. Seiko stands further back, wearing a traditional dress as Rika, dressed as she always is, stares up at the flowers. Rika appears calm, though happier than she was normally. There's no sign of determination or concealed rage upon her face, and her eyes are brighter than normal. Behind her stands Renamon, impassive as always.

Jeri smiles, patting her younger brother on the back as he happily holds up her puppet. Calumon flies through the air, accidentally spilling a bucket of water. Jeri's father looks in, smiling faintly, as her stepmother helps him close up shop. Eyes shining, with pure joy on her face, Jeri is treated to a happy ending after all.

It's nighttime in the city. Leaning over the edge of a bridge in the park, Yamaki looks down, dressed in his customary suit and eyeglasses. In his hand he clutches his lit lighter, as behind him, Riley looks at him with concern, dressed in civilian clothes.

On the harsh desert plains of the Digital World, with great pink beams harvesting data from the surface streaming from the strange skies, digi-gnomes fly through the air as digimon look on, observing Locomon charge down the tracks. He's still hurrying. He's still running.

All three Tamers stand together with their partners against a dark background. A smiling Calumon floats above their heads, as above the dark tree-line, the tops of buildings could be seen. Should they ever be in danger, it would be up to the Tamers to save the world. Again.



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