Please don't kill me because I don't mean to portray Sirius as nasty because he will become good in the next chapters.

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AN: This is a response to my current writer's block with pretty green eyes and it's just a nightmare. I know the blacks would have had house elves but they would have employed maids to interact with their children instead of the house elves.

Garden of Eden

He tossed the slices of Chestnut Cream cake over the ivy-covered veranda and watched as the Blood Hound below caught them with enthusiasm. Soon he ran out of slices and lazily sauntered back through the French windows. The Blood Hound below bayed out for more but the little boy didn't come back out for he was too caught up in his newest toys.

The maid followed the boy as he kicked his new ball around the room and watched with delight as it bounced off the walls and knocked down everything that was standing in its path. It had been charmed especially to bounce further than physically possible and the boy used it to his advantage. Son he began targeting specific things; a vase or a chair but soon he turned on his brother and the maid. His brother, for they did share very similar features was hardly someone noticeable for it was all too common that any spectator would be too caught up in observing the antics of the other boy to notice his existence. He cowered in a corner as his elder brother continued to play and not once did his speak out about the destruction of the room. The maid could do no such thing either so resorted to tailing the elder of the two and clearing up his path of destruction.

Soon, fortunately he grew tired of this game and moved onto other more interesting pursuits such as bullying his brother. The younger boy was simply not match for him strength wise and had to give up his seat and moved onto the rug by the French Windows. The elder boy ran a hand through his jet-black hair in a very extravagant way and beckoned for the maid to hand him a book. She took her choice carefully and the boy eyed her with bare sarcasm. As soon as she had presented the book to him he threw it with all his might back at her hitting her hard on the leg,

"I don't want this book! You know which book I want but you just couldn't be bothered to get it. I think I will tell Father at dinner. He'll have something to say to you. Now get the book that I want!" he ordered. The maid turned around, with an expression of pure loathing she fetched another book from the shelf and carefully held it out this time out of his reach but close enough fro him to see the title. He nodded his approval and snatched the book from her hands without any acknowledgement. He smiled to himself as he turned the crisp pages full of colourful illustrations, he had his own Garden of Eden and he would never leave that.