Different Ways of Torture




Chapter: The Final Fight!

It was morning and everyone was eating in the kitchen. "So you're saying you guys should go and fight Jurenju soon?" Genkai asked as Hiei nodded. "The demon attacks will only get worse, and worse, and I say we fight him now." Hiei replied. "Did you speak to the others about this?" Yukina asked as she looked at Botan. "No, we're going to tell them today." Botan answered as everyone got up and went their separate ways. After Botan changed she went into Hiei's room.

"We're going to leave right now correct?" Botan asked Hiei. "Yes, but you don't have to come, we can find out another way to defeat Jurenju without the horn and orb." Hiei answered. "I'm coming Hiei, I've managed to defend myself a lot during this mission!" Botan replied. "Yeah but how many other times did I have to save you?" Hiei asked with a smirk as Botan played with a piece of her hair nervously.

"Not many..." Botan lied as she looked to the floor. "Just be careful when you get there ok?" Hiei told her. "And what makes you think I won't be careful?" Botan joked as he walked up to her. "Because you are you." Hiei answered. "Well I know you'll save me anyway." Botan told him. "And what makes you think I will save you?" Hiei asked. "Because you're you." Botan replied with a smiled as she kissed him.

Hiei's hands went down to her waist and she hooked her arms around his neck. Someone slowly opened the door. Botan and Hiei didn't notice it so they just continued kissing, while the others watched. Kurama coughed a bit trying to get their attention but they thought either Genkai or Yukina must've been coughing. Yusuke and Kuwabara smirked at each other and made kissing noises mimicking them both.

They turned their heads and saw everyone staring at them, then they quickly let go of each other. "Hey guys, sorry to break up your make out session, and it was just going good!" Yusuke said. "What are you guys doing here, so early?!" Botan asked as she blushed a bit. "Well Yusuke wants to rush in and go and fight Jurenju today. I personally don't care when we fight him but he is getting on my nerves, so I agree with Yusuke." Kuwabara answered.

"So do I." Hiei said. "Ok so we go today!" Yusuke said loudly. "Hey don't I even get a say in this?" Kurama asked. "Oh sorry Kurama, well what do you think." Yusuke questioned as they all looked at Kurama. "I think we should go." Kurama stated as everyone sweat dropped. "So it's settled we go today!" Botan announced. "We?...Sorry but it's way to dangerous for you to be there Botan." Kuwabara told her.

"Hey, I can defend myself, I've been doing it ever since this mission started!" Botan defended. "But still you don't know what he can have planned for us when we get there." Yusuke said. "But, aren't you guys forgetting about these?" Botan asked as she pulled out the horn. "I'm the one that's supposed to blow it or something, so like it or not you need me on this mission!" Botan replied as they all nodded skeptical if whether that horn, and orb could actually tame Jurenju.

"Well let's go to Koenma to find out where Jurenju is hiding." Kurama told everyone as they got up. "Bye Yukina, bye Genkai." Botan said as she waved. "Be safe guys!" Yukina replied. "They went to spirit world and Koenma was busy stamping papers all over his desk. "Yes, yes, yes, no, definitely not, maybe...." Koenma said as he stamped on. "Koenma, we want to go to Jurenju, now." Yusuke said as he looked up at them.

"Are you sure Yusuke. This isn't one of these so called easy missions." Koenma said as he stood up. "If we don't go now, the attacks will become to great, we should go now before something really bad happens." Kurama told him as he nodded. "Very well then. Here's a map. You guys will be going into the cave and-" Koenma told them as he got cut off by Yusuke. "Jurenju lives in a cave?!" Yusuke laughed as he spoke.

"No! There is the short cut to his castle. It was made without him knowing. Take a right then a left. You'll see a marking on the cave that says Ko. Take this, and put it in the space next to the Ko marking." Koenma said as he handed them a pendant that said Enma on it. "Why did it have your name, why couldn't it have mine?" Yusuke asked vainly. "Because I wanted it that way so there." Koenma replied.

"Then all we have to do is blow the horn and he'll be concealed somewhere right?" Botan asked. "It might work." Koenma replied. "Might? We're risking our lives on a horn, and a might?!" Kuwabara asked as Koenma nodded. "Fine, let's go then. I don't wanna waste my whole day here! It's a Saturday for crying out loud!" Yusuke replied as they left. They walked for about ten minutes, then they came to a cave.

