The Last Chapter

"So tha's it? I'm dead?"

"More or less." Will selected a suitably sharp spike to wedge between the links of Jack's shackles.

"Lesser so than more, I'd hope." The pirate replied sourly. "An' what am I supposed to do about Captaining the Pearl, seeing as I'm now of the lately deceased?"


The suggestion didn't please, if the expression on Jack's face could be trusted. The scowl didn't fade even after Will broke the iron. Once free, the pirate rubbed his wrists and stretched his arms in an effort to get the kinks out of his muscles.

"So then, this deal Anamaria made with the Commodore about me staying dead- she ain't expecting me to keep it is she?"

The door creaked on its hinges as it swung inwards and Anamaria came into the shop with Elizabeth right behind her. "What deal?"

Jack didn't miss the desperate expression going from the blacksmith to his first mate. So that was how they wished to play their cards now was it? Young Turner would have to learn to a lot more cunning if he wished to pull one over on old Jack.

"Oh, that deal." A slight roll of the eyes and Jack knew at least Anamaria wasn't in on the ruse. Apparently, she had other things on her mind, as Jack found himself all but pounced upon a moment later.

"Not bad for a corpse, eh?" The joke only earned him a cuff to the head. Elizabeth laughed though, so he felt vindicated that at least someone had the good judgment to find his sense of humour to be humorous. Unless it was the cuff on the head she was laughing at...

No matter. If felt too good to be out of the damn shackles, and the damn prison, and far enough away from the pride of the damn British Navy (none other than the Dauntless) that he didn't expect to be hauled up onto it at any moment.

"So this deal the boy was telling me about," Jack wound his arm around Anamaria's waist. Leaning in close, he continued, "I was thinking it might be time t' pass on the hat, so to speak."

Just as he'd intended, Will and Elizabeth heard and he turned back to face them, "Now that I'm dead," he added attempting to look solemn, "there's the matter of a certain ship lacking a Captain. Seems only right the boy should inherit the honour. If I recall, he made a decent pirate during the whole cursed gold thing. Seems only right t' pass the ship on to him, with the matter of pirate in the blood and all."

The look passing between the young couple was worth at least its weight in gold. "Course, the whelp'll be needin' a first mate. Havin' a woman on board worked well enough for me, I'm sure 'e could find one in Tortuga."

Will left no time for anyone to contemplate that comment. "Now Jack, I don't see why a little thing like being dead should keep you from your ship. I mean, it's not like you haven't been dead before, right?" And Jack could only frown slightly at the possible truth behind the words.

"Undoubtedly." Elizabeth chimed in. "A ship's no place for a baby anyhow."

"Ah, I'd wondered how long it would take the two of you to start multiplying." Jack looked at Anamaria with narrowed eyes; the question of yet another bun in the oven still not quite resolved. He didn't want to come right out and ask or anything obvious like that. He was, in fact, at least ninety percent certain there was no pregnancy complicating his side of things. "Not that being a father would be that terrible of luck but-"

Another sigh escaped Anamaria. "Not going to happen." She stated firmly.

That brightened Jack's mood considerably. "Well then, I guess we'd best be on our way back to the Pearl." With Anamaria at his side, and eager to be back at sea as soon as possible, Jack edged his way towards the exit. Then, Anamaria dug her heels in and the two halted.

"I sent the Pearl to Tortuga." Ana informed.

"And that leaves us with?" Jack asked.

Anamaria smiled wickedly. "What do you think Jack?"

"The orange one?"

"Aye. The orange one." She answered, referring to her own little sailing boat.

It took only a moment before the Pirate Captain began to smile at the prospect as well. After all, an excursion on the dread orange monstrosity belonging to his first mate wasn't exactly the end of the world. And a lot could happen on the way to Tortuga...alone on a boat with... Anamaria.

Until next time,

Cheers, Rat