Different ways of Torture




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Chapter 1: Botan has a big mouth.

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Botan had finished the case with Yusuke and the others so she decided to see how Yukina and Keiko were doing. "Hey guys what's up?" Botan said with a cheerful smile. "Hey you guys are back, how was the mission?" Keiko asked curiously. "Oh it was...exhausting!" Botan said.

"How do you like ningekai Yukina?" Botan asked as she sat down next to them. "I like it here, everythings so peaceful." Yukina said. "Well did you get to find out who your brother was today?" Botan asked even though she knew that Yukina's brother was infact Hiei.

"No...not today.." Yukina said as she forced a smile onto her face. 'I feel so bad for her,...I wish I could just tell her that her real brother was Hiei, but he'd probably kill me!' Botan thought to herself. Outside of the room they heard Hiei and Kuwabara having another arguement again.


"Why are you always starting with me shrimp?...Don't you know I can just pummel you into the ground?" Kuwabara said as he started to get angry. "You couldn't catch me if your baka life depended on it. First of all you are to damn slow and and second of all your aim is atrocious." Hiei said with a satisfying smirk.


"This is like the fifth time they have fighted today!" Botan sid in agony. "Why can't those two just get along?" Keiko said as she listened to them argue. "How come Hiei always starts with Kuwabara?.....I don't get him he's so cold and distant from everyone else but he constantly loves to pick on Kuwabara." Keiko continued as Yukina listened.

"Now Keiko don't be so mean..." Botan said not wanting Yukina to get a bad impression of her brother. "Some guys I will never understand! How much do we know about him anyway?" Keiko said. "Come on Keiko don't be so hard on him he's had a hard life..." Botan said trying to help Hiei out only for Yukina.

"What do you know about his life?.....I mean I don't know him as well as you and the others but he seems to only care about himself!" Keiko said bitterly. "Keiko he does care about others he just has a hard time showing it...hehe yeah that's it." Botan said as she sweat dropped.

"At the very least he could try just a little bit harder to show his feelings...I mean I just don't get him, he's always quiet unless he wants to make a rude comment about someone else, or threaten their lives. I don't see how he can care for anyone else." Keiko said as she stood up.

"Keiko that's enough! He does care about someone with his dare life!....He lives for his sister Yukina and he is always watching over her like loving, caring, protective brother would!" Botan said as she covered her mouth realising what she had just said. "Hi- Hiei's my brother?" Yukina said stunned.

"Oh my gosh he made Yusuke, Kurama and I swear on our lives never to tell you....oh my gosh I have to go now bye!" Botan said as she rushed through the front door nearly knocking everyone over wih her oar. "I wonder what all that was about..." Yusuke said as he watched Botan fly towards Rekai.

"Yukina?.....Are you going to confront Hiei?...I'm sorry for talking like that about him, it's just that I barely know nothing about him..." Keiko said sympathetically. "It's ok.....it's just I've waited my whole life for this you know?...And know that I have found him I'm kind of nervous to tell him that I know." Yukina said. "Don't worry." Keiko reassured her as they both got up and headed for the door.

"Hiei?.." Yukina said softly. "Huh...." Hiei replied. "I know you're my brother.." She said in a barely noticable voice. "Nani?" Hiei asked confused. "I said I know that you are my brother.." Yukina said with a smile. Hiei's eyes widened in shock, but then he regained his composture. "Who told you?" Hiei asked calmly. "I-I figured it out on my own.." Yukina said as she watched the ground.

"It was the damn baka ferry girl wasn't it?...." Hiei said in an angry tone. "No it wasn't her..." Keiko said loudly. "That's why she left so quickly, I'll kill her!" Hiei said as he raced towards the Spirit World before anyone could stop him. "Shorty's Yukina's brother????" Kuwabara said stunned as he watched the blurred form of Hiei run towards Spirit World.

"What have I done..." Yukina said as she scolded herself. "Don't worry I'm sure Koenma will be able to stop Hiei..." Kurama said with a slight tone of nervousness.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spirit World~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Botan flew into Koenma's castle and ran into the ferry girls room and got busy with her work. She told Koenma what had happened and told him that if Hiei came say she didn't come to Spirit World. "Where is she?" Hiei asked Koenma. "Where is who?" Koenma asked stupidly.

