Title: A Very Grinchy Christmas Authors: Ash and Xant Legal fluff: We don't own the people, we are just barrowing for a bit....please don't sue! Summary: Catherine throws a Christmas party, with a little twist..... Spoilers: None that we are aware of.... Notes:
This is the first fic that we have written together, plus for both of us this is only the second story that we have written! So please do review, but be gentle....us newbies are very fragile. We hope that you all enjoy reading it, as much as we are having fun writing it!! ~Ash and Xant

A Very Grinchy Christmas

Chapter One: Whoville

The words "Merry Christmas" greeted Sara as she walked into the CSI building. "Oh no," she groaned to herself, "It's started already." The festive season did not rate highly in the world of Sara Sidle. She could not quite comprehend how for one month, seemingly normal human beings turned into a bunch of present buying, decoration hanging, carol singing, good willing, lunatics.

It wasn't as though Christmas as a child had been bad for her, it was just that it hadn't been a big song and dance. As a family, they had always had a rather quiet day. They exchanged small gifts, that had usually been handmade and enjoyed a modest meal but that had been it. No fanfare, no hoopla, just a quiet day with family.

She continued down the hall to the now very festive break room. Catherine had attacked it earlier with lights and a tree, complete with tinsel and a few ornaments that people had made and placed on it.

"There you are Sara! I wanted to talk to you about what you have planned on Christmas Eve," Catherine said as she continued to string lights around the windows.

Sara gave the newly strung lights a dark glare as if it were somehow their fault that they now decorated the room. "I don't know yet, why do you ask?" she asked suspiciously. She had a feeling that Catherine was going to ask her to do something and she knew it was probably something that she didn't want to.

"Well I'm throwing a little Christmas party, at my house. Just for the graveyard shift, and Greg of course. You'll be there, right?" Catherine asked.

"Well you see I would and all.but.with all of you gone.ah.someone has to work, and I volunteer for the job. I know not many people like to work that day, but the dead people don't stop dying just because we're not here. What can you do?" Sara said giving a shrug of her shoulders, inwardly congratulating herself for coming up with a way out.

"I'll tell you what you can do, you can think of another excuse! Day shift is covering for us, so everyone is free to come to the party," Catherine said smugly. "Oh.and by the way," she added as she walked towards the door, "It's a costume party with a Christmas theme. If you arrive without a costume, one will be supplied for you at the door."

Sara watched her disappear from the room and slid slowly into a nearby chair, letting her head fall on the table with a smack. "Great. Not only do I have to go to a party, I have to dress up. Goody for me," she muttered forlornly.


After walking through all the Christmas decorations, Grissom dove into the safety of his office. He was proud that so far he had managed to keep all decorations and signs of Christmas out of his office. However, that moment of pride was broken when Catherine burst into his office holding several strands of Christmas lights.

"Damn, I was hoping to beat you here," said Catherine with a smile.

"Sorry to disappoint you Catherine," Grissom smiled back. "By the way, Christmas decorations are off limits in my office. You have free reign in the break room, the locker room and wherever else your little heart desires, but stay away from my office," Grissom told her with a slight growl in his voice.

Catherine laughed at her boss, "Don't get your shorts in a twist Gil, these aren't for you. I was on my way to help Greg get 'festive'. The thought of trying to make your office Christmassy is too big of a challenge, even for me."

"My shorts, as you put it, are just fine," huffed Grissom. "Is there anything I can actually do for you Catherine or did you just drop by to make comments about my underwear?"

"Boy, someone woke up on the wrong side of Christmas, didn't they," teased Catherine. "As a matter of fact I do have a reason for dropping by. I just wanted to let you know that you will be attending a party at my house on Christmas Eve, so don't make any other plans," she ordered.

Pursing his lips together, Grissom sighed dramatically, "Catherine, you and I both know that I have to work that night. So, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to your little soiree."

"Oh." said Catherine as a smile began to form on her face, making Grissom feel somewhat uneasy. "Didn't Cavallo tell you? I was sure you would have received his memo by now. This year our shift has been given Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, so you have no excuse."

