Head over feet

Warnings/notes : Yami Yugi (Yami)/Yami Bakura (Bakura), flashbacks from a pseudo Ancient Egyptian AU (all parts in italics are flashbacks), oocness, possibly slight hints at Mahado (DM) + Yami in the past

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The song 'Head over feet' belongs to Alanis Morissette. Slight changes have been made to the text ('a princess' was replaced by 'so precious' ^^;).

written at 29th october 2003, by Misura

For Escuro de la Lus, hoping it's at least a little like what you wanted. ^^;


Their kiss was bittersweet, tasting like fire and ice. At that moment, Yami couldn't quite remember why he hadn't stepped up to Bakura much sooner, to claim what was his.

His eyes fluttered open, staring into dark brown ones, that still seemed to mock his dominance, even at a time like this. Aside from a distant amusement, he could see no emotion in them, nothing of the feelings that he himself experienced.

//I had no choice

But to hear you//

"Tombrobber!" Bakura turned around, swearing to himself that if Yami -arrogant, stubborn do-goodie Yami- used that word one more time, he'd just ignore it.

He was proud of what had once been his profession, yet he hated the way Yami's voice seemed to turn into a sneer when it came out of his mouth.

"Ex-pharaoh." He turned, his expression cold enough to match Yami's own. Even if he preferred to let his anger burn, to give his emotions free rein, in front of Yami it was better to keep his wits about him.

Besides, it would make a bad impression on Ryou if he'd be the first to start yelling. Whereas if he'd manage to get *Yami* to lose his temper, Ryou would complain about it to Yugi.

Well, he *might* anyway. Ryou was a bit too shy to take care of his own interests, but he would speak up for others more easily.

"A word with you." Yami's ruby eyes flashed, for a moment showing something else than dislike.

Bakura chose to ignore it for the moment.

//You stated your case

Time and again//

Bakura felt something tearing at the shields he had put up between him and the world, shields that only Ryou had breached before.

But where Ryou had touched his soul and heart by his innocence and need for protection, Yami was utterly different. Yami didn't have the first, and would never admit to the last, if it would ever occur.

Ryou had convinced him to accept Yami's offer of help in creating his own body, aided by the Sennen Magic of Puzzle and Ring. Ryou had wanted him to have his own life.

He wondered what it was that Yami wanted from him.

He wondered what Ryou would think of him if his hikari would see him now.

//I thought about it//

"You already had five." Bakura replied, enjoying the momentary confusion in Yami's expression. "Five words without any meaning. Your next ones had better be good."

Yami recovered quickly, too quickly for Bakura's liking. Yami looked like he knew something Bakura didn't, like he had a trick up his sleeve that would leave Bakura the loser of this confrontation.

"They will be." Yami assured him, stalking closer.

Instead of backing away, Bakura stepped forwards as well, meeting the challenge rather than trying to escape it. He welcomed some excitement, truly.

Recently, Yami had seemed to have gone soft, probably by his hikari's influence. Bakura had rather missed their arguments.

"Well? I haven't got all day." Their noses almost touched now. It was slightly unsettling, to be this close to Yami, but Bakura couldn't turn away anymore.

//You treat me

Like I'm so precious//

"Mine." Yami growled. "You are mine, now and forever."

Bakura sought for the breath to refute that claim, to renounce it for the lie it was. No one would ever own him. Not his hikari, whom he loved, and not this arrogant former Pharaoh.

Before he could speak though, his lips were sealed by another kiss. It was weird really, this odd insistence of Yami. There was no logic behind it. Not anymore.

"You still live in the past." Bakura panted. "Grow up a little, mess with your hikari if you insist on playing master and servant. But don't try it with me."

Yami raised one eyebrow. "Try? I would say I already did more than just 'try'. I would say I've already succeeded."

//I'm not used

To liking that//

"Do you remember what you promised me, five thousand years ago?" Yami's voice was soft like velvet, with a sense of iron beneath it.

That was when he knew, knew why Yami had wanted to meet him here. Bakura would have prepared not to know, really.

Like their fates had been linked then, affirmed by the linking of their spirits to the Sennen Items, so their destinies were now tied to two mortals.

"Five thousand years is a long time." He made a dismissive gesture.

"Yessss." Yami hissed. "A very long time to be waiting."

Bakura snorted. "Don't go melodramatic on me. You didn't recall a single thing from your past until that Yugi kid put the Sennen Puzzle back together and even then, it took you nearly a year."

"But I remember now." Yami glared at him.


//You ask

How my day was//

"I hate the court." Yami dropped down gracelessly in the sand next to Bakura, who grinned. "That's not funny, 'Kura. I feel suffocated there, with all those stupid rituals and protocols."

"You're the Pharaoh's son." Bakura replied lightly. "It's your own fault."

"What?!" Yami swatted at him. "How can it be? I didn't choose to be born like that."

Bakura shook his head. "Temper, temper. Really, Yami. If you weren't born the Heir, someone would have beaten some sense into you years ago. And you'd probably be like them." He gestured to the laborers, on their way to the fields.

Yami made a face. "Mahado's preachings and sharp tongue are worse than any beating. He keeps on nagging me about how I should take up my responsibilities and all that."

"Well, you *did* turn sixteen last month after all." Bakura pointed out.

"My father's going to rule for years and years." Yami protested. "There's no need for me to learn all that stuff already, about the Shadow Games and -"

//You've already won me over

In spite of me//

Bakura raised his hand. "I don't want to know. It's not allowed to talk about things like that to a mere commoner." He spat out the last word, even if he did sound serious.

Yami blinked. "But nothing they teach me makes any sense. And why would I even *want* to risk losing my soul in some stupid game?"

"To rule fate." There was an odd glimmer in Bakura's eyes as he rose, staring out over the seemingly endless desert in front of them. "To control your own life, and that of others."

"It's not like that." Yami objected. "You make it sound - "

"Everyone knows the Shadow Games are about power." Bakura gazed at him incredulously. "Everyone. Even if no one knows how it works, or why, any person in this town can tell you the reason for nobles and priests to participate in the Shadow Games."

"I'm the Heir." Yami pointed out. "I don't need to win at some silly game to prove my worth."

"Your worth, you annoying pest of a princeling, is non-existent." Bakura snorted.

//Don't be alarmed if I fall

Head over feet//

Two boys, rolling in the sand, laughing and yelling.

Two bodies, pressed together, bared skin touching bared skin.

"I'm not worthless. Admit it!" Yami growled, triumphantly pinning Bakura's hands down with his own.

"Never." Bakura grinned, flipping his body upwards like a fish on the dry. Yami yelped as he lost his superior position and tumbled down in the warm sand. Bakura jumped onto him, in an attempt to get Yami in the position *he* had held only moments ago.

Their hands touched eachother in the following struggle. Their bodies seemed to entwine of their own will, tumbling and turning, each of them trying to get a grip on the other one.

It seemed only natural their lips would touch too, after a while.

//Don't be surprised if I love you

For all that you are//

"You're not just annoying ; you're stupid as well." Bakura remarked.

"Why?" Yami asked, slightly hurt and honestly confused.

"You're the Heir." Bakura frowned. "I may not treat you like those nobles fawning over you at court, but you're still - "

"I love you." Yami declared. "I like you a lot." he amended, quickly when he noticed Bakura's expression.

"Stupid, stupid." Bakura sighed, shaking his head. "What am I going to do with you, Yami?"

Yami grinned. "I have some pretty good ideas I think."