They walked inside and took a right, then a left like Koenma had instructed. There they saw a marking that said Ko. Next to it there was an outlined word that read Enma. Yusuke put it in and they all stepped back. A portal was formed and they quickly stepped in. When they came inside they all saw many different staircases and halls leading into another part of the castle. "Wow, this place is huge." Kuwabara said. "Enormous." Kurama added as they looked around wide eyed.

"Where do we go?" Hiei asked as they looked around searching for anything that would give them a clue as to where to go. "You fools!" A loud shout was heard all throughout the castle. "I guess we go left." Botan said as they walked towards where they heard the voice.

Somewhere else

"Is everything set up for the arrival of those idiots?" Jurenju asked. "Yes just as you asked everything is in place." Matsu answered. "Good, I don't want anything going wrong this time...I was nice to let you live the first time, next time something goes wrong it'll be you I''m blaming." Jurenju told her as she nodded. "Don't worry I have everything under control.." Matsu said as she bowed.

"Do you sense that?" Jurenju asked as Matsu nodded. "Yes, it seems they have arrvied earlier than expected." Matsu replied as she bowed down. "Well don't just stand there go get the other demons, Matsu." Jurenju replied. "Yes, of course." Matsu answered as she went out through the back to get the rest of the demons.

The Others

They all stopped at a large door with two dragons on the side of them. "I guess this is the door." Yusuke said as he went to push it. "Eh, a little help here please." Yusuke said as continued to push the door. Kuwabara pushed it then Kurama helped and finally Hiei. They all stopped when they realized brute strength wouldn't open the door. Just then Botan spotted a small circle in the door. For some reason it looked as if it was carved there and not a common hole.

"Hiei, look at this." Botan said as she pointed to it. When he looked at it he realized it was the same size as a HIRESTUSKI stone. He pulled his mothers out of his pocket and placed it in the door. Everyone watched as it slowly opened. It fell back out when the door was completley opened and Hiei picked up and placed it back in his pocket. They opened the door and Jurenju was right there waiting for them.

"Wait a minute you, you're Jurenju?!' Yusuke asked as he walked up to him. "Yes what did you expect?" Jurenju asked his sea green eyes gazing into Yusuke's chocolate ones. "Well I was expecting some humongous, hideous, full with fangs and horns kinda demon....not some guy that looks like he's a year older than us!" Yusuke replied. He was right Jurenju didn't look like anything any of them had thought he would look like.

He looked as if he were seventeen. He had dark blue hair that was just about shoulder length, icy sea green eyes, and he was about as tall as Kurama. "Make no mistake, I am a demon....and I will kill you." He replied. "Yeah well just because you don't look like we thought you would doesn't mean we still don't hate you!" Kuwabara yelled. "I'm flattered, really I am." Jurenju responded as he rolled his eyes.

"Trust me you all are no match for me...and as much as I would like to kill you all in one swift move, it would be much more fun to watch you all die slowly and painfully." Jurenju replied as he smirked evily. "Just one question first. Why are you out to get me, and Botan?" Hiei asked even though he knew the real answer. He wanted to hear it from Jurenju's mouth, to make sure it was correct.

"I was made to kill you, Hiei. I was meant to destroy all the good things in your life, which is Botan. After I kill you all, the Spirit World will be left defenseless...and I'll be the ruler." Jurenju answered. "You ar really one sick man...I mean demon." Kurama said as he corrected himself. They all went into their fighting positions as a large amound of demons entered the room. "Can't you fight for yourself?" Kuwabara asked.

"I'm not done yet, Matsu bring our special guests out." Jurenju said as Matsu entered with three figures behind her. 'I knew we should've killed her when we had the chance...' Hiei thought as she walked up to them. "Jin?" Yusuke replied. "Touya..." Kurama questioned. "Shishiwakamaru?..what..." Kuwabara asked as they all looked that them. "Hey Jin, this is great now we can definitely beat Jurenju and his minions." Yusuke said as he put a hand out for Jin to shake.