"But...I.how." Grissom stuttered, trying to think of some reasonable excuse to miss the party.

"Save it Gil," Catherine interrupted "Just be at my house on Christmas Eve, dressed in your favorite Christmas costume. If you don't have a costume, you will be completely at Lindsey's mercy until she leaves for her sleepover. And trust me, she has ideas," Catherine grabbed her lights and hurried off to the DNA lab before Grissom could protest any more.

As soon as Catherine had left, Grissom began to search his desk frantically for the memo that stated he got the time off. Finding it buried under stacks of paper and some chocolate crickets, he read it and sighed. 'Guess I should read these once in a while,' he thought to himself.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Catherine smiled to herself as she grabbed a bowl in the break room and sat down at the table with some scraps of paper and a pen. A few days ago, she had devised a plan to put an end to the uncomfortable situation that was 'Sara and Grissom's relationship', or lack there of at the moment. She had already effected phases one and two of her plan and was about to move on to phase three.

After scribbling on several pieces of paper, she placed them in the bowl and went to the layout room in search of Sara. Finding her there, she announced her entrance, "There you are Sara! I was beginning to think that you were hiding from me or something."

"Why Catherine, I would never hide from you!" Sara said with a grin on her face.

"Didn't think so," Catherine grinned back. "Anyway it's time to draw and decide who's secret Santa you are going to be."

"Secret what?" asked Sara, looking confused.

Catherine looked at her in amazement. "You know, secret Santa, draw a name out of the bowl and then you have to buy a present for that person." She shook the bowl in Sara's direction. "Come on, take your pick."

Sara rolled her eyes, knowing that it was useless to argue, Catherine was the Christmas fairy from hell. She reached into the bowl and shuffled the papers around a bit, finally grabbing one. Her face fell as she opened it up and read the name. "Um..Catherine..I think I better redraw," she said with a pleading look.

"Sorry Sara, no can do, you get who you grabbed!" smiled Catherine, as she turned and left.

'Great, my day just keeps getting better,' Sara thought to herself. 'Now I have a party, a costume AND a present for Grissom.' For the second time that night, her head landed on the table with a thud.


On her way to Grissom's office, Catherine made a stop in the restroom. Stepping into the stall, she emptied the remaining pieces of the paper into the toilet and flushed. She smiled as she saw five little names whirl around in the water before being sucked under, five little names which all read 'Gil Grissom'.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out six more pieces of paper, this time all reading 'Sara Sidle'. With an evil grin, she placed them into the secret Santa bowl and exited the restroom. 'Okay, off to find my next victim.I mean drawer!' She wiped the smile off her face as she stepped into Grissom's office.

"Ok Gil, your turn to draw." Catherine said as she waved the secret Santa bowl under Grissom's nose.

"What now Catherine?" he asked resignedly.

"Just draw a name out of the bowl. You then become the Secret Santa of that person and have to buy them a present," Catherine explained.

He regarded her with mild interest, peering over the rim of his glasses. Catherine shook the bowl once more in his direction, grinning madly. With the largest sigh he could muster, Grissom reached into the bowl, and after a few minutes of rustling around, pulled out a piece of paper. Unfolding it, he read it to himself, 'Sara Sidle'. Grissom looked at Catherine and opened his mouth in protest.

Catherine was one step ahead of him, "Sorry Gil, don't even try, no redraws."

Grissom snapped his mouth shut, as he silently came to terms with his predicament.

"Any who," said Catherine, interrupting his thoughts "I have to go find everyone else and let them draw. I'm sure they'll be a little more enthusiastic about it." Walking once more into the restroom stall, she flushed the remaining evidence of her duplicity into the Las Vegas sewerage system. 'Man I'm good,' she silently congratulated herself.

She pulled four more pieces of paper from her pocket and dropped them into the bowl with the remaining four members names on them. She laughed quietly to herself as she walked out of the restroom and went in search of the guys.