"You know damned well who I am talking about..." Hiei said as she shot death glares towards Koenma. 'The things I do for my ferry girls...'Koenma said to himself. "I'm sorry Hiei but I have no idea who you are talking about." Koenma said in a convincing voice.


Botan was listening to what Koenma was telling Hiei and she could tell that he wasn't buying any of it. Just then she heard the window shatter and a demon jump in. "Wh-what do you want..." Botan said trying to hide the fear in her voice. "I'm looking for the files on another demon." He said as he moved closer towards her.


"Don't play dumb with me where is Botan?" Hiei said. Just then they heard a shreek from the Ferry Girl's work office. "Botan!" They said in unison. Koenma said it in fear of why Botan was screaming and Hiei said it satisfied that he had finally found her. They ran towards the room when they found a demon that was holding Botan up in the air by her neck apparently choking her.

"Don't just stare do something Hiei!" Koenma said as he watched the gruesome site. "I'd let go of her if I were you." Hiei said with a smirk as Botan's face started to turn blue. "And why should I?" The demon replied as he glared at Hiei. "Because this!" Hiei said as he stuck his katana through the demon killing him. Just before Botan hit the ground Hiei caught her. "Oh my gosh she isn't breathing!" Koenma yelled as he walked around like a maniac.

Hiei decided the only thing to do was to save her so he gave her CPR. He put his mouth on hers and gave her as much air as he could. Within a matter of seconds she started to cough and regain her breath. "Thanks, Hiei.." Botan said as she shakily stood up. "Don't think I did this because you were my friend" Hiei said with disgust. "I wanted to be the one to kill you not that pitiful demon." Hiei continued with a devilish grin.

"Hehe...thanks....I think" Botan said as she had a horror stricken look on her face. "Why was he after you anyways?" Koenma said curiously. "He just wanted some files, but I wouldn't give them to him, same old thing demon business. One demon wants the files on another so they could kill them and take their territory." Botan said as she watched Hiei making sure he wouldn't try anything.

"Now Hiei, I don't want you to kill Botan because she told Yukina that you are her brother." Koenma said as he watched Hiei. "It was probably for the best anyway...." Botan said as she tried to lighten up the situation but only got Hiei madder. "And can you tell me how it was for the best..." Hiei said as he did his best not to kill her. He knew that he'd probably have some harsh punishment for killing Botan, but he didn't really care about the punishment right about now.

"Well- uh now Yukina finally knows who her brother is..." Botan said with nervousness in her voice. "It was just a mistake Hiei don't go killing her just because she made a mistake ok Hiei." Koenma said as he watched Hiei walk towards Botan. "Hn, whatever." Hiei said as he continued to walk towards Botan.

"He stood right next to her and whispered in her air. "Just because I can't kill you doesn't mean I don't have other ways of tourture..." Hiei said as he walked out of the building leaving Botan very very scared and confused. "Well thanks for all of your help Koenma I finished my work so I think I'm going to go now." Botan said as she hopped on her oar and left. "No problem Botan." Koenma told her.


"Hiei you didn't kill Botan did you?" Yusuke asked as he watched Hiei walk towards them with a smirk on his face. "Yes I did." Hiei answered as he put his bloody sword back in the sheath.(MeMbEr The DeMoN??) "Hiei how could you?" Keiko said loudly as everyone else was staring at him like he was a maniac. Just then Botan came flying on her oar towards them.

"Hey guys." She said cheerfully as she decided not to let Hiei scare her. "Thank god you not dead!" Kuwabara said with a smile on his face. "What are you guys talking about?" Botan asked confused. "Well Hiei just came back here with a bloody sword and said that he had killed you." Kurama said in shock. "He scared the hell out of us!" Yusuke said as he let a sigh out.

"Hiei why did you get so mad when Botan told me that I was your sister?" Yukina said as she watched him waiting for an answer. "That's none of your concern Yukina." Hiei said softly not wanting to be rude to his sister. 'I'll get him to lighten up,...somehow...' Yukina said as a smile plastered her face.