Jin just looked at him and smacked it away. "Hey what the hell was that for?!" Yusuke asked looking offended. "Don't touch me Urameshi...." Jin replied in an icy tone losing all of the friendliness out of his voice. "I don't get it I thought Jin was nice?!" Kuwabara stated. "Thanks to Matsu they are all on my side now..." Jurenju said as she smiled. "What did you do to them." Kurama asked as he watched Matsu.

"All I did was put one of my controlling devices on them!" Matsu said beaming with pride. "Not another one of your stupid inventions..." Yusuke muttered. "I take it you guys are impressed. I'm sure these three will be more than you can handle, and Matsu's even given them a power boost. Jin for Yusuke, Shishiwakamaru for Kuwabara, and Touya for Kurama." Jurenju spoke as he looked at them.

"Do you expect me to fight her?" Hiei asked as he pointed to Matsu. "Of course not, I'm fighting Botan." Matsu said with an evil glare. "You touched my precious face no one touches me!" Matsu told Botan as Botan rolled her eyes. "You, Hiei are mine." Jurenju said simply. "Wouldn't have it any other way." Hiei said as he ran up to Jurenju to fight. As soon as this happened Jin, Touya, Shishiwakamaru, and Matsu all ran up to Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Botan.

"Jin come one you gotta snap out of it! You don't like to follow rules, and this is exactly what they're making you do. Listen to their damn orders, like a slave. You can beat it!" Yusuke told him as he managed to dodge Jin's punches and kicks. "Jin, are you even listening to me?" Yusuke asked. "What do you think!" Jin replied as he punched Yusuke sending him flying back into a wall.

Shishiwakamaru and Kuwabara were both attacking and defending with their swords. Kuwabara had his spirit sword and Shishiwakamaru had his Banshee Shriek. "Look, I may not like you that much because you humiliated me in the dark tournament but you gotta snap out of it!" Kuwabara told him as he rolled his eyes and kicked Kuwabara down. "I don't take orders from ningens...only Jurenju." Shishiwakamaru told him.

Touya was sending a series of ice attacks towards Kurama but he was dodging it. Koenma pulled out his rose whip and continued to defend himself from the attacks. "Touya, what are you doing...you have to stop this at once." Kurama replied as he continued to jump away from the ice. "You can't dodge forever Kurama." Was Touya's response as he ran up to Kurama and kicked him.

Matsu charged at Botan and attempted to kick her but Botan blocked it. "What do you have against me anyway, and why do you work for Jurenju?" Botan asked as Matsu continued to punch and kick as Botan blocked. "First of all you pushed me down and no one, I mean no one touches me, and Jurenju is way more powerful than anyone else." Matsu replied confidently as Botan punched her in the gut.

Hiei was currently sending a series of punches and kicks towards Jurenju as he blocked. "My my Hiei you seem a little feisty..." Jurenju said as he punched Hiei in the face. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting, to kill you." Hiei answered as he punched him back. They became a blur as they fought, movements too fast to be seen. "Why are you so mad, is it because I tried to kill your little girlfriend." Jurenju asked.

"Hn." Hiei answered as he kicked Jurenju sending him flying. "I guess that's a yes....Well make no mistake I am going to kill her painfully and slowly..." Jurenju told Hiei as he shoved his knee in Hiei's stomach and then punched him down to the floor. Hiei got back up and unsheathed his katana, and started attacking but Jurenju avoided it with ease as he laughed making Hiei even more angry.

Kurama was still blocking Touya's attacks when he remembered that Matsu had said she was controlling them with one of her devices. 'He must have something on him, if I can find it and destroy it, then Touya should be back to normal.' Kurama thought as he looked for the little device. He spotted something on Touya, it was a little bug on his left arm. Kurama got close enough and pulled the bug off then destroyed it.

Touya blinked a few times and looked around. Jin was fighting Yusuke, Kuwabara was fighting Shishiwakamaru, Botan was fighting some woman, and Hiei was fighting another person he didn't know. 'Why are they all fighting, where are we, and why can't I remember anything that's been going on for the past few days...' Touya wondered as he looked to see Kurama beside him.

"Kurama, what is going on?" Touya asked as he watched Kurama. "Well Matsu, the woman currently fighting Botan had placed these bugs on you, Jin, and Shishiwakamaru. They were controlling you but I managed to get the bug off. She's working for Jurenju and he wants to take over Spirit World, Makai, and the living world-" Kurama explained as he was cut off by a wide eyed Touya.

