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"Miss Valentine....if you can hear me, please go ahead and open your eyes now."

Stirring about groggily within her sudden state of repose, Faye instantly obeyed the order as she took in her surroundings with awe and astonishment, her voice quivering slightly as she questioned, "Wh-where am I? Who are you?!"

The young woman smiled with an incredible warmth, conceding softly, "My name is Celeste, Miss Valentine, and you are currently in a wonderful place called Heaven."

"H-Heaven?," Faye reiterated, blinking in absolute amazement. "You mean I'm......dead?"

Celeste's smile only deepened. "Well fortunately for you, it is not yet your time to go. You see, you have been saved by a remarkable young man who saw to it that you get another chance to live by giving up his own place here in the Heavenly Kingdom."

"And....who is this man?," Faye questioned softly, almost afraid to know the true answer.

Giving her a rather pained look, Celeste replied empathetically, "Spike Spiegel, sweetheart.....he's in Hell now because he loved you so much that he was completely willing to risk everything just to see you alive and well."

Faye shrieked, by now close to tears. "If he gave up his place in Heaven for me, why isn't his heart pure and good?! Isn't there some other way for a sweet, selfless man that clearly believes in helping those that are less fortunate and need his help?!!"

Celeste shook her head. "No, Miss Valentine, I'm afraid not."

"Bull shit,"
Faye cursed softly under her breath, thus causing the young angel to give her a dirty look full of distaste. "I mean, isn't there something that you can do, Celeste?! Can't you PLEASE pull a few strings?!!"

Celeste was about to contradict the irascible vixen, but paused, her brow scrunching up slightly in thought as she acknowledged, "Maybe I can convince God to do something for Spike......He did, after all, take his condemnation away, so perhaps He would be completely willing to make Spike an angel again!"

Clasping her hands over her heart with sheer anxiety, Faye questioned rather meekly, "D-do you think that it will work?"

Celeste shrugged her slim, silk-endowed shoulders, replying truthfully, "Only time will tell."
(Clay Aiken's "The Way" plays) Faye sat miserably in her apartment, wringing her hands about within her small lap as she gazed wistfully out of her broad bay window and sighed.

"Oh, Spike," she breathed, "where are you? Are you alright? Oh, if I caused you to stay in Hell I'll NEVER forgive myself!!!"

"Thanks....that's very thoughtful of you,"
a deep, rich voice teased playfully from behind, thus causing her to gasp and whirl around in an instant.

"Spike!," she exclaimed, her immense joy vastly outweighing her tremendous surprise as she threw her arms about her beloved guardian angel's neck in utter adoration and held him close. "Oh, Spike....I thought I'd never see you again! Even just one moment without you is absolutely unbearable!"

Spike chuckled. "Gee, thanks....guess this means that you'll be pretty glad to know that Heaven's allowed me to be a mortal again, huh? I-I mean, they decided that my whole "Romeo and Juliet-like death" wasn't very fitting and that it wasn't truly my time, after all, so....well.....here I am.....just like old times."

Faye gasped, her breath catching in her throat as she reached out a shaky hand in order to touch his cheek, her heart pounding wildly within her bosom like a boxing glove as she realized that, as she stroked his soft, smooth face, he really, truly was a mortal again, and that he could actually be with her for as long as she lived.

"I won't let you get away from me ever again," Spike promised breathlessly into her ear as he pulled her close for a warm, and heartfelt embrace. "Your death made me realize how much I care about you.............how much I love you."

Warm, prismatic tears welled up within Faye's eyes as he brought his satin lips to her cheek and held her close, her voice cracking slightly with emotion as she returned fervently, "I love you, too, Spike.....there isn't a single man out there I that I could name whom I've felt more for."

"Sssh....stop crying," Spike urged, cupping her radiant face within his hands as he lovingly thumbed away at her tears and stroked her cheek in adoration.

Faye couldn't help but smile due to his actions and kind words, thus causing Spike to smile, himself, and continue, "Yeah....just like that. You look so beautiful when you smile, so please.......never stop."

