ME: I'm back!

CS: With another holiday special.

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…And a Happy New Year!!!

They were currently in the Kinomiya household, celebrating New Year's Eve. Tyson and Kai are going out now (Though everyone knew about it, except for Kenny)

It was a Beybladers party only, so nobody else was invited except bladers to the utter disappointment of Hillary.

Ray and Max were lounging at the sofa, Tyson was hanging up the streamers (with a little help from Kai) and Kenny was scanning the dojo's decorations. 

Kai was grumbling like there was no tomorrow. And sneezing as well.

He caught a cold from the snowball fight with Tyson.

"Why do we have to do this again?"

Tyson gave his boyfriend a patient look, "Because it's New Year's Eve and I always have a party on New Year's Eve. It's tradition."

"The hell with tradition."

"Come on Kai, don't be such a grouch."

"Who's coming anyways?"

"Oh, the usual…Lee, Mariah, Michael…"


Suddenly Tyson almost toppled over.

"Did you say Michael?!!!! Why that no-good son of a …"

Tyson struggled to balance himself as Kai ranted about the faults Michael possessed.

Ray and Max managed to steady Tyson's ladder (They had finished their snogging session)

Tyson got down from his ladder. Then he glared at Kai, "What's wrong with Michael?"

"Everything. Didn't you hear me?"

Tyson gave him a pointed look, "No, I was trying to save myself from falling to my death."

Kai flushed, "Sorry."

Max raised a hand to his mouth in mock horror, "Did Kai just apologize?"

Ray laughed, "I guess having a steady relationship can really change you."

"Shut up, the both of you, if you want extra practice."

They both wisely shut up.

Tyson sighed. Sometimes Kai could be so immature.

"Kai, promise me you won't do anything to Michael."



Kai sighed, "I promise. But if he makes eyes at you, that promise goes out the window!"

Tyson bit back a smirk, "That will do. Now help me put up those streamers."


Everyone arrived. Mariah and Lee started making out in a corner, Kenny and Emily were arguing about who was the greater genius, Plato or Einstein.

(ME: --;; There go the weirdest kids the world has ever known. CS: I think Plato is smarter than Einstein. ME: And the weirdest muse)

Tyson and Michael decided to blade, Kai was muttering, "Bah, humbug." to himself as he kept giving Michael the evil eye. Max was making cookies in the kitchen and Ray was dipping his finger into the dough.

"Aw, Tyson you won again!"

Tyson grinned as Dragoon spun eagerly in the dish, "Wanna have another go?"

Michael shrugged. Tyson pouted, "Come on!!"

Michael laughed, "Sorry Ty, but I'll pass."

Suddenly, Michael felt Kai's hands on his throat.

"Don't call him 'Ty'. That privilege is reserved for me and me only." Kai said through gritted teeth.

"Kai, get off him!" Tyson pulled Kai's hands off Michael, allowing the American Beyblader to breath, "You can't do that! I'm your toy or your possession!!"


"No 'buts' Kai! I'm not your toy!" Tyson yelled.

Kai couldn't take it anymore. Scowling, he trudged out of the house and slammed the door.

There was silence


Kai sat outside the Kinomiya household. His bad mood was worse than ever.

Why couldn't Tyson see the way Michael looks at him?

I'm not your toy!

Is that how Tyson saw their relationship? Where Kai got whatever he wanted?

But he loved Tyson. Is it wrong to want the person you love to be with you only?

You can't do that!


Kai grunted.

Tyson smiled at his boyfriend. Involuntarily, Kai felt himself melt a bit.

Tyson sat next to his boyfriend, "You know, what you did isn't wrong."

"It isn't?" Kai's voice betrayed his surprise.

"No, it isn't. But you forgot something very important."

"And that is?"

"That I love 'you'. Not Michael, not Robert, nobody else. You get too hyped up that you forgot…"

"Forgot what?"

"Loyalty. Even should Oliver (here Kai snorted) or anyone else try to make eyes at you, I know that you would never return the favour. Because you love me. And I trust me."

Kai gently kissed Tyson, absorbing the warmth from Tyson's love.


They broke apart. They heard a gong ring from inside the house.

Tyson grinned as he nudged Kai, "So, what's your New Year's resolution?"

"To break the bones of anybody who looks at you."

Tyson mock-pouted, "What about the whole talk about loyalty?"

"It went through one ear and came out through the other."

Tyson frowned, "Next time I won't bother."

"So, what's yours?"


Kai looked exasperatedly at him, "Your New Year resolution."

Tyson blushed, "Oh."

"Well, what is it?"

"Not tellin'"

Kai pouted. Tyson sighed, "All right. It was to destroy whoever looked at you."

Kai looked at him in shock. Tyson huffed, "Hey, I'm not immune from jealously you know."

Kai chuckled, drawing Tyson closer to him, "I know. But I feel better now that you said it."

"Shall we go back inside?"

Kai shook his head, "The minute we step inside, and Max and Ray are going to bombard with questions about the details."

Tyson rubbed his chin, "Good point. Better to stay here instead." He snuggled up closer to Kai as Kai wrapped a possessive arm around Tyson.


"Should we tell them we videotaped the whole thing?"

"And lose our potential blackmail? No way."

"Happy New Year Max."

"Happy New Year Ray."

"You sure we shouldn't---,"

"No, Ray."



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