"Wait are you talking about the Jurenju! The one that everyone has been talking about...the all powerful one?" Touya asked as Kurama nodded. "That's right I remember now..." Touya said.

Flashback Touya's POV

"So where do ya wanna go now Touya?" Jin asked me in his hyper mode as I sighed. "I-" I said as I was cut off by Jin. "How about we go visit Rinku and Chuu they seemed like really nice people from the Tournament!" Jin replied to his own answer. Doesn't he ever shut up! I thought as I rolled my eyes. "Why don't we go-" I said as I was cut off by none other than Jin once more.

"How could you not know that some fools started a riot in there so now it's currently closed." I responded. "But why! Who would be so mean to do that....I loved that place!" Jin stated as his face changed from happy to said and he continued to walk. "Why don't we just go back home, it's getting-" I said as I got cut off by Jin once more. "Hey who's that lady over there!" Jin asked as he pointed to some lady with a weird look on her face.

"I don't know and I probably wont ever care." I replied as I turned away from her. 'Why is she coming over here?' "Why aren't you two going to Jurenju didn't you get the note saying he wanted you?" The woman asked sternly. "We got it but we're not listening to it." I responded simply. 'Why should we have to listen to him...I don't work for anyone...especially not him.' "Well I think you guys will have a change of heart, soon." She replied as she quickly put something on Jin and I.

"Hey what are you doing?!" Jin asked as he stopped talking all of a sudden. 'What the heck is going on...' I felt myself being taken over by something. "Take us to Jurenju." I said as that woman smiled. "Touya what are you doing?" Jin asked as he cut himself off. "Take us to Jurenju." Jin replied as we both follwed her to Jurenjus castle.

End of Flashback

"Well let's go tell the others to take off the bugs." Kurama said as they walked towards Yusuke and Jin. "Oh hey Kurama...Watch out Touya's right behind you he'll probably rip off your head or something!" Yusuke yelled at Kurama as he blocked Jin's punch. "Listen Yusuke I want you to find some type of metal bug on Jin's left arm." Kurama told Yusuke as Yusuke looked and nodded.

He pulled it off and Jin stopped attacking. He looked around and started blinking a bit. "What's going on? Why am I here...oh hey Urameshi!" Jin said as he wiggled his ears and flashed him a smile. "Hey Jin." Yusuke replied. Touya, and Kurama explained everything to Jin as he replied with a nod. "I remember..." The wind master said.

Flashback Jin POV

"So where do ya wanna go now Touya?!" I asked Touya as he sighed. "I-" Touya said as I cut him off. "How about we go visit Rinku and Chuu they seemed like really nice people from the Tournament!" I replied. 'That Rinku kid seemed like he knew how to have fun, Touya doesn't know how to have any fun these days...' I thought. "Why don't we go-" Touya said as I cut him off again. 'Boy do I love doing that hee hee' I thought.

"Or we can go to the demon cafe! The food their is really good!" I said as my ears wiggled a bit. "How could you not know that some fools started a riot in there so now it's currently closed." Touya responded. "But why! Who would be so mean to do that....I loved that place!" I stated as my face changed from happy to said and we continued to walk. "Why don't we just go back home, it's getting-" Touya said as I cut him off again. I saw some lady walk up to us.

"Hey who's that lady over there!" I asked as I pointed to a lady. "I don't know and I probably wont ever care." He replied as he turned away from her. "Why aren't you two going to Jurenju didn't you get the note saying he wanted you?" The woman asked sternly. "We got it but we're not listening to it." Touya responded simply. 'He told her! Cuz we don't listen to anyone!' I thought.

"Well I think you guys will have a change of heart, soon." She replied as she quickly put something on Touya and I. "Hey what are you doing?!" I asked as he stopped talking all of a sudden. I felt myself being taken over by something but then it went away. "Take us to Jurenju." Touya said as that woman smiled. "Touya what are you doing?" I asked as I stopped talking. "Take us to Jurenju." I replied as we both followed her to Jurenju's castle.

