Facing the facts

Author's note:

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The sisters spend the whole afternoon crying with Phoebe on the living room couch. After hours of exhausting tears, Phoebe finally fell asleep on their arms.

Prue and Piper were as exhausted as her but they couldn't even manage to close their eyes without imagine Ikarias touching their baby sister; with his eyes full of satisfaction because of his cruelness, his evil smile, his sick thoughts...it made them wanna puke.

He was gone now, that was for sure, but his presence would never leave the sister's minds and it didn't exactly spare their pain either.

Prue and Piper carried Phoebe up to her room to get some rest. 'She looks so peacefully sleeping' Piper thought, so different from the tormented Phoebe they saw a couple of hours ago. She secretly wished Phoebe could feel like that again all of the time...peacefully.

Both sisters kissed Phoebe's head before heading out of her room. They walked over to the living room again, were they had cried earlier, and decided it was time to have a little chat about the facts.

They finally knew the truth about Phoebe's old behavior, it did made them feel a little relief but they knew it was gonna be a long road before things could be normal around the manor again.

"I can't believe this is happening..." Piper muttered after minutes of thoughtful silence.

"I know...of all the things I thought she would tell us this wasn't even in the list" Prue said upset.

"What are we gonna do now?" asked Piper helpless. The image of Phoebe's painful face crossed her mind making her wanna cry.

"I don't know I mean, we have never dealt with something like this before" Prue said as a matter of fact. "Why didn't I went to pick her up" muttered Prue to herself under her breath. She covered her face with her hands while the guilt washed over her. She remembered Phoebe had asked her to come and pick her up that day at the library, Prue had told her to take her car and that she was old enough to take care of herself. Prue had been feeling very upset that day because she had dream about Andy the night before and it was really pissing her off. Of course that made Prue think that she could have done something to prevent it.

"Prue what are you talking about?" asked Piper confused. She had been wondering why Prue hadn't blamed herself yet, and now was the moment. Prue always did that since their mother died, she would always blame herself every time something happened to either one of her sisters.

Prue told Piper about how Phoebe had asked her to pick her up and how she had told her that she could take care of herself. Prue was almost crying at this point.

"Prue..." Piper said feeling sorry for her oldest sister. She got up from the couch and went over to Prue and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Prue even if you had picked her up he would of attacked her anyway, he had been washing us for a long time now he would have take her anytime she was alone" explained Piper while Prue cried harder and harder.

"But I could have done something...help her..." Prue said between sniffs.

"Hush that thought. Look, Pheebs needs us right now ok? Not just me, she needs both of us. She needs someone to talk to and cry to nut not a sister that keeps blaming herself. She really doesn't need anymore problems right now...none of us does so, stop it! It was not your fault ok? Nobody blames you" said Piper a little too snappy. She didn't meant to be so rough o her but she knew that whenever Prue got to stubborn she would only react at harsh tones of voices.

"Ok" said Prue laughing a little at the end between her tears. Piper laughed along with her after her little speech.

They sat there holding each other for a second seeking comfort in the arms of the other one.

"You think she's gonna be ok?" asked Piper concerned.

"I think so. It's gonna be a very hard time for her right now but we just have to stick together and we'll get through this" Prue reassured hopeful.

With that Prue hugged Piper even tighter than before, both of the grieving for their little sister. Just in the middle of the hug the yells of fear of the youngest Halliwell filled the entire house...