Two September Drabbles

Disclaimer: These drabbles are inspired by Professor Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I don't own his characters and don't make any money with my writings.

September 22nd, 1422

Bilbo and Frodo were looking out at the Sea. The sun was sinking slowly, and the two hobbits felt quite small in the beauty of Valinor.
"Well, I bet Hobbiton misses our great feasts..." Bilbo chuckled.
Frodo put out some pipeweed.
"I think there'll be lots of ale flowing at the inns tonight." His eyes sparkled in the leaving daylight. "True hobbits would never miss a reason to party."
Bilbo made an undefinable sound and puffed at his pipe. He ruffled Frodo's hair and Frodo laid his head onto Bilbo's shoulder. The hobbits enjoyed the peace surrounding them.

September 29th, 1422

He woke, vaguely remembering his dream. The only thing that remained was a sparkling light that shone brightly and left hope in his heart. One year ago he had felt like fading... like the light of the Phial that had been swallowed by the horizon.

But now he opened his eyes to see warm sunlight spreading across the room. And he knew deep inside that the voice that sang in him now was one of healing and rejoicing. It had joined the haunting melancholy that appeared when he thought of his dearest friend. But their souls were united - tied forever.