End of Flashback

"Let's go tell Kuwabara." Yusuke said as they all ran to him. They all ran to Kuwabara. "Kuwabara look for a little bug on Shishi's left arm!" Yusuke told him as Kuwabara looked back at them. "Guys Jin and Touya are right behind you look out before they rip off your heads or something!" Kuwabara told him as he blocked off another one of his attacks. "Don't worry Kuwabara we're good now!" Jin told him.

"Oh...ehe..I knew that." Kuwabara said as he looked for the bug. When he found it he quickly pulled it off. Shishiwakamaru looked around and noticed what was going on. "Hey...it's you guys from the tournament. What the hell is going on?" He asked as they all explained everything to him. "Oh yeah, I remember now..." Shishiwakamaru said. (I bet yall know where this is going....yup!)


I was talking to my fangirls who were fawning over me. "Hey Shishi! You're so cute! Can we please get an autograph! Please!" A red head asked as she sighed dreamily. "Of course girls, anything for my fans.." I said as he gave them his autograph. Hey I can't help it if every girl loves my charm and physic! It's not my fault I'm so damn dreamy. "Thank you so much Shishi we love you!!!" Her friend with the green eyes responded. "No problem ladies." I responded.

"You're such a great fighter!" Her purple haired friend told me as I looked back at them. "Why thank you. Did you see me in the Dark Tournament against that orange haired freak?" I asked as they nodded. "He thought he could beat you but you beat him no sweat!" The purple haired one responded. And she was right that fool, I bet he was humiliated when I defeated him.

Just then I saw some woman walk toward me looking at me. I looked at her. "Probably another one of my fans." I muttered. "Excuse me miss but we were here admiring the great Shishiwakamaru first!" The red head said. "Back off kiddies I'm not here to fawn over him like some love sick puppies. Did you get the note about Jurenju wanting you to go to him?" She asked sternly. "Yeah I got it, but I'm not working for him!" I responded.

And why should I? I am way too good looking to work for that...wanna be me! Ha! "I'm sorry but you were ordered to come by the great Jurenju and so you must." She replied simply. "The great Jurenju!?! He-" I said as I stopped talking. That lady put something on me and I felt myself slowly being pulled in my darkness. "Take me to him..." I said as one of the girls asked what she did to me.

End of Flashback

"This is great! With all of you guys here to help us, we'll be able to tak Jurenju down no sweat." Yusuke stated. "The only reason I'm helping you guys is because this Jurenju guy has threatened the loyalty of all my beautiful fangirls! Once we defeat him I'll be the number one demon loved by girls once more!" Shishiwakamaru stated vainly as they all rolled their eyes. "Whatever you say Shishiwakamaru." Touya responded.

"What those fools broke my invention, well I'll just have to put it back on them! After I dealwith you." Matsu said as she looked at Botan with pure hatred. "Oh really?" Botan asked. "Yes." Matsu responded as Botan punched her in the face knocking her out. "Wow Botan I never knew you had it in you..." Yusuke said as they all walked up to her. "Wow your ferry girl sure can pack a punch..." Jin replied as they nodded.

"What...she was getting on my nerves!" Botan responded as she pulled out the bugs and broke them. "Remind me to never ever get Botan mad.." Kuwabara whispered. "We should go see how Hiei's doing." Kurama said as they all ran to the other side of the room where Hiei was fighting. "Let's go kick some Jurenju as-" Yusuke said as Kurama stopped him. "This is Hiei's fight...we shouldn't intervene unless Hiei's about to get killed." Kurama told him as he nodded.

Hiei was still trying to cut Jurenju with his katana. Jurenju dodged and then grabbed his katana by the blade, broke it, and threw it to the other side of the room. "Hiei you really have gotten weak over the years...I mean look at you! You're exhausted already and I'm just getting started!" Jurenju stated as he punched Hiei causing him to fly back a few feet before he stopped himself from impacting the wall.

"Maybe I should've killed that ferry girl off myself...they you'd probably be a lot stronger now...you're as puny as a ningen!" Jurenju said angering Hiei. Hiei charged to him and sent a series of punches and kicks. Jurenju blocked them easily and punched Hiei five times before sending him flying. Hiei forced himself to stand up. He now had cuts and bruises all over. In a flash Hiei was in front of Jurenju. He kicked him sending Jurenju flying this time.