"So you forgive Botan right?" Keiko asked. "No." Hiei said. "But you won't kill her right?" Kurama said. "No." Hiei said. "So this whole thing is over with right?" Yusuke continued. "No." Hiei said starting to get irritated with all of their useless questions. 'Why the hell do they care about what I am going to do with the ferry girl?' Hiei asked himself. "Hiei what are you going to do to her then?" Kuwabara asked curiously.

"That's is none of your buisness baka." Hiei said as he looked at Botan and smirked which made her eyes literally pop out of her head. 'Damn one of these days I have got to NOT be afraid of Hiei!' Botan told herself. Just then Botan heard a beeping noise and opened up her communication device. "What is it Konema?" Botan asked him as she looked at him in the mirror.

"Well you can't stay in Spirit World anymore all the ferry girls and myself including are leaving so you will just stay with Yusuke and the others. 'Oh no that mean HIEI will be there!!!' Botan whined in her head. "How come?" Botan asked. "It's no longer safe, I really got to go I'll explain later." Koenma said as they got disconnected.

"Well I guess I'm staying in Earth." Botan said as she forced a smile on her face. "You can stay with Genkai and I Botan." Yukina said with a smile. "Ok thanks." Botan said. "Well I guess we better get going." Yukina said as she waved towards the others. "Bye guys!" Botan said happily as she realised Hiei wasn't going to follow them.

Just then they heard a certain koorime. "I'm comming to." Hiei said as he followed them into the woods. 'Oh man!' Botan screamed in her mind. ~I heard that Botan~ Hiei said to her telepathically. "Don't read my thoughts!" Botan yelled out loud to Hiei. "Hiei can't you just be nice to Botan just once?" Yukina said as she looked at him with sadness in her eyes.

"Hn." Hiei said as he walked ahead of them. "Atleast he listens to someone." Botan whispered to herself. 'Atleast he's warming up a bit.....but what would get him to open up more?' Yukina asked herself as she continued to walk towards Genkai's temple. They reached Genkai's temple and they each got a room.

Botan decided she would call Koenma in the morning to see what was going on right now she was way to exhausted to do anything. "Yukina, I'm sorry-I didn't tell you about Hiei sooner.." Botan said as she looked towards the ground. "Don't be Botan, I'm sorry I got Hiei mad at you, I shouldn't have told him so soon." Yukina said. "It's ok, just hope he doesn't do anything to me...." Botan said as she smiled.

"Don't worry I'm sure he won't do anything bad." Yukina said reasurringly. "Thanks, I think I'll call it a day goodnight Yukina." Botan said. "Night Botan." Yukina said as she left the room. Just then Hiei entered Botans room. "Since I can't kill you I guess I will tell you know." Hiei said as he startled Botan.

"Don't sneak up on me like that you nearly gave me a heartattack!" Botan said as Hiei continued speaking. "Next time you spill something Koenma won't be there to protect you!" Hiei said cruelly. 'That should scare her a bit.' Hiei thought to himself. "What the in the world is your problem!" Botan said as she got up and headed straight for Hiei.

"Do you just like making people afraid of you?!.....It's not funny you know and plus you couldn't hurt me even if you tried!" Botan said as she started to get angry. "What?..I could-" Hiei started but was cut off by Botan. "You think that you are the boss of everyone just because you are stronger?...Well I am not going to be afraid of you anymore!" Botan said.

"Just keep telling yourself that baka onna." Hiei said as he gritted his teeth. "Don't call me baka!...Who do you think I am Kuwabara?..." Botan yelled in his face. "You sure seem a lot like him you and your ditzy self!" Hiei snapped back. "Ditzy?...I'm not ditzy!....I'm just as smart as you, you I-Am-The-Baka-Hiei-Who-Thinks-I-Can-Do-Whatever-I-Want!" Botan said furiously.

'Who the hell does she think she is talking to?...I am Hiei the all powerful demon no one talks to me like that!' Hiei said to himself. "Well take a look at this I am the Baka Botan who is as Ditzy as I look!" Hiei said as his anger started to build up inside him. Just as Botan was about to hit him he held on to her hand.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you onna." Hiei said as he let go of her arm. Surprisingly he didn't hold her arm hard. Hiei left the room but he didn't see Yukina was there the whole time. 'Hiei and Botan fight way too much....hey that gives me an idea!' Yukina thought to herself. 'This is the perfect plan to get my brother to open up more often!' Yukina thought as she went to her room.

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