At that very moment, Faye honestly didn't think that she could stop; a deep sigh escaping her lips as Spike firmly pressed the softness of his mouth against her own, his hands lightly ghosting their way along her thighs until he seized her by the waist and needily pressed himself to her with a voracious longing.

"I need you," he moaned into her ear, thus causing her to shudder with want. "I need you now more than you'll ever know."

Standing there before him and feeling completely vulnerable, Faye closed her eyes an choked on an impassioned moan as Spike ran the warmth of his tongue along the pale, silky flesh of her neck, tremulous shivers of need and desire rolling down along her spine as he began to gently nip at where her pulse was fluttering madly and dot hot, passionate kisses along her jawline within a sudden burst of lustful famine.

"My God," Faye breathed, excessive heat burning throughout her body as she raked her long, implacable red finger nails down along Spike's back, an eager hiss escaping her full, rosy lips as she felt his hands move to her small yellow crop top and hover over the single silver button with desire.

Moaning softly the moment that he unfastened her clothing, Faye buried her face deep into the crook of his neck as her breasts spilled out and onto Spike's fully clothed chest, a low growl eliciting forth from his lips as he felt her begin to rock her hips against his own with the sole hope of spurring him onward.

"Faye," Spike gasped, closing his eyes as she began to undo each small button of his yellow-collared shirt and kiss along each newly-exposed muscle, their hearts hammering wildly within their chests as they groped at one another and held on for dear life, their newly-developed surge of passion continuing to crash within them and rage out of control like an untamed conflagration.

"Spike," Faye purred seductively in response, her tongue darting into his ear and along the rim as he began to tentatively push her bright yellow shorts and silky black panties down over her hips and to her ankles, a sharp cry escaping his lips as she suddenly seized him between the legs and entertwined the fingers of her free hand within his moss-green locks and ran her tongue along the softness of his lips in a teaseful manner.

Opening his mouth in a hungry acceptance, Spike lightly nipped at her tongue as he gradually shrugged his way out of his blue suit jacket and yellow-collared shirt, using his full body weight to shove her roughly up against the wall as he moaned deeply the moment that she unfastened the button to his pants and slid them and his boxers down over his hips in an agonizingly slow manner.

"Faye," Spike groaned again, biting down viciously upon her small, slender shoulder with the hopes of quieting his own cries of passion as she gently stroked the sensitive flesh above his nether regions, a soft cry escaping her lips the moment that he lifted her up into his arms and irresolutely placed her down onto his bed and, without warning, gently slid his finger into her wet entrance.

Letting out a terrible cry, Faye felt her hips begin to lift up off of the mattress due to the acute pain as Spike further pressed into her, his head bending slightly downward as he captured one of her breasts within the hot cavern of his mouth and began to suckle, her toes curling inward as she held him close to her bosom and squeezed her eyes shut, his name leaving her lips in an impassioned tone as she pulled at his unruly hair and arched her back in ecstasy in order to get even closer to the man that she loved.

Slowly removing his finger from her being, Spike gently nipped at Faye's bottom lip and began to knead her breasts with his strong hands, their breath deserting their lips in short, heated pants as he pushed away all sense of reason and suddenly thrusted himself deep within her.

Faye choked on a moan, her head rolling back onto her pillow as Spike began to ride her harder and faster, both grasping at one another as everything seemed to rush by in a brilliant blur of incredible sensation.

Suddenly growing very rigid, Spike moaned into his lover's ear as he emptied himself out into her and held her close against his broad chest, an aura of lustful bliss blanketing them with the realization of their savage lovemaking as they continued to hold one another and listen to the intense beating of their hearts.

"I love you," Spike breathed, bestowing his lover with a warm and gentle kiss as he gently pushed her sweat-pasted violet locks out of her incredible jade irises in longing. "I always have and I always will."

Faye just merely smiled as a silent answer, stroking his hair in utter adoration as she realized that, at long last, she had finally gotten him to love her.

"We're completely happy now and I couldn't love anyone more," she conceived inwardly, sighing deeply as she continued to stroke Spike's unruly hair and cast her glistening gaze heavenward. "I can finally say that, at long last, I really, truly do own my angel's heart."

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