He stopped himself and laughed. "What is so funny." Hiei asked as he continued laughing. "I almost feel sorry for you! You're so pitiful and weak..." Jurenju said as he continued laughing and Hiei charged again. Jurenju blocked another one of Hiei's attacks and punched Hiei. Before Hiei could fall to the ground Jurenju grabbed him by his shirt and held him with one hand around his neck, choking him.

Hiei's feet were inches above the ground and he was trying to get free. "Is this what's left of the great Hiei Jaganshi?..Nothing but a love-sick demon?" He taunted as he continued to choke Hiei. "What who's Hiei in love with?" Jin asked as Yusuke pointed to Botan. "Hiei..." Botan whispered to herself as she watched in horror. "Botan I think it's time you blow the horn.." Kurama whispered to her as she nodded. She pulled it out and blew it. Jurenju looked towards them.

"Oh no! The horn somebody save me!" Jurenju said sarcastically, letting go of Hiei. Hiei fell the the floor with a thud rubbing his neck. "That horn does nothing, I'm afraid Koenma was wrong.." Jurenju responded as Botan dropped the horn. "Come on we've got to go help Hiei." Yusuke said as Matsu appeared in front of them. "I don't think so." She said as she pressed a button the the remote she held. A blue dome appeared aroud all of them concealing them within it.

This fight is Hiei's and Jurenju's no one elses." Matsu said as Yusuke tried to break free of the dome. "Spirit Gun!" He yelled. Nothing happened. Touya threw some ice blasts, Jin used his Tornado Fists, Kurama used his rose whip, Kuwabara used his Spirit Sword, and Shishiwakamaru used the Banshee Shriek. "The dome has a special resistance to Spirit Energy so I'm afraid your attacks won't work." Matsu explained.

"Well you could've told us that before we looked like idiots trying to get out of this thing.." Kuwabara muttered as Yusuke nodded. Hiei got back up recovered from the death grip that Jurenju recently had on his neck. "Hiei." Kurama said as Hiei looked at him. What is it? Hiei asked through telepathy as he blocked one of Jurenju's attacks. You're fighting blindly. Your rage for Jurenju is blocking out your logic. Kurama answered.

Well what should I do? This fool makes me so angry Hiei asked. Well for one, you have to calm down. Channel that anger into power and use that power to defeat Jurenju. You have to calm down and focus. Kurama instructed. Yes teacher. Hiei told him as he continued to block the kicks and punches. Hiei was really tired but he wouldn't say anything. He had to defeat Jurenju, he had to do it for himself, and more importantly Botan.

Just then out of no where Jurenju launched a huge energy ball towards Hiei. It got it's target and Hiei was thrown back into the room unconscious. "H-Hiei!..." Botan yelled. "Stupid fool I bet he trying to devise a plan on escaping before I could kill him...oh well." Jurenju said as he walked towards the dome. "Now I'll kill everyone one by one starting with the girl..." Jurenju replied as the dome disappeared.

"You're not going near her." Yusuke responded as Kuwabara, Touya, Jin, Shishi and Kurama stepped forwards. "Go see if Hiei's ok." Kurama whispered to Botan as she ran to him. She started healing him to the best of her abilities. "Wha-what happened." Hiei asked. "You ok?" Botan asked. "Yeah..where's Jurenju?" Hiei said as he got up. "Over there Yusuke and the others can handle him you just rest." Botan said as he replied no.

"I have to defeat him...." Hiei told her. Yusuke and the others turned towards Hiei to see he was ok. "Move." He told them as they stepped back. "Hiei you aren't thinking of using the dragon are you?..." Botan asked as he didn't respond. "Hiei it will kill you!" She told him as he pulled his bandana off. The Jagan eye glowed blue signaling he was ready for his attack. "Botan move." He told her as she didn't move.

Yusuke came and told Botan she had to move but she wouldn't go. "Come on...you know he won't let himself die.." Yusuke told her softly as she nodded and walked away. "This fight ends here." Jurenju said as a blast was forming in his hand. It got bigger and bigger with each second passing by. 'It's now or never...' Hiei thought. Even though Hiei was drained of most of his energy he was still going to use the Dragon. 'Kurama said to use my anger as my power....' Hiei thought once more.

