I can hear the collective gasp from here. Yes it's true… I have another chapter. I realize that it's been ages upon ages since I wrote for this story, but Gwen has finally shown up again and has been hitting me over the head to bring her back. I'll try to get something more up before another year and a half has passed.

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Gwen hobbled over to the bench and dropped down with a thud. She breathed deeply and leaned back against the wall. The ache from the gash in her thigh was increasing instead of fading. She wondered if it was because it was the fourth deep wound she had received during this training session. Glancing down at her blood stained clothes, her thoughts turned to a hot bath and a warm bed.

"I doubt that your opponent will give you time to sit down and heal," Duncan called from the center of the dojo. "Pick up your sword and come back over here."

Instead of rising, Gwen looked over at Adam who was leaning against the opposite wall with his arms crossed. His face was impassive, giving no sign of support. Clenching her jaw she turned to face the Scot.

"I've had enough for today, Duncan," she told him. "And I still have some work to do in my office..."

"I don't think you realize how important this is," MacLeod interrupted her. "You have to be prepared to defend yourself... to fight!"

"Yes, I do," the young woman replied defiantly. "And I train almost every day and I train hard! But I've had a really long day and I'm tired."

The highlander stalked across the room to stand in front of his student, "Being tired is not a good enough reason to cut your training short. Especially now. We have no idea who this guy following you is or what he wants. You have to be ready."

Once again, Gwen looked to Adam to back her up, but the oldest immortal remained in his spot on the wall, arms crossed over his chest, no expression on his face. Realizing that help was not forthcoming, she pulled herself up to her full height and faced her teacher.

"I will be ready, Duncan," she said, "but right now I need to stop. I was on campus until late last night, I got up early this morning, I spent four hours cleaning up our offices, and we've been at this for over two hours."

"But, Gwen..." Duncan began.

"And," she continued, "I have been knocked down, sliced up and between the two of you, almost run through at least three times. I'm tired and I am going home!"

With that, Gwen yanked on her coat, shoved her sword into the inside pocket and grabbed her bag. With a toss of her head she stormed out the door. From his spot on the wall, Adam chuckled.

MacLeod whirled around at the sound of the laugh, "Aren't you going after her?"

Shrugging, Adam replied, "She'll be back." He moved off to retrieve his own coat and sword.

"What do you mean 'She'll be back'," he shouted. "That guy could be following her home right now!"

Calmly, Adam turned around to look at his friend. "You wouldn't let her drive this morning, remember? She doesn't have any transportation. She'll be back up in a few minutes when she realizes that she can't get home."

"Well, I don't think she's safe out there by herself," Duncan said. "I'm going to get her..."

"MacLeod, leave her alone,"Adam told him. "She knows that there is danger, but she needs to admit it to herself... not have you constantly remind her of it. She needs to realize that going off on her own isn't such a good idea. If you go down there and drag her back, it's just going to make her more determined to ditch all of us. Then who knows what might happen."


As she reached the street and realized that her car wasn't there, Gwen hurled her bag at the wall and let out a frustrated scream. For a moment, she stood still, her fists and jaw clenched tight. Just as she was about to grab her bag and head back into the dojo, she felt the unmistakable buzz of an approaching immortal. Reaching into her coat for her sword she looked around frantically.

Suddenly, a motorcycle roared around the corner and screeched to a stop beside her. Richie pulled off his helmet and gave his head a quick shake. His broad smile at seeing his friend faded quickly when he saw her flushed face and bloody clothes.

"Gwen, are you alright?" he asked, climbing off the bike. "You haven't been in a fight or anything, have you?"

"More like getting my ass kicked," she said, leaning heavily on the wall. "I've been training with Adam and Duncan and it's hasn't been going very well."

"Yeah, Mac's training sessions can get a little intense. It's like he wants you to be as good as he is all at once." Richie looked around for Gwen's jeep. "What are you doing out here and where's your car?"

"I was going to go home, but I forgot that I rode over here with Adam," she replied with a sigh. "Now I don't… Hey, would you mind giving me a ride home?"

Richie shrugged. "No problem. I was just stopping by to see if anyone wanted to go to Joe's for a drink."

He handed her the extra helmet swung his leg over the motorcycle and started it up. Gwen secured her bag over her shoulders and settled on the bike behind her friend. Mindful of his passenger, Richie eased away from the curb rather then roaring off in his usual fashion. Regardless of his care in driving, Gwen held on tightly.


"It's been fifteen minutes, Methos," The highlander practically shouted at his friend. "If she were going to come back up, she would have done it by now. I'm going down there."

As much as he had wanted to be right about Gwen, Methos had to agree with Duncan. She should have been back long before now and he was worried, too. Without a word he headed for the door, MacLeod right behind him. Reaching the street, the absence of the immortal buzz increased the worry.

"I'll drive," Methos called, running to his car. Duncan was in the passenger seat within seconds and the pair raced off into the night.


On the way towards the campus and Gwen's duplex, Richie was still trying to be careful not to speed or take the turns to sharply. Since he was used to being a bit reckless, it was taking most of his concentration. Even though he knew that she wouldn't be seriously injured in an accident, he truly didn't want the wrath of Duncan MacLeod coming down on him if something, anything at all happened to her.

Richie felt Gwen's arms tighten around him at exactly the same moment he felt the immortal buzz. The small sports car heading toward them slowed as they passed and immediately did a u-turn.

"Damn it!" the young man yelled. "Hold on!" He pressed the accelerator and steered the bike away from the residential area they were in. If this unknown immortal wanted to fight, he was going to make sure that it wasn't witnessed by the neighborhood watch.