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Faye Valentine was in love. Her frail heart was bruised and tattered, but her amorous feelings for her beloved comrade had still not yet diminished from her stubborn soul.

Weeping piteously upon her unmade bed, the young woman held herself tightly within her own embrace and bowed her head, her soft, silky violet locks curtaining her scintillating irises from the world as she bit her lower lip and prayed to God that he would return to her.

"Why did you go? Why did you leave me?!," Faye wondered, squeezing her eyes shut as she pressed her lips tightly together in a thin, grim line in order to prevent an outburst of embittered emotion. "What did you even mean when you said that you were going to see if you were really alive? WELL, Spike?! Are you REALLY alive?!!"
"I want to do something for her."

Celeste, Spike's new neighboring angel, rolled her eyes, returning grimly, "Wouldn't we all like to do something for our loved ones, Spike? There's nothing that any of us can do for them.....we can't even protect them from their worst fears, for goodness sake, so what good are we?! We're their guardians, yet we can't even interfere with their lives unless...."

"Unless what?," Spike demanded, now fully intrigued.

Giving him a frightful look, Celeste immediately averted her gaze from his own, replying firmly, "Nothing.....just forget that I said anything at all."

Spike frowned deeply. "Tell me, Celeste......I don't want my friends to suffer! Please! I'm begging you!"

Bowing her head in defeat, she nodded, mumbling discreetly, "The only way that an angel can touch, protect, or even come in contact with their loved ones is to pluck one of their feathers from their wings, then set it on fire, as terribly odd as that sounds."

"Then I'll do it," Spike acknowledged, immediately removing one of the soft, downy silvery-white feathers from his left wing before Celeste could even protest. "I have to see my friends again......it's important to me."

"But you'll be forever damned!!!,"
Celeste wailed, tiny, diamond-like tears threatening to escape past her dainty kohl lashes as her shimmering, violet irises bestowed him with an innocently pleading look. "Are your friends REALLY worth losing your place in Heaven?!!"

Spike paused, then reached his hand down into his pocket in order to retrieve one of his most beloved possessions. He had made his decision.

Celeste lowered her gaze to her bare feet as she overheard him flick his lighter open and spark up a flame, the tiny, voracious fire devouring the feather in an instant of ravenous destruction.

Suddenly feeling as if he were descending into nothingness, Spike closed his eyes and welcomed the swirling winds that tousled his lush, moss-green locks, Celeste's frantic calls breaking through the heavenly clouds after his sinking form as he breathed with joyous elation, "Look out, everybody....I'm coming home."

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