Hiei thought of all the times Jurenju had tried to destroy him, his friends, his sister, and Botan with all the attacks they had recently. His spirit energy was shooting dramatically up. "That fool if he summons the dragon he'll kill himself....If he doesn't manage to kill himself my blast will....because of the condition he's in the dragon will be nothing..." Jurenju said to himself as he shot the attack towards Hiei.

With one last smirk to Botan, Hiei released the dragon. "Dragon of The Darkness Flame!" Hiei yelled as the black dragon emerged two times larger than it's regular size. The dragon swiftly raced twards Jurenju. "What..this..this can't be happening his dragon is more powerful...than my energy blast..." Jurenju said as Hiei's dragon devoured his energy ball and made it's way towards him. It devoured him as well as Matsu. The Dragon had caused the place to start crumbling.

Hiei collapsed on the floor unconscious and Yusuke picked him up. Hiei was slumped over his shoulder and they all ran out of the castle just before it broke down. "That was one hell of a fight!" Yusuke stated as Jin nodded. "Kurama, is Hiei going to be alright?" Botan asked as she looked at him. "Well he was at less than half of his spirit energy before the fight...and the dragon was pretty powerful so-" Kurama said as he was cut off by Botan.

"Well is he?" She asked impatiently. "To tell you the truth I'm not sure...the odds are stacked against Hiei's survival..." Kurama replied. They all went back to Kurama's house except for Shishiwakamaru. He had fangirls waiting you know. As hard as it was for Shishi to say thank you to someone other than his fangirls, he told them to thank Hiei for him. Luckily Kurama's mother wasn't home so she didn't see the damaged Hiei, and Yukina and Keiko came.

Kurama had fixed him up, but Hiei still hadn't awoken. 'Please be ok Hiei....I don't know if I could live without you...' Botan thought as she started crying on his bed side. "Do ya think you guys should go and comfort her or something?" Jin asked new to this whole girl thing. "Nah...I think we should just leave her alone." Yusuke said as they all walked out of the room letting Botan be alone to sulk. "Hiei..." She whispered.

"Stop crying onna..." Hiei told her as he sat up from the bed. "Hiei!" She screamed hugging him. Everyone else ran back inside because of Botan's scream. "Are you ok?" Botan asked softly. "Yes." Hiei answered. "WELL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN BECAUSE YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK IN THERE!" Botan screeched as she wiped away her tears. "So you're up." Kuwabara stated. "Yeah, I'm not so easy to kill." Hiei replied as he got off from the bed.

"Oh yeah Shishiwakamaru said thanks." Touya told Hiei as he nodded. "So do you think Jurenju's dead?" Kuwabara asked. "He better be dead because I don't think I can stand one more day of his annoying taunting." Hiei answered. "Well me and Touya better be going! Bye guys!" Jin said as he Touya left. Just then Koenma popped in out of nowhere. "Great job! You defeated Jurenju Hiei...now the Spirit World is save." Koenma said with a big grin.

"I know you owe me...big time." He told him as Koenma smirked. "Whatever you say Hiei." Koenma replied. "So how do you feel now that you have beaten Jurenju?" Koenma asked as Hiei didn't respond. "Hiei?" He asked again as he looked at him. He was currently kissing Botan. "Ahem, well maybe we should leave..." Kuwabara said as he motioned towards the door.

"This is going to be so great. Botan and Hiei have us to thank when they get married, then have kids, then their kids have kids, and-" Koenma said as Yusuke cut him off. "Yeah, yeah we heard you say that about a hundred times before. Thanks to you they'll have a family yada yada yada, now let's go!" Yusuke replied as he pushed a still talking Koenma out of the door followed by a smiling Yukina, Keiko, and Kuwabara.

"Guys I don't want to seem rude or anything but, my mother should be arriving any minute and I don't want her to get the wrong idea or anything...so.." Kurama started as he watched Botan and Hiei. None of them responded. "Come on guys this isn't funny, I could get in serious trouble here!" Kurama replied still talking as none of them even considered answering him and continued kissing.

So there you have it. Everyone lived happily ever after. Jurenju was dead, Hiei and Botan were together, Yukina was happy, Koenma continued his ranting on Hiei and Botan's family, Kurama eventually got Hiei and Botan out of his room, and Shishiwakamaru had his fangirls. To think it all started because of a lousy death threat.......

End of Story.

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