WARNING: This fic contains a reference to m/m love and marriage. If this squicks you, GET OFF FROM HERE!

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A/N: This ficlet was written in response to the Anti-Marriage Protection Week challence in Fictionalley.

Dedicated to my friend Minna, because I got the idea when I was watching (okay, spying) her class's dancing.

Stella Luna


Sirius remembered very well the first time he had danced with Remus.

It had been in their Graduation Ball. Everyone had thought they were crazy when they had announced they were going to go there together. When they in fact did it, everyone thought it was only a good joke.

James, Lily, and Peter, who knew better, had been quiet.

They had done everything to make it look just right. They had even sneaked to Diagon Alley on one of their Hogsmeade weekends and went to Madame Malkin's, where they had ordered a perfect, pretty dress robe for Remus. Bare shoulders; long, wide hem; little glass beads embroided all over the white silk the robe had been made of.

When the night had come, Lily, who had been wholly involved in their "joke", had used a whole hour to get Remus's long braid just right. She had twined a night-black silk ribbon in the braid in contrary to the light dress robe. It had looked wonderful in Remus's honey-chestnut hair. _He_ had looked wonderful. Excluding the obvious lack of some particular parts of female anatomy, everyone had been certain that he had been the most beautiful dame anyone could have got.

They had actually danced, and danced well. Sirius remembered it now, still feeling the light body on his arms, mentally leading Remus through the dancing couples.

The other time they had danced in public had been in Lily and James's wedding. There everyone had thought as well it was a joke, just something they would have expected from Sirius Black - to ask his guy friend for a dance, when every female person in the wedding would have died to dance with him.

Now it was another night, another dance, another wedding. The honey and chestnut tresses of Remus were now mixed with a lot of silver, and he was even more slender than back then, but he was still just as beautiful - if not more beautiful than ever before.

Remus's hair was on a braid similar to that one in the Graduation Ball long, long time ago. He had another white dress robe, but this time it was decorated with pearls and tiny diamonds. It had been extremely expensive, but Sirius hadn't even noticed the price. Remus looked beautiful in it, and that was all that mattered to him.

It was so similar to their first dance, and similar to that one in the Potters' wedding, and yet so unique. Not only were they older and the people around them had changed, but also one of the most important things was clearly different.

This time it was their celebration, their wedding, their first dance as a married couple. Sirius saw light shining in the golden ring in his left hand and smiled.

"Stella Luna," Sirius hummed along the words, "my beautiful star, my moon, my love, my world, my one, and my heart." He looked deep into Remus's amber eyes, glowing in delight and happiness.

They continued to dance, and little by little others began to dance as well, only the gourgeous voice of the singer washing over them.


Stella Luna,

My beautiful star,

My moon, my love,

My world, my one,

And my heart.


I now love you

Like I used to do

When we firstly met,

And now you I get.


Stella Luna,

You are my star,

My moon, my love,

My world, my one

You have my heart.